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(100 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MAX9686MJA Precision comparator with high accuracy and fast response time ADI 6,526 Add to BOM
OP07AZ Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps Analog Devices Inc. 5,967 Add to BOM
OP27AZ General Purpose Amplifier 1 Circuit 8-CERDIP ADI 7,419 Add to BOM
TL072MJG The TL072MJG op amp is a high-performance TI 6,703 Add to BOM
TL082MJG TL082MJG: Operational Amplifier with 2 Functions and 9000uV Offset-Max TI 7,388 Add to BOM
LM1558J LM1558J is a dual operational amplifier designed for high temperature environments NS 7,975 Add to BOM
LM555J Timers & Support Products TI 4,116 Add to BOM
REF01EZ V-Ref Precision 10V 10mA 8-Pin CDIP Tube Analog Devices Inc. 7,237 Add to BOM
MAX1232MJA Packaged in 8-Pin CDIP Tube Analog Devices 7,793 Add to BOM
TL072MJGB ±15V/30V 8-Pin CDIP Tube TI 4,752 Add to BOM
LM193JG LM193JG is a dual comparator with a fast response time of 1.3 microseconds in a DIP-8 package Texas Instruments 6,802 Add to BOM
ICL7667MJA Ideal for Power Management Applications Analog Devices Inc. 5,067 Add to BOM
SG1626Y Half Bridge Driver Inverting Low-Side Dual High Speed MOSFET -55°C to 125°C. MICROCHIP 9,836 Add to BOM
OP270EZ With its low noise operation and voltage range of ±18V, the OP270EZ is ideal for a variety of applications Analog Devices 6,157 Add to BOM
OP249FZ Item in stock, ready for immediate shipment Analog Devices 7,540 Add to BOM
AD712AQ High-speed Op Amp Analog Devices 4,421 Add to BOM
AD708AQ AD708AQ is an operational amplifier known for its dual operation capabilities Analog Devices 5,543 Add to BOM
TC962MJA 8-Pin CDIP Tube Packaging for Charge Pump Inverter, Output Range -3V to -18V, Current Rating 80mA MICROCHIP 7,090 Add to BOM
REF01HZ With its low temperature drift and long-term stability, the REF01HZ is ideal for applications requiring a reliable voltage reference ADI 4,896 Add to BOM
LM193JGB High-precision Comparator for Voltage Monitoring TI 4,828 Add to BOM
HCNW4503 5kV isolation voltage and 1Mbps data rate for demanding industries Broadcom Limited 7,331 Add to BOM
DS16F95J Featuring high-speed data transmission capabilities, the DS16F95J is designed for robust performance in harsh environments TI 7,605 Add to BOM
OP27GZ Operational Amplifier, 1 Func, 220uV Offset-Max, BIPolar, CDIP8 Analog Devices 4,136 Add to BOM
OP42FZ CDIP-8 FET InputAmplifiers ROHS Analog Devices 6,602 Add to BOM
HCPL-5531 High Speed Optocouplers 2Ch 9MHz 1500Vdc Hermetically sealed Broadcom Limited 6,547 Add to BOM
SG1549Y Tubular Packaging for 8-Pin CDIP Current Sensing Latch Microchip 3,857 Add to BOM
AD834AQ Compact design with robust performance ideal for space-constrained application Analog Devices 6,755 Add to BOM
SNJ55452BJG Dual very high-speed buffers and line drivers Texas Instruments, Inc 3,715 Add to BOM
5962-8686101PA V-Ref Precision 2.5V 10mA 8-Pin CDIP SG 7,124 Add to BOM
ICL7667MJA/883B A high-performance driver for demanding applications, ideal for robotics and automation Rochester Electronics, LLC 9,834 Add to BOM
TLE2022AMJGB High precision amplifier with low offset voltage and dual configuration Texas Instruments 6,373 Add to BOM
LM108AJ-8/883 LM108AJ-8/883: Operational Amplifier with CDIP8 Package and Bipolar Design texas instruments 9,020 Add to BOM
OP270AZ Dual Operational Amplifier with Low Noise Amplification Analog Devices 5,800 Add to BOM
SHM-49MM Features: 16MHz sampling rate Murata 8,173 Add to BOM
MAX176BMJA State-of-the-art ADC technology with low power consumption, ideal for battery-powered devices and energy-conscious systems analog devices inc. 7,863 Add to BOM
REF02EZ High Accuracy Voltage Reference Analog Devices Inc. 5,145 Add to BOM
LM108AJ-8 DIP Ceramic 8 Pin Operational Amplifier, Single AMP, Bipolar Texas Instruments 8,198 Add to BOM
AD780SQ/883B Robust and reliable voltage source for military applications Analog Devices 9,371 Add to BOM
HCNW4503-000E ROHS-compliant DIP-8 optocouplers providing 1Mbit/s data transfer rate, 1us propagation delay, and 15kV/us DC isolation performance Broadcom Limited 6,252 Add to BOM
AD621SQ/883B Eight-Pin Ceramic Dual In-Line Package Analog Devices 5,228 Add to BOM
OP270FZ RoHS-compliant CDIP-8 precision operational amplifiers Analog Devices 6,777 Add to BOM
OP200EZ OP200EZ is a dual operational amplifier with low offset and low power consumption." Analog Devices 6,177 Add to BOM
AD587UQ Integrated circuit with 10V reference voltage analog devices inc. 8,343 Add to BOM
AD712SQ/883B Precision Dual BIFET Amplifier Analog Devices 7,271 Add to BOM
AD827AQ Differential OpAmps ROHS CDIP-8 AD827AQ Analog Devices 5,293 Add to BOM
HA7-5147-5 ROHS Operational Amplifier in CERDIP-8 package Intersil 6,293 Add to BOM
HCPL-5501 High Speed Optocouplers 1Ch 9MHz 1500Vdc Hermetically sealed AVAGO 5,779 Add to BOM
REF02Z ±0.5% 7V~40V 10mA Fixed CERDIP-8 Voltage References ROHS Analog Devices Inc. 7,009 Add to BOM
DG419DK+ Analog Switch ICs analog devices inc. 9,346 Add to BOM
DG417AK+ Analog Switch ICs analog devices inc. 6,838 Add to BOM