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(62 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
LT1963EQ Adjustable Linear Voltage Regulator ADI 6,237 Add to BOM
LT1764AMPQ Meet your automotive power regulation needs with the LT1764AMPQ ADI 4,188 Add to BOM
LT1764AEQ Compact and reliable voltage regulation for demanding app ADI 4,102 Add to BOM
LT1129CQ-5 Fixed positive LDO regulator ADI 7,853 Add to BOM
LT1076CQ LT1076CQ Switching Voltage Regulators ADI 7,685 Add to BOM
LT1963EQ#PBF Low noise regulators with quick response for sensitive applications Analog Devices Inc. 6,839 Add to BOM
LT1764EQ#PBF Regulators with 3A output Analog Devices Inc. 5,250 Add to BOM
LT1963AEQ 963AEQ Positive Voltage Regulator, Low Dropout, 1.21V-20V Adjustable, 1.5A Output ADI 7,284 Add to BOM
LT1764EQ The LT1764EQ is a positive voltage regulator that features a low dropout voltage Analog Devices Inc. 4,576 Add to BOM
LT1529IQ The LT1529IQ is a voltage regulator with a 3A capacity, featuring a micropower quiescent current and shutdown function ADI 6,649 Add to BOM
LT1185CQ LT1185 Low Dropout Regulator Analog Devices Inc. 6,378 Add to BOM
MIC29502WU 5.0A LDO Adj. + Shutdown Microchip 6,651 Add to BOM
MIC29152WU Shutdown-Enabled Adjustable LDO Linear Regulator with 1.5A Output Microchip 5,445 Add to BOM
LT3015IQ#PBF 1.5A, Low Noise, Negative Linear Regulator with Precision Current Limit ADI 6,358 Add to BOM
LT3015EQ#PBF Suitable for Various Applications Analog Devices 7,022 Add to BOM
LT1185IQ#PBF Low Dropout Regulator ADI 5,715 Add to BOM
LT1185CQ#PBF 1% accuracy linear regulator suitable for voltage regulation in the range of 2.5V to 25V Analog Devices 4,769 Add to BOM
LT1963AIQ#PBF 1.5A, Low Noise, Fast Transient Response LDO Regulators ADI 5,499 Add to BOM
LT1963AEQ#TRPBF 1.5A, Low Noise, Fast Transient Response LDO Regulators ADI 4,225 Add to BOM
LT1963AEQ#PBF High Performance LDO Regulators for Voltage Regulation ADI 4,260 Add to BOM
LT1965EQ#PBF 1.1A, Low Noise, Low Dropout Linear Regulator ADI 7,706 Add to BOM
LT1764AEQ#TRPBF Low Noise Operation for Clean Power Delivery ADI 6,803 Add to BOM
LT1129IQ#PBF D2PAK-5 package for easy installation ADI 5,975 Add to BOM
LT1129CQ#PBF Ultra-efficient voltage regulators with low dropout and shutdown capability Analog Devices 4,795 Add to BOM
LT3080EQ#PBF Adjustable 1.1A Single Resistor Low Dropout Regulator ADI 4,895 Add to BOM
LT1965EQ Voltage Regulators LT1965EQ analog devices inc. 8,936 Add to BOM
LT1185IQ 3A Current Output Capability analog devices inc. 8,626 Add to BOM
LT1529CQ SIP package ensures easy integration into existing designs Analog Devices Inc. 5,318 Add to BOM
LT1528CQ Linear voltage regulator Analog Devices Inc. 8,893 Add to BOM
LT1175IQ Low dropout regulator for negative voltage Analog Devices Inc. 9,283 Add to BOM
LT1175CQ 0.5A Output Current Rating Analog Devices Inc. 5,593 Add to BOM
LT1129IQ-5 Product LT1129IQ-5 is an LDO voltage regulator with low dropout characteristics Analog Devices Inc. 9,411 Add to BOM
LT1129CQ 6-Pin DDPAK Package Analog Devices Inc. 9,762 Add to BOM
LT1076CQ-5 LT1076CQ-5 is a switching voltage regulator that steps down voltage to 5V Analog Devices Inc. 6,065 Add to BOM
LT1129IQ PSSO5 Packaging for LT1129IQ Adjustable Positive LDO Regulator Analog Devices Inc. 9,367 Add to BOM
LT1764EQ#TRPBF Low dropout regulator Analog Devices Inc. 5,121 Add to BOM
LT1529IQ-5 The LT1529IQ-5 is a low dropout regulator designed for applications requiring a stable 3A output ADI 5,940 Add to BOM
LT1529CQ-5 Positive 5V low dropout voltage regulator, capable of providing a maximum output current of 3A in a 6-Pin DDPAK package analog devices inc. 7,786 Add to BOM
LT1171CQ The LT1171CQ is a current mode type switched-mode power supply controller with a bi-polar design and metal SIP package." Analog Devices Inc. 8,457 Add to BOM
MIC29302WU-TR MCCMIC29302WU-TR - Tape and Reel Microchip 7,349 Add to BOM
MIC2941AWU Six-pin TO-263 package for easy installation and heat dissipation Microchip 6,692 Add to BOM
LT1170CQ The LT1170CQ switching voltage regulator is designed for optimum performance, delivering up to 5A of output current analog devices inc. 8,272 Add to BOM
LT1764AEQ#PBF Fast Transient Response LDO Regulator with Low Noise and 3A Output Analog Devices 6,675 Add to BOM
LT1076IQ With a wide input voltage range and high efficiency, this converter is ideal for various applications requiring stable voltage regulation analog devices inc. 8,264 Add to BOM
LT3080EQ This linear voltage regulator IC is perfect for applications that require precision and stability in their output voltage Analog Devices Inc. 7,611 Add to BOM
LT1963AMPQ Fast transient response for improved stability Analog Devices Inc. 9,322 Add to BOM
LT1172CQ The LT1172CQ features a wide input and output voltage range, making it suitable for a variety of power supply applications Analog Devices Inc. 7,764 Add to BOM
MIC29302-AWU Low Dropout Voltage Regulators 3A Fast-Response Microchip 2,604 Add to BOM
LT1963EQ-3.3 Linear Regulator delivering 3.3V Output Voltage with Dropout Voltage of DDPAK Package, 1.5A Current Capacity Analog Devices Inc. 4,718 Add to BOM
MIC37502WU High-performance LDO regulator for precision voltage control Microchip 6,002 Add to BOM