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(73 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
RFANT3216120A5T Compact 1206 chip antenna with 2.4GHz frequency Walsin 5,430 Add to BOM
HMC156AC8 Passive SMT frequency doubler designed for signal conditioning across 0.7 - 2.4 GHz Analog Devices Inc. 6,669 Add to BOM
2440AT62A0085E Compact Hz antenna solution for efficient data transfe johanson 8,211 Add to BOM
NCS.5820 862MHz/894MHz/960MHz SMD Antenna with -4.1dBi Gain and T/R Functionality Taoglas Limited 6,979 Add to BOM
NCP.5820 Ceramic Antenna with -3.5dBi Gain at 862MHz/894MHz/960MHz frequencies and 7-Pin CSMD T/R Taoglas Limited 5,220 Add to BOM
VJ5601M868MXBSR Frequency-tuned antenna for reliable signal transmissi Vishay Vitramon 7,782 Add to BOM
PD2425J5050S2 6-Pin CSMD Power Divider Anaren, Inc 6,123 Add to BOM
CSTCE16M0V53Z-R0 Ceramic resonator with 16MHz nominal frequency, surface mount device, and 3 pins Murata Manufacturing 8,926 Add to BOM
GGBLA.01.A GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/BeiDou Ceramic Loop Antenna Taoglas Limited 8,125 Add to BOM
PA.760.A Antennas PA.760.A WarriorX Wideband (600-6000MHz) 5G/4G SMD Ceramic Antenna Taoglas Limited 9,444 Add to BOM
9H03200012 32.768kHz SMD crystal oscillator 12.5pF ±20ppm SMD2012 Crystals ROHS Txc Corporation 5,474 Add to BOM
GGBLA.125.A Antennas GGBLA.125.A - GPS L1/L2/L5/L6, GLONASS, BeiDou Ceramic Loop Antenna Taoglas Limited 7,022 Add to BOM
CSTNE16M0VH3L000R0 16MHz 15pF 40Ω SMD-3P Ceramic Resonators ROHS Murata 4,183 Add to BOM
CSTNE8M00G550000R0 Ceramic Resonator, Murata 3,985 Add to BOM
CSTNE16M0V53C000R0 Ceramic Resonator, 16MHz Nom, Murata 2,886 Add to BOM
VC-708-EDE-FNXN-100M000000 High-performance LVDS oscillator for demanding applications Microchip Technology 2,719 Add to BOM
WT325BI0032.000000 ROHS-compliant crystal oscillator delivers precise timing with temperature compensation up to C Diodes Incorporated 5,859 Add to BOM
ECS-TXO-20CSMV-260-AY-TR Low-power oscillator suitable for space-restricted design Ecs 2,368 Add to BOM
ECS-327TXO-33-TR High-frequency stability: SMD, no-lead .kHz crystal oscillator module Ecs 2,774 Add to BOM
ECS-TXO-20CSMV-320-EY-TR Multi-voltage compatible TCXO with tight frequency toleran Ecs 4,110 Add to BOM
LFXTAL009678 High-stability oscillator for precise timing and synchronization requirements Iqd Frequency Products 6,127 Add to BOM
CX8045GA04000H0PST03 Reliable timing component for harsh environmental condition Kyocera 3,576 Add to BOM
ST3215SB32768C0HSZA1 Accurate timekeeping solution for a wide range of industries and applications Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 5,200 Add to BOM
KC3225A50.0000C3GE00 A current draw makes it suitable for battery-powered devices or other applications where power consumption is critica Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 2,886 Add to BOM
SHA000001 Advanced frequency control for precise timing in modern computing systems Diodes Incorporated 6,274 Add to BOM
ST3215SB32768E0HPWBB *Compact Crystal Solution**: Tiny tuning fork crystals for precise timing Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 4,976 Add to BOM
ST3215SB32768C0HPWBB High-performance quartz oscillator operating at MHz nominal spee Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 4,348 Add to BOM
PBRC8.00GR50X000 8MHz Ceramic Oscillator with Tolerances of ±0.5% Frequency and Stability Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 2,676 Add to BOM
PBRC4.00GR50X000 Two-pin CSMD connector enables easy connection and stability Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 6,865 Add to BOM
PBRC4.19HR50X000 Tune-in to precision with this MHz resonator componen Kyocera 6,459 Add to BOM
PBRC16.00HR50X000 High-stability clock source for embedded system Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 6,254 Add to BOM
PBRC16.00HR50X0RZ Tiny yet Precise: pF Capacitance and Pin CSMD Packa Kyocera 5,883 Add to BOM
PBRC4.00MR50X000 Surface-mount design for easy integration into PCB Kyocera 3,499 Add to BOM
PBRC10.00MR50X000 High-stability ceramic resonator with built-in capacitor Kyocera 7,399 Add to BOM
PBRC12.00HR50X000 MHz Nominal Frequency Ceramic Resonator for Precision Use Case Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 4,010 Add to BOM
PBRC10.00HR50X000 Precise frequency control with built-in capacitor accurac Kyocera 4,361 Add to BOM
PBRC3.68HR50X000 Low-Cost, High-Performance Ceramic Resonator for Various Industries Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 2,609 Add to BOM
PBRC4.00HR50X000 Stable oscillations at a precise frequency Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 3,737 Add to BOM
PRQC16.00SR5010X000 Small, accurate and reliable resonator for surface mount devices Kyocera 5,004 Add to BOM
PRQC8.00CR5010X000 Compact surface-mount design for space-constrained application Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 4,142 Add to BOM
PBRC8.00MR50X000 Elevate your audio performance with our high-precision, temperature-stable ceramic resonator Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 2,916 Add to BOM
PBRC7.37MR50X000 High-stability ceramic resonator module Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 2,285 Add to BOM
PBRC6.00MR50X000 Ultra-precise Hz ceramic resonator for demanding use Kyocera 3,339 Add to BOM
PBRV8.00MR50Y000 Small size, big performance: 3-pin SMD resonator for precise timing Kyocera 7,192 Add to BOM
PBRC8.00HR50X000 Precise and reliable MHz resonator for electronic devices Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 4,539 Add to BOM
PBRV16.00MR50Y000 Compact 3-pin device offers stable and consistent performance across various operating conditions Kyocera 2,757 Add to BOM
PBRC5.00HR50X000 Frequency-Stabilized Ceramic Resonator for Sensitive Circuits" Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 3,592 Add to BOM
JT255BI0032.000000 Tiny yet robust, this TCXO is perfect for compact electronics Diodes Incorporated 4,676 Add to BOM
K50-3C0SE50.0000MR Compact oscillator module for easy integration into design Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 2,245 Add to BOM
KC5032C24.5760C30E00 Reliable timing source for various industrial and commercial uses Kyocera 5,949 Add to BOM