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(93 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
XS608B1NAL2 Advanced wire N.O. sensor with meter cable length, suitable for various uses Telemecanique Sensors 7,072 Add to BOM
E2CA-X2A Ideal for a wide range of applications Omron 5,283 Add to BOM
E2EC-C2R5C1 Amplifier for 8mm proximity sensor OMRON 5,860 Add to BOM
E2E-CR8C1-R Precise proximity sensing within a range of 10V to 40VDC, ideal for automation applications Omron 7,072 Add to BOM
103SR17A-1 Precision analog component for high-performance system HONEYWELL 4,766 Add to BOM
TW-2000 Exceptional accuracy and reliability in extreme temperature ranges Ifm Efector, Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
E2E-CR8C2 NPN output proximity sensor suitable for NC applications, offering reliable detection up to V and precise distance measurement Omron 7,072 Add to BOM
59070-1-S-02-A SENS 59070-1-S-02-A proximity sensor Littelfuse 4,459 Add to BOM
XS508B1PAL2 Product XS508B1PAL2 is described as a "1.5mm Inductive - Proximity Sensor ROHS" Telemecanique Sensors 2,524 Add to BOM
XS512B1PAM12 Power Supply: 12 to 24VDC Telemecanique Sensors 3,219 Add to BOM
IE5338 Advanced Proximity Detection Technology for Safe and Efficient Machine Operation: RoHS Compliant, Reliable Performance Ifm Efector, Inc. 5,002 Add to BOM
E2A-M30KS15WPB2 2M Reliable M shielded sensor with cable length for easy installatio Omron 6,667 Add to BOM
XS4P18MB230 Small yet powerful inductive sensor for industrial automation Telemecanique Sensors 4,931 Add to BOM
NBN8-12GM50E2-V1 Accurate distance measurement for efficient workflow manageme Pepperl+Fuchs, Inc. 2,608 Add to BOM
MLH03KPSB01B Trustworthy and robust device for measuring pressure ranges up to 3000psi Honeywell 4,423 Add to BOM
KTK-R-25 Compact and reliable fuse cartridge for high-performance applications Eaton 5,415 Add to BOM
KTK-R-30 Quick-acting limit fuse for reliable circuit protectio Eaton 7,719 Add to BOM
E2K-C25ME1 Compact and precise proximity detection, ideal for small spaces Omron 3,997 Add to BOM
CA18CAN12PAM1 Accurate sensing solutions for manufacturing, logistics, and quality control processes Carlo Gavazzi 7,198 Add to BOM
CM30-25NPP-KC1 Compact Proximity Sensor for Tight Spaces Sick, Inc. 5,549 Add to BOM
KI5085 Accurately sense distances with our reliable and durable KI5085 Proximity Sensors designed for industrial applications Ifm Efector, Inc. 6,572 Add to BOM
XSAV12801 Accurate and reliable sensing with adjustable sensitivity settings and simple interfac Telemecanique Sensors 2,818 Add to BOM
XS612B1MBL5 Compact proximity switch for precise detection up to m Schneider Electric 5,789 Add to BOM
NBB2-12GM50-E2-V1 Accurate and reliable proximity sensing for various industrial application Pepperl+Fuchs, Inc. 3,766 Add to BOM
NBB1.5-8GM40-E2-V1 Compact design for space-constrained applications Pepperl+Fuchs, Inc. 5,194 Add to BOM
IME12-08NPSZW2S Measure distance, detect metal and control processes with ease using these reliable Inductive Proximity Sensors IME-NPSZ Sick, Inc. 6,158 Add to BOM
E2EC-C1R5D15 2M Advanced Proximal Technology for Reliable Object Recognitio Omron 7,072 Add to BOM
RZT7-03ZRS-KP0 - Hall Sensor ROHS Sick, Inc. 3,038 Add to BOM
LFXTAL025159REEL Crystals 32.7680kHz 9.50 x 2.54 x 2.54mm Iqd Frequency Products 7,943 Add to BOM
LFXTAL002995BULK Crystals 32.7680kHz 3.0 x 8.0mm Iqd Frequency Products 4,898 Add to BOM
89-03KS-4R 20684.27Kpa - Pressure Sensors ROHS Te Connectivity 4,420 Add to BOM
XS512B1PAL2 With its compact design and durable construction, this inductive sensor offers a cost-effective solution for automation and control systems Schneider Electric 6,522 Add to BOM
XS608B1PAM12 ROHS Proximity Sensors - 2.5mm inductive Telemecanique Sensors 3,340 Add to BOM
E2EC-CR8D1-3 0.12M Proximity Sensors Custom E2EC-CR8D1 w/ 0.12m Cbl OMRON 6,225 Add to BOM
3455RC 81570200 Redi Temp Ceramic Thermostat Automatic Reset Open on Rise 2-Pin Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions 5,984 Add to BOM
LM31-00000F-005PG Industrial Pressure Sensor 0.5V to 4.5V 0psi to 5psi Gage 3-Pin MEASUREMENT 5,368 Add to BOM
LM31-00000F-001PG Industrial Pressure Sensor 0.5V to 4.5V 0psi to 1psi Gage 3-Pin MEASUREMENT 5,287 Add to BOM
P61-1000-A-A-I24-20MA-A 6894.76Kpa - Pressure Sensors ROHS Amphenol 7,277 Add to BOM
P61-1000-A-A-I12-20MA-C 6894.76Kpa - Pressure Sensors ROHS Amphenol 8,840 Add to BOM
P61-750-S-A-I72-20MA-A 5171.07Kpa - Pressure Sensors ROHS Amphenol 6,704 Add to BOM
P61-750-S-A-I36-20MA-C 5171.07Kpa - Pressure Sensors ROHS Amphenol 5,896 Add to BOM
P61-500-S-A-I36-20MA-C 3447.38Kpa - Pressure Sensors ROHS Amphenol 8,281 Add to BOM
P61-500-S-A-I36-20MA-A 3447.38Kpa - Pressure Sensors ROHS Amphenol 9,600 Add to BOM
P61-500-S-A-I24-20MA-A 3447.38Kpa - Pressure Sensors ROHS Amphenol 5,524 Add to BOM
P61-300-S-A-I12-20MA-A 2068.43Kpa - Pressure Sensors ROHS Amphenol 5,123 Add to BOM
P61-3000-A-A-I24-20MA-A 20684.27Kpa - Pressure Sensors ROHS Amphenol 7,983 Add to BOM
P61-2000-S-A-I36-20MA-C 13789.51Kpa - Pressure Sensors ROHS Amphenol 6,445 Add to BOM
P61-2000-S-A-I24-20MA-A - Pressure Sensors ROHS Amphenol 5,436 Add to BOM
P61-200-A-A-I36-20MA-A 1378.95Kpa - Pressure Sensors ROHS Amphenol 7,845 Add to BOM
P61-200-A-A-I24-20MA-C 1378.95Kpa - Pressure Sensors ROHS Amphenol 7,194 Add to BOM