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(23 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
APT40SM120S APT40SM120S: MOSFET Power MOSFET - SiC Microchip 7,751 Add to BOM
APT77N60SC6 N-Channel 600 V 77A (Tc) 481W (Tc) Surface Mount D3Pak Microchip 7,072 Add to BOM
APT20M38SVRG/TR Advanced power management solution for efficient energy us Microchip 7,072 Add to BOM
APT5018SFLLG/TR Reliable transistor solution for a wide range of industrial uses (83) Microchip 7,072 Add to BOM
TM8050H-8D3-TR 80 A 800 V High Temperature Thyristor (SCR) in D3PAK package STMicroelectronics 8,828 Add to BOM
APT5015SVFRG MOSFET FG, FREDFET, 500V, 0.15_OHM, D3, TO-268, RoHS Microchip 9,602 Add to BOM
MSC080SMA120S N-Channel 1200 V 35A 182W (Tc) Surface Mount D3PAK Microchip 6,223 Add to BOM
MSC050SDA070S Diode 700 V 88A Surface Mount D3PAK Microchip 8,890 Add to BOM
MSC035SMA070S 700V Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET.700V Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET. Microchip 5,255 Add to BOM
MSC030SDA070S Diode 700 V 60A Surface Mount D3PAK Microchip 8,449 Add to BOM
MSC017SMA120S N-Channel 1200 V 100A (Tc) 357W (Tc) Surface Mount D3PAK Microchip 6,602 Add to BOM
MSC010SDA070S Diode 700 V 10A Surface Mount D3PAK Microchip 6,970 Add to BOM
APT13F120S MOSFET FG, FREDFET, 1200V, TO-268 Microchip 8,628 Add to BOM
APT60D100SG/TR 1000V Ultrafast Soft Recovery Rectifier Diode. Microchip 5,243 Add to BOM
APT5024SVRG Trans MOSFET N-CH 500V 22A 3-Pin(2+Tab) D3PAK Tube Microchip 6,183 Add to BOM
APT5024SLLG/TR MOSFET MOSFET MOS7 500 V 24 Ohm TO-268 Tape & Reel Microchip 6,477 Add to BOM
APT4F120S MOSFET FREDFET MOS8 1200 V 4 A TO-268 Microchip 5,069 Add to BOM
APT20GN60SDQ2G IGBT-FIELDSTOP-600V is a family of Field Stop IGBT with ultra low VCE(ON). The family is available in various current and package options Microchip 9,520 Add to BOM
APT15DQ60SG 600V Ultrafast Soft Recovery Rectifier Diode. Microchip 8,913 Add to BOM
APT25GR120SD15 1200V Non-Punch-Thru IGBT. Microchip Technology, Inc 7,142 Add to BOM
APT35GN120SG/TR IGBT NPT, Trench Field Stop 1200 V 84 A 379 W Surface Mount D3PAK Microchip 8,108 Add to BOM
APT35GN120SG 1200V Field Stop IGBT. Microchip 6,613 Add to BOM
APT30M61SLLG/TR MOSFET MOSFET MOS7 300 V 61 mOhm TO-268 Tape & Reel Microchip 7,222 Add to BOM