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(16 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
NTMFS23D9N06HLT1G MOSFET T8 60V LOW COSS onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
TCR8BM085A,L3F Ultra-low-dropout A LDO regulator for precision DC/DC conversion application Toshiba 9,545 Add to BOM
TCR8BM09A,L3F Regulate and stabilize your DC voltage with precision and accuracy guarante Toshiba 8,102 Add to BOM
TCR8BM30A,L3F Low dropout and high accuracy LDO for stable output voltage contro Toshiba 9,696 Add to BOM
TCR5AM33,LF LDO Voltage Regulators CMOS Point Regulator Toshiba 8,625 Add to BOM
NTMFS5C604NLT1G-UIL3 N-Channel 60 V 40A (Ta), 287A (Tc) 3.9W (Ta), 200W (Tc) Surface Mount 5-DFN (5x6) (8-SOFL) onsemi 9,597 Add to BOM
NVMFS6H852NLT1G N-Channel 80 V 11A (Ta), 42A (Tc) 3.6W (Ta), 54W (Tc) Surface Mount 5-DFN (5x6) (8-SOFL) ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,906 Add to BOM
NVMFS6H818NLT1G High-reliability transistor for automotive applications, ensuring safe and efficient power contro ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,763 Add to BOM
NVMFWS015N10MCLT1G Single N-Channel Power MOSFET 100V, 54A, 12.2mΩ ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,264 Add to BOM
NVMFS5C645NLAFT1G Single N-Channel Power MOSFET 60V, 100A, 4mΩ ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,623 Add to BOM
NVMFS5C670NLWFAFT3G N-Channel 60 V 17A (Ta), 71A (Tc) 61W (Tc) Surface Mount 5-DFN (5x6) (8-SOFL) ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,293 Add to BOM
TCR8BM25A,L3F Compact LDO module for space-saving applicatio Toshiba 7,072 Add to BOM
NVMFS5C628NT1G N-Channel 60 V 28A (Ta), 150A (Tc) 3.7W (Ta), 110W (Tc) Surface Mount 5-DFN (5x6) (8-SOFL) ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,811 Add to BOM
NVMFS5C420NLT1G Power MOSFET, Single, N-Channel, 40 V, 1.0 mΩ, 272 A ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,664 Add to BOM
NVMFS5C450NWFAFT1G Single N-Channel Power MOSFET 40V, 102A, 3.3mΩ ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,307 Add to BOM
TK17V65W,LQ N-Channel 650 V 17.3A (Ta) 156W (Tc) Surface Mount 4-DFN-EP (8x8) Toshiba 7,072 Add to BOM