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(117 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MTB2P50ET4G High power handling capability for various applications Onsemi 7,130 Add to BOM
2SK4177-DL-1E TO-263-2L package with D2PAK / TO-263-2L designation Onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
LM317D2T Precise voltage stabilization for sensitive applications Stmicroelectronics 7,740 Add to BOM
HGT1S20N60C3S9A HGT1S20N60C3S9A: A powerful 45A, 600V N-Channel IGBT Onsemi 6,234 Add to BOM
PSMN4R8-100BSEJ Detailed specifications for PSMN4R8-100BSEJ, identified as a MOSFET under the label PSMN4R8-100BSE/SOT404/D2PAK Nexperia USA Inc. 4,168 Add to BOM
MBRB30H60CTT4G The MBRB30H60CTT4G Schottky diode offers fast switching speeds and low reverse recovery times Onsemi 7,063 Add to BOM
MC7805ABD2TR4G Linear Voltage Regulator, 1 A, 5 to 24 V, Positive onsemi 6,574 Add to BOM
LM317BD2TG Linear Voltage Regulator, 1.5 A, High PSRR, Adjustable, Positive onsemi 4,896 Add to BOM
FQB27P06TM High-voltage P-channel MOSFET for efficient power management Onsemi 4,608 Add to BOM
FDB33N25TM Power MOSFET with N-Channel, UniFETTM technology, rated at 250 volts, 33 amps, and 94 milliohms in a D2PAK package Onsemi 4,197 Add to BOM
FDB075N15A N-Channel PowerTrench® MOSFET 150V, 130A, 7.5mΩ onsemi 7,772 Add to BOM
NTB25P06T4G P-channel MOSFET with a voltage rating of -60V and a current rating of -27.5A, housed in TO-263 package Onsemi 6,427 Add to BOM
IRFS4115TRLPBF resistance of 12.1mΩ at 10V gate-to-source voltage INFINEON 7,898 Add to BOM
IRF9Z34NSTRLPBF Tape and Reel Packaged P-Channel MOSFET with 55V Voltage Rating INFINEON 5,259 Add to BOM
UF3C065030B3 Silicon Carbide FET with 650V and 27mΩ QORVO 5,940 Add to BOM
LM317BD2T 1.5A Linear Voltage Regulators, Adjustable Output from 1.2V to 37V onsemi 4,526 Add to BOM
BTS141 ROHS compliant TO-package ensures safety and performance in harsh environments INFINEON 5,017 Add to BOM
BUK762R9-40E Product BUK762R9-40E: "A 40V N-channel MOSFET designed for automotive applications NXP 5,857 Add to BOM
IPB033N10N5LFATMA1 MOSFET Differentiated MOSFETs INFINEON 5,985 Add to BOM
IRFS4227TRLPBF Single N-Channel 200V 26 mOhm 98 nC HEXFET® Power Mosfet - D2PAK INFINEON 7,910 Add to BOM
PSMN3R8-100BS NXP PSMN3R8-100BS N-channel MOSFET, 120 A, 100 V, 3-Pin D2PAK NXP 7,121 Add to BOM
BUK9640-100A Power Field-Effect Transistor, N-Channel, Metal-oxide Semiconductor FET NXP 7,596 Add to BOM
BUK768R3-60E N-channel TrenchMOS standard level FET NXP 7,413 Add to BOM
NGB8206ANT4G This product features a N-CH IGBT Chip designed for high power applications Littelfuse Inc 5,139 Add to BOM
BUK9612-55B,118 With a power dissipation of 157W at 2V and 1mA, this MOSFET can handle significant levels of power Nexperia 6,204 Add to BOM
MC7808CD2TG MC7808CD2TG is a positive electrode linear voltage regulator with a null input of 8 volts and an output voltage up to 35 volts Onsemi 3,346 Add to BOM
MTB60N06HD D2PAK-packaged N-channel MOSFET transistor capable of handling 60V and 60A onsemi 7,422 Add to BOM
NTB30N20T4G <p>Power MOSFET 30 Amps, 200 Volts N-Channel Enhancement-Mode D2PAK</p> onsemi 9,264 Add to BOM
FQB33N10LTM Power MOSFET, N-Channel, Logic Level, QFET®, 100 V, 33 A, 52 mΩ, D2PAK onsemi 5,927 Add to BOM
IRF9640SPBF MOSFET P-Chan 200V 11 Amp Vishay 6,690 Add to BOM
IRF640SPBF Transistor, N-channel MOSFET with 200V voltage and 18A current rating in D2PAK package Vishay 8,367 Add to BOM
SQM120P04-04L_GE3 Automotive P-Channel 40 V (D-S) 175 °C MOSFET Vishay 7,999 Add to BOM
CSD19536KTTT Transistor MOSFET N-channel Silicon 100V 200A DDPAK package Tape and Reel Texas Instruments 6,555 Add to BOM
MTB50P03HDLT4G Power MOSFET with a rating of -30V and -50A Onsemi 9,899 Add to BOM
SGB15N60HS High-Speed IGBT Transistors for Industrial Use Infineon 6,907 Add to BOM
IRF1312S N-channel 80V 95A 3-pin D2PAK power MOSFET Infineon Technologies Ag 8,380 Add to BOM
HUF75639S3ST TO-263AB packaged N-Channel Power Mosfet with 0.025 Ohm impedance Onsemi 6,465 Add to BOM
NCV317BD2TR4G Three-lead D2PAK packaging solution with 1.5A output current capability Onsemi 9,234 Add to BOM
MC7905ACD2TR4G Description of product MC7905ACD2TR4G: LDO Regulator Neg -5V 1A 3-Pin(2+Tab) D2PAK T/R - Tape and Reel ON SEMICONDUCTOR 5,414 Add to BOM
MC7805ABD2TG Surface Mount Technology Onsemi 9,319 Add to BOM
MC7912BD2TR4G Negative Linear Voltage Regulator, 5 V Output, 1 A ON SEMICONDUCTOR 8,549 Add to BOM
LM337BD2TG Linear Voltage Regulator, 1.5 A, High PSRR, Adjustable, Negative onsemi 7,458 Add to BOM
LM2931AD2T-5R4G High-reliability, positive fixed voltage regulator offering A current capability in a space-saving DAK-packag Onsemi 4,643 Add to BOM
NCV4274ADS50R4G LDO Regulator Positive 5V 0.4A Automotive Onsemi 9,443 Add to BOM
MC7805BD2T 5V Voltage Regulator onsemi 7,118 Add to BOM
MC7815CD2T 1A Linear Voltage Regulators 15V Positive onsemi 6,577 Add to BOM
IRF530NSPBF The IRF530NSPBF is a silicon N-channel MOSFET designed for power applications Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
BUK7608-55A The BUK7608-55A transistor is a power MOSFET with an N-channel design NXP SEMICONDUCTORS 8,385 Add to BOM
BUK765R2-40B BUK765R2-40B,118 - alternative name for BUK765R2-40B MOSFET NXP 7,646 Add to BOM