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(41 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
R3118K241C-TR High-quality component for precise electronic Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,716 Add to BOM
RP124L183E-TR A highly efficient linear regulator suitable for small signal application Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,026 Add to BOM
RP111L071D-TR-Y High-performance LDO regulator delivering at NISSHINBO MICRO DEVICES INC. 5,833 Add to BOM
RP111L361D-TR Compact DFN-package provides efficient thermal dissipation and space-saving design Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,489 Add to BOM
RP111L201D-TR 6-Pin DFN EP Package Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,154 Add to BOM
RP111L151D-TR Low-dropout regulator provides stable output voltage up to Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,809 Add to BOM
RP111L131D-TR Compact LDO Regulator for Space-Saving Applications: , Output Current, Pin DFN EP Packag Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,202 Add to BOM
RP111L111D-TR With its high accuracy and low quiescent current, this LDO regulator is ideal for portable device NISSHINBO MICRO DEVICES INC. 5,833 Add to BOM
RP111L101D5-TR Compact -pin DFN package desig Nisshinbo Micro Devices 6,592 Add to BOM
RP152L061B-TR High-performance linear regulator for stable power delivery Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,778 Add to BOM
RP152L054B-TR Tiny pin DFN package for space-efficient designs Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
RP152L053B-TR Compact low-voltage regulator for space-constrained designs, providing dual output and sequence control features Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,568 Add to BOM
RP152L052B-TR Low-voltage, high-current regulator for precise voltage management Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,378 Add to BOM
RP152L050B-TR Compact DFN package with low noise and high efficiency for wide range of applications Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,167 Add to BOM
RP152L047B-TR High-performance LDO voltage regulator with minimal noise Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,967 Add to BOM
RP152L040B-TR Low drop-out voltage and current limiting features enhance reliabilit Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,016 Add to BOM
RP152L038A-TR A dual voltage regulator designed for low-voltage applications, offering precise control and flexibility Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,233 Add to BOM
RP152L033B-TR Dual output LDO regulator for low noise and ripple-free operatio Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,033 Add to BOM
RP152L031B-TR Compact design with high current output capability Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,088 Add to BOM
RP152L029B-TR Efficiently regulates voltage with minimal noise and distortio Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,930 Add to BOM
RP152L024B-TR Space-saving DC-DC converter for board-level power managemen Nisshinbo Micro Devices 6,299 Add to BOM
RP152L023C-TR Dual-channel architecture provides exceptional flexibility and scalability for modern electronic system Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,369 Add to BOM
RP152L020C-TR Compact DFN package for efficient thermal dissipation and space saving Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,342 Add to BOM
RP152L012B-TR Low dropout linear regulators offering high accuracy and stability Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,683 Add to BOM
RP152L007A-TR ROHS compliant DFN-package for reduced environmental impac Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,230 Add to BOM
RP124L333E-TR High-efficiency LDO regulator for portable device Nisshinbo Micro Devices 6,111 Add to BOM
RP111L181B-TR High-efficiency LDO voltage regulator with thermal regulatio Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,802 Add to BOM
RP152L004C-TR Space-efficient and reliable dual-output voltage regulator for critical system contro Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,135 Add to BOM
RP111L121D-TR Ultra-low dropout voltage regulator for precise power control Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,444 Add to BOM
RP152L035B-TR Low-dropout linear regulator with high current and temperature tolerance Nisshinbo Micro Devices 6,074 Add to BOM
RP152L022B-TR Low noise and high ripple rejection ensure stable output voltage in harsh environments Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,527 Add to BOM
RP152L013B-TR Miniature LDO Regulator for Space-Constrained Designs Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,375 Add to BOM
RP152L003B-TR Advanced Power Management Solutions for High-Reliability Application Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
RP152L021B-TR Compliant with RoHS regulations, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly solution Nisshinbo Micro Devices 6,813 Add to BOM
RP152L018B-TR Low-dropout (LDO) regulator ensures reliable power supply and minimal noise disturbance Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,419 Add to BOM
RP152L007B-TR Compact LDO regulator for reduced board space requirement Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,216 Add to BOM
RP152L004B-TR Low-dropout voltage regulator with high accuracy and reliabili Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
RP111L281D5-TR Maintain a stable voltage supply in your applications with this 0.5A capable LDO regulator Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,307 Add to BOM
RP111L121D5-TR Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 1 Output 500mA DFN1212-6 Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,326 Add to BOM
RP111L331B-TR LDO Voltage Regulators Low Voltage Good Load Transient Response 500mA Voltage Regulator (LDO Regulator) Nisshinbo Micro Devices 6,232 Add to BOM
RP152L006A-TR Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 2 Output 150mA, 150mA DFN1212-6 Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,013 Add to BOM