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(89 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MX25U51245GXDI00 512MB SPI flash chip Macronix International 7,129 Add to BOM
MX25L51245GXDI-08G NOR Flash Serial (SPI, Dual SPI, Quad SPI) 3V/3.3V 512M-bit 512M/256M/128M x 1/2-bit/4-bit 8ns 24-Pin BGA Macronix International 3,951 Add to BOM
S27KL0641DABHI020 DRAM HyperRAM 3.0-V 64Mb Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,737 Add to BOM
MT25QL01GBBB8E12-0AUT Dual Die Package 256Mb x 4 Micron Semiconductor Products Inc 7,743 Add to BOM
MX25L25645GXDI-08G The IC MX25L25645GXDI-08G is a FLASH memory component with a capacity of 256Mb Macronix International 7,837 Add to BOM
IS66WVH8M8BLL-100B1LI Ideal for applications requiring fast and reliable memory access, such as networking and automotive systems Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 5,559 Add to BOM
APS6408L-OBM-BA The APS6408L-OBM-BA is optimized for Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) and offers an x8 data interface for smooth data transfer AP Memory Technology CO., LTD 6,610 Add to BOM
MX25UM51245GXDI00 12Mbit SPI TBGA-24 NOR FLASH ROHS Macronix International 6,447 Add to BOM
S25FL512SAGBHM213 12Mbit NOR FLASH ROHS SPI TBGA-24 Infineon Technologies Corporation 7,944 Add to BOM
S25FL512SAGBHB210 With a compact 24-pin BGA package, the S25FL512SAGBHB210 can be easily integrated into space-constrained automotive designs." Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,267 Add to BOM
S79FS01GSFABHB210 High capacity NOR flash Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,364 Add to BOM
S26KS512SDPBHM020 High Density Memory Device Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,902 Add to BOM
EN25Q128 128MegabitSerialFlashMemorywith4KbyteUniformSector EON Silicon Solution 7,072 Add to BOM
S25FL132K CMOS3.0-VoltFlashNon-VolatileMemorySerialPeripheralInterfacewithMulti-I/OIndustrialandAutomotiveTemperature SPANSION 7,072 Add to BOM
S27KS0641DPBHV020 DRAM Chip DDR SDRAM 64Mbit 8Mx8 1.8V 24-Pin Fortified BGA Tray Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,591 Add to BOM
S26KL512SDABHA020 Designed for harsh environments, the fortified BGA tray provides enhanced durability and shock resistance for safe operation in various industrie Infineon Technologies Corporation 7,259 Add to BOM
LTM2892IY-S#PBF SPI/Digital or I<sup>2</sup>C μModule Isolator Analog Devices, Inc 5,503 Add to BOM
S27KS0641DPBHA020 Superior NOR flash solution for high-density applications Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,257 Add to BOM
S27KS0641DPBHB020 Precise and speedy data handling for industrial control Infineon Technologies Corporation 7,234 Add to BOM
IS66WVH8M8BLL-100B1LI-TR Ultra-Fast Hyperram Module for Efficient Data Transf Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 4,109 Add to BOM
S25FL128SDPBHB300 Serial Flash Memory S25FL128SDPBHB300, utilizing SPI interface, with 128 Megabit storage capacity, and conforming to RoHS standards." Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,870 Add to BOM
S70FL01GSAGBHMC10 Advanced flash memory solution for high-performance application Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,124 Add to BOM
S25FL256LDPBHB020 Advanced, B flash memory solution featuring fast read and write speed Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,850 Add to BOM
S25FS064SAGBHM020 Automotive AEC-Q100 64 Mbit SPI Interface Flash Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,651 Add to BOM
S25FL128SDPBHBC00 Compact and reliable, this NOR flash memory chip is designed for SPI interface applications Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,258 Add to BOM
S25FS128SDSBHB200 Compact and scalable storage solution for IoT devices and smart appliance Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,065 Add to BOM
S25FL512SDSBHMC10 High-performance, low-power, and highly reliable SPI Flash Memory for automotive applications Infineon Technologies Corporation 7,981 Add to BOM
S25FL512SDSBHBC10 Compact and efficient storage for IoT devices, industrial control systems Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,489 Add to BOM
S25FS512SDSBHM210 Cost-effective mass storage: With its high capacity and small footprint Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,358 Add to BOM
S25FS512SDSBHA210 Large-scale storage solution offering fast data transfer and reliable performance Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,216 Add to BOM
S25FS512SFABHM210 High-capacity flash memory for reliable data storag Infineon Technologies Corporation 7,278 Add to BOM
S26KL128SDABHA020 bit of high-speed data storage for demanding industrial projects Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,667 Add to BOM
S26KL128SDABHB020 Advanced memory solution for embedded system Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,760 Add to BOM
S26KL512SDABHM030 Advanced memory solution for industrial control systems and automotive applications Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,681 Add to BOM
S27KL0641DABHA020 FBGA-24(6x8) SRAM with ROHS compliance Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,354 Add to BOM
S27KL0642DPBHB020 Enhanced memory module for high-speed processing and reduced latency Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,057 Add to BOM
S27KL0642GABHB020 / power supply compatibility reduces system integration challenges Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,823 Add to BOM
S27KS0643GABHV020 High-performance memory solution for demanding applications Infineon Technologies Corporation 7,438 Add to BOM
S27KL0643DPBHB020 High-speed data transfer made easy with this PSRAM sync module Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,279 Add to BOM
S27KL0642DPBHA020 Optimized for high-speed data processing and memory-intensive applications in automotive system Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,022 Add to BOM
S25FL512SAGBHAC10 Industrial-grade flash memory for mission-critical use Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,197 Add to BOM
S70FL01GSAGBHBC10 Automotive-grade non-volatile storage device with 1G-bit capacity, suitable for various embedded systems and applications Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,146 Add to BOM
S25FL512SAGBHBB10 High-density storage for automotive applicatio Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,967 Add to BOM
S25FL128SAGBHBA00 Serial interface memory Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,503 Add to BOM
S25FL128SAGBHB200 Advanced NOR Flash memory for reliable data storage and retrieval Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,810 Add to BOM
S26KL128SDABHB030 Industrial-grade data retention for reliable operations Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,537 Add to BOM
S26KL512SDABHA030 Reliable and efficient storage solution for various industrie Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,712 Add to BOM
S26KS256SDABHB030 Advanced NOR Flash technology for automotive-grade performance Infineon Technologies Corporation 7,068 Add to BOM
S26KS512SDABHB030 Advanced chip design for efficient processing and storage Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,119 Add to BOM
S26KL256SDABHB020 3V 24-Pin FBGA Tray Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,906 Add to BOM