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(59 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
K4M513233C-DN75 High-performance SDRAM module with xMbit memory and CMOS technolog Samsung Semiconductor 5,747 Add to BOM
IS42S32160D-6BLI 3.3V operation for efficiency ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 4,834 Add to BOM
IS42S32160C-75BLI The IS42S32160C-75BLI is designed for high-performance applications that require fast and efficient memory access ISSI 5,889 Add to BOM
IS42S32800B-7BLI Packaged in a PBGA90 form factor ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 6,279 Add to BOM
IS42S32800D-7BLI With a voltage rating of 3.3V, this 256M DRAM is a reliable and efficient choice for systems that demand high-speed, high-capacity memory INTEGRATED SILICON SOLUTION INC 7,072 Add to BOM
IS42S32160C-6BL SDRAM Chip with 512Mbit capacity INTEGRATED SILICON SOLUTION INC 7,072 Add to BOM
IS42S32800D-6BLI The IS42S32800D-6BLI is a SDR SDRAM module with a capacity of 256M ISSI 7,301 Add to BOM
K4M56323PG-HG75 Synchronous DRAM, 8MX32, 6ns, CMOS, PBGA90 SAMSUNG SEMICONDUCTOR INC 7,072 Add to BOM
H5MS2G22MFR-J3M DRAM Chip Mobile-DDR SDRAM 2Gbit 64Mx32 1.8V 90-Pin FBGA HYNIX 7,072 Add to BOM
H5MS2G22AFR-J3M 2Gbit LPDDR2 DDR-333 Mobile Memory HYNIX 7,072 Add to BOM
K4M51323PI-HG75 DRAM Chip Mobile LPSDR SDRAM 512Mbit 16Mx32 1.8V 90-Pin FBGA SAMSUNG 7,072 Add to BOM
IS42S32160F-75EBLI-TR Reliable and fast memory solution for industrial syste ISSI 8,205 Add to BOM
IS42S32160F-6BLI-TR Ideal for use in embedded systems, industrial control equipment, and other applications requiring high-speed data processin ISSI 8,068 Add to BOM
IS42S32160F-7BL-TR RoHS compliant package for eco-friendly designs ISSI 9,107 Add to BOM
IS42RM32160E-75BLI-TR Robust and reliable storage solution for modern mobile devices ISSI 6,696 Add to BOM
IS43LR32160C-6BL-TR Reliable and compact TFBGA package for space-constrained design ISSI 7,406 Add to BOM
IS42SM32800K-6BLI-TR SDRAM - Mobile Memory IC 256Mbit Parallel 166 MHz 5.5 ns 90-TFBGA (8x13) ISSI 6,423 Add to BOM
IS42RM32800K-6BLI-TR High-performance memory for mobile device ISSI 8,535 Add to BOM
IS42S32800J-75EBL-TR Compact and reliable SDRAM chip for diverse industries ISSI 8,356 Add to BOM
IS42VM32800K-6BLI-TR For use in mobile devices, this DRAM module ensures reliable performance and data storag ISSI 6,584 Add to BOM
IS43LR32800H-6BL Advanced memory solution for high-performance computing applications ISSI 8,248 Add to BOM
IS43LR32800H-6BL-TR Compact SDRAM module optimized for high-speed applications, featuring a TFBGA- package and RoHS complianc ISSI 7,642 Add to BOM
IS42RM32400H-6BLI-TR DRAM 128M, 2.5V, Mobile SDRAM, 4Mx32, 166Mhz, 90 ball BGA (8mmx13mm) RoHS, IT, T&R ISSI 9,515 Add to BOM
IS42SM32400H-6BLI-TR Low-power consumption and high-speed data transfer ensure optimal performanc ISSI 8,139 Add to BOM
IS42VM32400H-6BLI-TR Compact BGA package with RoHS compliance and IT standard ISSI 8,362 Add to BOM
IS42SM32400H-75BLI-TR Low-power consumption and high-performance make it suitable for mobile device ISSI 9,363 Add to BOM
IS42S32800J-6BL Advanced 3.3V technology ensures reliable operation in a range of environments, with 90-Pin TFBGA package ISSI 8,823 Add to BOM
IS45S32400F-6BLA2 Reliable and compact package for embedded systems integratio ISSI 6,912 Add to BOM
IS45S32200L-6BLA1 Effortlessly handles large data sets and processing task ISSI 9,535 Add to BOM
IS45S32400F-7BLA2-TR SDRAM Memory IC 128Mbit Parallel 143 MHz 5.4 ns 90-TFBGA (8x13) ISSI 8,297 Add to BOM
IS45S32200L-7BLA2 Robust and efficient -pin TFBGA package SDRAM memory for demanding automotive environment ISSI 9,399 Add to BOM
IS42S32800G-6BLI-TR Compact and reliable SDRAM chip for embedded systems and IoT device ISSI 6,668 Add to BOM
IS45S32200L-7BLA1 DRAM Automotive (-40 to +85C), 64M, 3.3V, SDRAM, 2Mx32, 143MHz, 90 ball BGA (8mmx13mm) RoHS ISSI 9,489 Add to BOM
IS42S32400F-7BL-TR High-performance SDRAM for fast data transfe ISSI 9,875 Add to BOM
IS45S32800D-6BLA1 Robust 3.3V operation for wide range of temperatures ISSI 7,146 Add to BOM
IS42S32800G-6BL 166Mhz, 90 ball BGA ISSI 5,721 Add to BOM
IS42S32200L-7BLI-TR High-performance SDRAM chip for demanding applications, offering fast data transfer and low power consumption ISSI 9,090 Add to BOM
IS61WV51232BLL-10BLI-TR Low-power consumption and high-speed performance ensure ISSI 6,483 Add to BOM
IS42VM32800K-6BLI Low-voltage operation at 1.8V makes it suitable for power-sensitive applications ISSI 5,154 Add to BOM
IS42VM32400H-6BLI DRAM 128M, 1.8V, Mobile SDRAM, 4Mx32, 166Mhz, 90 ball BGA (8mmx13mm) RoHS, IT ISSI 7,789 Add to BOM
IS42SM32400H-6BLI SDRAM - Mobile Memory IC 128Mbit Parallel 166 MHz 5.5 ns 90-TFBGA (8x13) ISSI 8,624 Add to BOM
IS42SM32160E-75BLI High-performance memory module for industrial applicatio ISSI 8,111 Add to BOM
IS42RM32800K-6BLI Advanced mobile memory solution for high-performance computing and data storage ISSI 8,912 Add to BOM
IS42RM32160E-75BLI DRAM 512M, 2.5V, Mobile SDRAM, 16Mx32, 133Mhz, 90 ball BGA (8mmx13mm) RoHS, IT ISSI 6,273 Add to BOM
IS42S32800J-75EBL SDRAM Memory IC 256Mbit Parallel 133 MHz 6 ns 90-TFBGA (8x13) ISSI 9,477 Add to BOM
IS42S32160C-75B DRAM 512M (16Mx32) 133MHz Commercial Temp ISSI 9,445 Add to BOM
IS42S32800J-6BLI-TR Robust and compact design enables efficient integration into a wide range of systems, including servers, workstations, and embedded application ISSI 7,439 Add to BOM
IS42S32400F-7BL Compact -pin W-BGA package fits easily in modern PCB desig ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM
IS42VM32160D-6BLI-TR 16Mx32 bit architecture delivers fast memory access and improved system performance ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM
IS43LR32160B-6BLI Compact and efficient RAM solution for mobile platforms, featuring B storag ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM