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(50 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TLN107A Discontinuation Announcement: Infrared Emitters S-L-SV, Last-Time Buy (-), No Replacement Avai MARKTECH OPTOELECTRONICS 9,100 Add to BOM
SFH480-2 High-power infrared emitter for various applicatio SIEMENS 7,238 Add to BOM
IR333-A High-power infrared emitter for demanding applications Everlight Electronics Co Ltd 7,342 Add to BOM
IR204/H16/L10 Precise Temperature Control through Advanced Emission Design Everlight Electronics Co Ltd 5,601 Add to BOM
SFH485-3 Infrared LED, SIEMENS 4,813 Add to BOM
PD638B High-sensitivity PIN photodiode for m detectio Everlight Electronics Co Ltd 6,298 Add to BOM
PDB-C156 Radial sensor ideal for monitoring ambient light levels accuratel Advanced Photonix 9,047 Add to BOM
PDB-C158 Radial photodiode sensor offering high quantum efficiency and low noise performanc Advanced Photonix 7,959 Add to BOM
PDB-C107 Advanced ceramic substrate ensures high sensitivity and reliabilit Advanced Photonix 5,077 Add to BOM
TSUS3400 Designed for precise temperature measurement and control, this IR emitter offers excellent performance at m wavelengt Vishay Semiconductor Opto Division 7,624 Add to BOM
LTE-3271T m LED emitters deliver reliable thermal detection LITE-ON TECHNOLOGY CORP 8,683 Add to BOM
IF-E96E High-speed data transmission made easy with this fiber optic transmitte Industrial Fiber Optics 8,982 Add to BOM
PT91-21B High sensitivity phototransistor for optical sensing applicatio EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO LTD 9,270 Add to BOM
PT333-3C Versatile photodetector suitable for various industries and projec EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO LTD 8,541 Add to BOM
PT15-21C Sensitive and accurate photodiode for various application EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO LTD 7,821 Add to BOM
OHD5R-90B Thermostat Switch Thermal Guard Break 90°C KEMET 7,919 Add to BOM
GBJ2508-F GBJ Tube Case Single 800V 25A 4-Pin(4+Tab) Rectifier Bridge Diode Diodes Inc 5,548 Add to BOM
GL381 Infrared Emitters GL381 8.5mW 950nm Sharp Microelectronics 6,798 Add to BOM
MV209G Variable Capacitance Diode, Very High Frequency, 29pF C(T), 30V, Silicon, Hyperabrupt, TO-226AC ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,854 Add to BOM
PN150 Phototransistors Sensors, Transducers Optical - Photo Detectors - Phototransistors - NPN PHOTOTRANS 800NM SIDE VIEW PANASONIC CORP 5,665 Add to BOM
SIR383C Infrared (IR) Emitter 875nm 1.3V 100mA 11mW/sr @ 20mA 20° Radial EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO LTD 7,893 Add to BOM
PH302 Photodiodes NEC 5,200 Add to BOM
IF-D91 Fiber Optic Receiver General Purpose 100Mbps 60 nA Industrial Fiber Optics 7,385 Add to BOM
LTE-302 Infrared (IR) Emitter 940nm 1.2V 50mA 0.662mW/sr @ 20mA 40° Radial LITE-ON TECHNOLOGY CORP 7,825 Add to BOM
GL4800E0000F Infrared (IR) Emitter 950nm 1.2V 50mA 60° Radial Sharp Microelectronics 7,342 Add to BOM
SFH484 Infrared (IR) Emitter 880nm 1.5V 100mA 50mW/sr @ 100mA 16° T 1 3/4 OSRAM 5,432 Add to BOM
LTE-4206 Infrared (IR) Emitter 940nm 1.2V 60mA 1.38mW/sr @ 20mA 20° T-1 Lite-On 5,883 Add to BOM
OP165D Infrared Emitters Infrared 935nm TT Electronics/Optek Technology 9,034 Add to BOM
20SP120M Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor, Polarized, Aluminum, 20V, 20% +Tol, 20% -Tol, 120uF, SANYO 6,394 Add to BOM
MD-052HRL LIN Transceivers TnT Module DIP Thinnet 5V 0C/+70C HALO Electronics 6,278 Add to BOM
MD-003HRL Transceiver 1TX 1RX HALO Electronics 6,723 Add to BOM
S1087-01 OEMS only, direct purchases welcom HAMAMATSU 7,303 Add to BOM
1N830A UHF detector diode for signal processing and modulation ASI Semiconductor, Inc 7,107 Add to BOM
25SP6R8M Large Capacitance, Low ESR Optimum for Audio etc. SANYO 5,158 Add to BOM
25SPS18M Large Capacitance, Low ESR Optimum for Audio etc. SANYO 4,105 Add to BOM
SFH314-3 Phototransistors OSRAM 8,569 Add to BOM
SFH300-4 Phototransistors OSRAM 7,648 Add to BOM
F38000203 Linear Position Sensor 30V 1000MCycles Analog Output 3-Pin HONEYWELL 7,580 Add to BOM
2N2976 Bipolar Transistors - BJT MOTOROLA 9,512 Add to BOM
QSE214 Phototransistors 880nm Side View Radial, Side View ON 6,506 Add to BOM
DB3-T Rectifiers 150mW Trgr Tape/Ammo Rectron Semiconductor 3,367 Add to BOM
LD 271-H Infrared Emitters - High Power Infrared 950nm OSRAM 6,045 Add to BOM
HIR333/H0-A 5MM INFRARED LED, T-1 3/4 EVERLIGHT 5,470 Add to BOM
4SPS270M Large Capacitance, Low ESR Optimum for Audio etc. SANYO 6,995 Add to BOM
4SP2200M Large Capacitance, Low ESR Optimum for Audio etc. SANYO 5,377 Add to BOM
10SP180M Large Capacitance, Low ESR Optimum for Audio etc. SANYO 7,741 Add to BOM
4SP100M Large Capacitance, Low ESR Optimum for Audio etc. SANYO 4,980 Add to BOM
20SP33M Large Capacitance, Low ESR Optimum for Audio etc. SANYO 4,108 Add to BOM
E-701-52Z Diode Current Reg. 100V 0.92mA 300mW 2-Pin T/R SEMITEC Corporation 5,480 Add to BOM