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(116 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
CYBLE-212023-10 31-pin Bluetooth module for high-speed communication Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,969 Add to BOM
SKM450GB12T4 High-speed switching for efficient power conversio Semikron 6,135 Add to BOM
BGM121A256V1 High-speed Bluetooth connectivity for seamless data transfer at up to 1Mbps Silicon Laboratories Inc 5,419 Add to BOM
AS4C256M16D4-83BCN DDR4 SDRAM chip Alliance Memory 3,869 Add to BOM
SKM300GB12F4 High Speed IGBT4 Modules Semikron, Inc 5,408 Add to BOM
SKY66422-11 RF Front End 860 to 930MHz RF Front end Module Skyworks Solutions, Inc 4,615 Add to BOM
SKM200GB12F4 High Speed IGBT4 Modules Semikron, Inc 5,208 Add to BOM
IXBF20N300 IGBT 3000 V 34 A 150 W Through Hole ISOPLUS i4-PAC™ Littelfuse Inc 5,136 Add to BOM
AD9802JSTRL -bit ADC module for precise digital conversio Analog Devices, Inc 7,002 Add to BOM
LAN91C96ITQFP Low-power MAC controller for energy-efficient networking solutions Microchip Technology, Inc 7,284 Add to BOM
MAX25611CATC/VY+T LED Driver IC 1 Output DC DC Controller SEPIC, Step-Down (Buck), Step-Up (Boost) Analog, PWM Dimming 12-WETQFN (4x4) Maxim Integrated 4,724 Add to BOM
AD9876BSTRL LQFP-48(7x7) Analog Front End (AFEs) ROHS 3.3V Analog Devices, Inc 4,786 Add to BOM
TMS320F28015PZSR C2000™ 32-bit MCU with 60 MHz, 32 KB flash, 8 PWM Texas Instruments, Inc 7,564 Add to BOM
STM32WB55VCY7TR Multi-standard support for IEEE .and Bluetooth protocols, enabling seamless integration into various network STMicroelectronics, Inc 6,556 Add to BOM
STM32WB15CCU7E A highly integrated microcontroller for IoT applications STMicroelectronics, Inc 4,584 Add to BOM
ADN2526ACPZ-R2 <p>11.3 Gbps Active Back-Termination, Differential Laser Diode Driver</p> Analog Devices, Inc 6,612 Add to BOM
ADuM1447ARSZ-RL7 Micropower Quad-Channel Digital Isolator, Default Low (2/2 Channel Directionality) Analog Devices, Inc 6,164 Add to BOM
ADRF5549BCPZN-R7 Receiver Front End, Dual-Channel, 1.8 GHz to 2.8 GHz Analog Devices, Inc 5,459 Add to BOM
SI3216M-C-FMR High-Speed Telecom Interface Soluti Skyworks Solutions, Inc 3,877 Add to BOM
AS4C1G8D4-75BCN Advanced DDRtechnology for fast performan Alliance Memory 6,764 Add to BOM
AD8396ACPZ-R2 ROHS-compliant component meets stringent environmental regulations, ensuring safe disposal and minimizing waste generation during production processe Analog Devices, Inc 3,581 Add to BOM
LC4512C-5FTN256C In-system programmable Super I/O controller for versatile system integration solutions Lattice Semiconductor Corp 3,667 Add to BOM
HMC708LP5ETR Multi-functional amplifier module offering triple VGA connectivity, high speed, and reliability Analog Devices, Inc 4,665 Add to BOM
SI5310-C-GM Pb-free design ensures environmental safety and complianc Skyworks Solutions, Inc 7,253 Add to BOM
CYW20732Y Advanced Bluetooth technology for seamless device connection Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,188 Add to BOM
ADN2847ACP-48 Precise control for dual-loop laser diode driver Analog Devices, Inc 7,952 Add to BOM
AD7769JP-REEL Compact Data Acquisition Solution for Industrial Automati Analog Devices, Inc 6,141 Add to BOM
ADA4304-2ACPZ-R2 Amplify your signals with this high-performance splitte Analog Devices, Inc 7,466 Add to BOM
Si5364-H-ZL5 Advanced frequency synthesis for reliable timin Skyworks Solutions, Inc 6,648 Add to BOM
SI5020-B-GM Advanced SONET/SDH/ATM interface for network infrastructure Skyworks Solutions, Inc 4,481 Add to BOM
AS4C32M16SB-7TCNTR Compact TSOP-II package makes it ideal for space-constrained designs, while Mx configuration provides ample memory bandwidt Alliance Memory 5,936 Add to BOM
ADN2847ACPZ-32-RL7 State-of-the-art ROHS compliant laser driver for industrial and commercial use Analog Devices, Inc 4,664 Add to BOM
AD7755AARSRL The AD7755AARSRL is an energy metering IC designed to function within the voltage range of 4 Analog Devices, Inc 4,169 Add to BOM
AS4C128M8D3B-12BIN Low-profile -pin FBGA package ideal for space-constrained applications Alliance Memory 3,441 Add to BOM
SI3203-B-FMR Low power, high precision operational amplifier modul Skyworks Solutions, Inc 4,388 Add to BOM
AD8394AREZ-R7 High-performance ADSL driver chip for fast internet connectivity Analog Devices, Inc 3,181 Add to BOM
AS4C64M16D1-6TIN DDRRAM module with Hz speed and volta Alliance Memory 7,077 Add to BOM
TLV320AC36CDWR TLV320AC36CDWR is a voice-band audio CODEC with interface capabilities in a 20-SOIC form factor Rochester Electronics Incorporated 4,594 Add to BOM
STM32W108CZU74TR Next-generation wireless system-on-chip for intelligent devices" STMicroelectronics, Inc 7,960 Add to BOM
ADN2525ACPZ-500RL7 High-speed Laser Driver capable of operating at 10.7Gbps Analog Devices, Inc 4,284 Add to BOM
ADE5166ASTZF62-RL High-precision energy metering solution for smart grid system Analog Devices, Inc 3,653 Add to BOM
SI3202-G-FSR Wide range frequency response, ideal for precision amplifier design Skyworks Solutions, Inc 6,948 Add to BOM
ADA4304-3ACPZ-R2 Split frequencies with ease, anywhere Analog Devices, Inc 6,882 Add to BOM
CY7C1345B-100BGI Advanced SRAM solution with pin BGA package, ideal for system-on-module design Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,367 Add to BOM
AS4C512M8D4-83BIN AS4C512M8D4-83BIN represents a DDR4 DRAM solution with a 4G capacity and a configuration of 512M x 8 Alliance Memory 5,316 Add to BOM
CYW20707VA1PKWBGT Wireless connectivity for your devices, now easier than ever Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,888 Add to BOM
MCIMX31LCJMN4D Compact and energy-efficient design suits embedded systems and IoT devices NXP Semiconductor 3,828 Add to BOM
AD9353BCPZ-REEL7 High-frequency, low-voltage device ideal for portable electronics and IoT devices Analog Devices, Inc 5,098 Add to BOM
AD9861BCPRL-50 Fast, accurate data conversion for industrial control and automotive system Analog Devices, Inc 3,168 Add to BOM
AD9954YSV-REEL7 The AD99S4YSV-REEL7 combines precision with flexibility Analog Devices, Inc 4,759 Add to BOM