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(25 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
AD204KY Low Cost, Miniature Isolation Amplifier powered by external clock Analog Devices, Inc 6,323 Add to BOM
HDSP-7803 Green LED display module for numeric and character displays Broadcom Limited 7,202 Add to BOM
AFCT-5971ALZ Efficient through-hole mounted transmitter/receiver compone Foxconn OE Technologies Singapore Pte. LTD 5,378 Add to BOM
LA-301MB DISPLAY 7SEG 0.31" SGL GRN 10DIP Rohm Semiconductor 4,204 Add to BOM
LA-301VL DISPLAY 7SEG 0.31" SGL RED 10DIP Rohm Semiconductor 6,189 Add to BOM
SA15-11GWA Compact 10-pin DIP module for easy integration into your project KINGBRIGHT ELECTRONIC CO LTD 7,282 Add to BOM
SC32-11GWA Compact Green LED Display Module for Your Project Need KINGBRIGHT ELECTRONIC CO LTD 7,697 Add to BOM
SA32-11SRWA Effortlessly convey numerical information with our reliable SA32-11SRWA 1-digit LED display module KGB 5,541 Add to BOM
LA-301AL **LED Display Type**: 1DIGIT 8LED ROHM 8,569 Add to BOM
HDSP-A903 Elevate your electronic design with our CC -pin DIP tube featuring digit, rail/tube architecture BROADCOM INC 6,023 Add to BOM
HDSP-7503 High-quality red LEDs create a clear segment display with mm dimensions Broadcom Limited 6,980 Add to BOM
HFBR-5912EZ Reliable and efficient communication solution for high-speed applications HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY CO LTD 6,103 Add to BOM
HFBR-5963ALZ Advanced fiber optics module for secure and reliable data communication Broadcom Limited 8,117 Add to BOM
HFBR-59L1ALZ High-speed optical transmission for data centers and telecommunication network BROADCOM INC 7,567 Add to BOM
AFBR-59R5ALZ Ideal for applications requiring a reliable and cost-effective solution AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES INC 9,740 Add to BOM
AFBR-5903AZ Fast shipping guaranteed, order now BROADCOM INC 8,717 Add to BOM
LA-401MD LED Displays & Accessories LED #1 DIGIT DISP .4" CA GREEN ROHM CO LTD 7,501 Add to BOM
HDSP-7801 LED Displays & Accessories Green 571nm 0.3in 7 Segment Broadcom 7,951 Add to BOM
LDES025BF6S Board Mount Pressure Sensors LDES025BF6S TE Connectivity 6,303 Add to BOM
LDES050UF6S Board Mount Pressure Sensors Digital Sensor TE Connectivity 9,958 Add to BOM
LTS-4801WC LED Displays & Accessories Red, Low Current Lite-On 8,713 Add to BOM
LTS-4301WC LED Displays & Accessories 1-Digit SMD Display Red Low-Cur .40 Lite-On 6,458 Add to BOM
EB2-12NU Reliable power signal relay ensures seamless connectivity and efficient energy transmission NEC 3,852 Add to BOM
GP2W2003YK IRDA TX/RX 0.0758Mbps 2.5V/3.3V 11-Pin Sharp Electrionic Components 3,406 Add to BOM
GP2W2002YK IRDA TX/RX 0.0758Mbps 3.3V/5V 11-Pin Sharp Electrionic Components 3,311 Add to BOM