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(166 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
PC817X4NSZ0F High CTR Ranking Transistor Output Optocouplers, Range of 300-600% Sharp Microelectronics 8,690 Add to BOM
IRFD9014PBF DIP4 package type VISHAY 5,162 Add to BOM
SFH610A-3 DIP-4 Package Optocouplers for High Voltage Applications Vishay 7,264 Add to BOM
THS123 Economical and high-quality sensing solution for industrial automation TOSHIBA 4,998 Add to BOM
LTH-1550-01 Sensor with diffuse technology, rectangular shape, through hole mounting, and a detection range of 3.81mm Lite-On Inc. 7,796 Add to BOM
GP1S51VJ000F Innovative photodiode module for robust and efficient light-based control systems SHARP/Socle Technology 4,749 Add to BOM
PS2561A-1 High-isolation, low-noise optocoupler for precise signal transmission Renesas 4,995 Add to BOM
IS471FE Accurate detection of light signals up to 250mW Sharp Electrionic Components 6,834 Add to BOM
CNY65B Transistor Output Optocoupler, 1-Element, 13900V Isolation, ROHS COMPLIANT, PLASTIC PACKAGE-4 Vishay 6,271 Add to BOM
PS2501-1 Transistor Output Optocouplers Hi-Iso Photo 1-Ch OBSOLETE CEL 7,543 Add to BOM
TLP909 Optical Switches, Reflective, Phototransistor Output TOSHIBA 4,466 Add to BOM
TLP785F Photocoupler GaAs IRED & Photo−Transistor, 4-pin SOP TOSHIBA 7,023 Add to BOM
TLP785 Transistor Output Optocouplers Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 6,282 Add to BOM
H21B2 Optical Switches, Transmissive, Phototransistor Output INTERUP MOD DARL ONSEMI 9,802 Add to BOM
DF06M bridge rectifier ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,254 Add to BOM
OPB818 Optical Sensor Through-Beam 0.210" (5.33mm) Phototransistor PCB Mount TT Electronics/Optek Technology 7,495 Add to BOM
SFH250V Fast and Secure Data Transmission with Durable Fiber Optic Cab Infineon Technologies 7,515 Add to BOM
CNY65ABST Optocoupler, Phototransistor Output, Very High Isolation Voltage Vishay 6,021 Add to BOM
PC817X3NSZ1B DC-input optocoupler with 1-channel transistor output in 4-pin DIP packaging Sharp Microelectronics 7,912 Add to BOM
PC817X4NSZ1B Single Optocoupler with DC-OUT at 5000Vrms and 4-Pin DIP Package SHARP/Socle Technology 5,670 Add to BOM
PC817X2NSZ1B Optocouplers for Circuit Isolation with Transistor Output SHARP/Socle Technology 5,723 Add to BOM
DH06S2424A 0.25A Output Module Delta Electronics 8,119 Add to BOM
TLP785(GB,F) High-voltage optocoupler suitable for use in various electronic systems Toshiba 8,971 Add to BOM
SFH655A Photodarlington Transistor Output Optocouplers Vishay 8,606 Add to BOM
PS2565-1-A High Isolation Voltage AC Input Response Type MULTI Photocoupler Series Renesas Electronics America Inc 5,488 Add to BOM
PS2533-1-A High Collector to Emitter Voltage High Isolation Voltage MULTI Photocoupler Series Renesas Electronics America Inc 7,712 Add to BOM
PS2561A-1-A Photocouplers / Optocouplers CEL 6,089 Add to BOM
PS2506-1-A High Isolation Voltage AC INPUT, Darlington Transistor Type MULTI Photocoupler Series CEL 8,076 Add to BOM
PC123Y22FZ0F Photocoupler DIP 4 Pin Transistor Output Optocouplers Sharp Microelectronics 8,533 Add to BOM
PC123X2YSZ0F Optocoupler designed with 1-channel transistor output for DC signals in a 4-pin PDIP housing SHARP/Socle Technology 7,663 Add to BOM
PC817X3NSZW Optocoupler with one-channel transistor output for DC input signal Sharp Microelectronics 6,327 Add to BOM
617SS4 Solid State Magnetic Communication Board Mount Motion & Position Sensors Honeywell 7,072 Add to BOM
PS2501-1-A Photocouplers / Optocouplers CEL 8,487 Add to BOM
FOD852S 4-Pin DIP Photodarlington Output Optocoupler onsemi 5,931 Add to BOM
GBPC12005 Bridge Rectifier Single Phase Standard 50 V QC Terminal GBPC ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,040 Add to BOM
PS2505-1-A AC Input Single CEL 6,128 Add to BOM
TGS2602 Senses subtle changes in air quality with unparalleled accuracy FIGARO 5,669 Add to BOM
WP934EB/2GD High-quality bi-level green differential indicator for precise measurements Kingbright 4,659 Add to BOM
TLP785(GR,F) Photo-IC for voltage isolation Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 8,488 Add to BOM
SCC30DN Differential pressure screw with ground plate honeywell 7,725 Add to BOM
S1YB60-7101 Rectifiers that bridge with 600 VRM and 30 IFSM Shindengen 5,973 Add to BOM
RPI-574 Compact and reliable optical slot sensor for PCB mounting, perfect for precision monitoring applications ROHM CO LTD 5,341 Add to BOM
QVB11134 Reliable performance in a compact package - channel, mm slot widt Fairchild Semiconductor 8,126 Add to BOM
PC817X1NSZ0F Optocouplers with Transistor Output and 80-160% CTR Ranking SHARP/Socle Technology 8,055 Add to BOM
PC817X2NSZ0F Transistor output optocouplers boasting a CTR rank ranging from 130% to 260% SHARP/Socle Technology 8,124 Add to BOM
PC817X0NSZ0F Transistor Optocoupler Sharp Microelectronics 8,128 Add to BOM
PC815XNNSZ0F Darlington Output Optocouplers with Transistor Input Sharp Microelectronics 9,245 Add to BOM
NBPDANN150PGUNV Compact Vented Gauge design for easy installati Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions 4,678 Add to BOM
LTH-301-05 Precise light detection and quick response times make this transistor photointerrupter an excellent choice for industrial automation LITE-ON TECHNOLOGY CORP 5,064 Add to BOM
LTH-301A Highly reliable PC pin connector ensures secure installation LITE-ON TECHNOLOGY CORP 7,238 Add to BOM