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(54 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MT46H64M16LFBF-5IT:B High-density memory solution for mobile devices MICRON 4,932 Add to BOM
K4T1G084QF-BCF7 High-speed CMOS technology SAMSUNG SEMICONDUCTOR INC 7,072 Add to BOM
K4T1G084QQ-HCF7 The KQ-HCFchip boasts impressive performance capabilities SAMSUNG SEMICONDUCTOR INC 7,072 Add to BOM
H5PS1G83EFR-S5C FBGA-60 form factor for easy integration into various electronic devices SK HYNIX INC 7,072 Add to BOM
IS43DR86400D-3DBL Advanced memory solution for high-speed data transf ISSI 9,310 Add to BOM
IS43DR86400D-3DBL-TR Reliable and efficient DDRmemory modul ISSI 5,830 Add to BOM
IS43LR16640A-5BLI-TR Reliable and energy-efficient DDR SDRAM for smart device ISSI 8,926 Add to BOM
IS43LR16640A-5BL-TR Advanced memory technology for improved data storage and processing efficienc ISSI 7,572 Add to BOM
IS43DR82560C-3DBL-TR SDRAM - DDR2 Memory IC 2Gbit Parallel 333 MHz 450 ps 60-TWBGA (8x10.5) ISSI 9,895 Add to BOM
IS43LR16160H-6BL-TR Space-efficient SDRAM module with reduced energy consumption features ISSI 8,960 Add to BOM
IS43DR81280C-25DBL-TR High-speed data transfer and efficient power consumption make this DDRSDRAM ideal for server and workstation application ISSI 8,042 Add to BOM
IS43DR86400E-25DBL-TR Advanced DRAM for server and storage solutions: "64Mx8 DDR2 SDRAM chip IS43DR86400E-25DBL-TR ISSI 6,109 Add to BOM
IS43DR86400E-3DBL-TR DRAM 512M, 1.8V, DDR2, 64Mx8, 333Mhz a. CL5, 60 ball BGA (8mmx10.5mm) RoHS, IT, T&R ISSI 8,789 Add to BOM
IS42S16100H-6BLI-TR Reliable and compatible DDR SDRAM for a wide range of syste ISSI 5,935 Add to BOM
IS43R16320F-6BL Advanced memory solution for systems requiring high bandwidth and low latency, offering operation and RoHS complianc ISSI 6,698 Add to BOM
IS43DR86400C-3DBLI-TR Advanced memory technology for fast access and retrieval of large datasets ISSI 5,765 Add to BOM
IS43R16320D-5BL-TR High-capacity memory solution for demanding application ISSI 6,867 Add to BOM
IS43DR81280B-25DBL-TR SDRAM - DDR2 Memory IC 1Gbit Parallel 400 MHz 400 ps 60-TWBGA (8x10.5) ISSI 7,905 Add to BOM
IS43DR81280B-25DBLI-TR Durable and efficient TWBGA package design for optimized performanc ISSI 6,148 Add to BOM
IS43R16320D-6BLI-TR DRAM 512M, 2.5V, DDR 32Mx16, 166MHz, 60 ball BGA (8mmx13mm) RoHS, IT, T&R ISSI 8,065 Add to BOM
IS43DR86400C-3DBL-TR SDRAM - DDR2 Memory IC 512Mbit Parallel 333 MHz 450 ps 60-TWBGA (8x10.5) ISSI 7,180 Add to BOM
IS43R86400D-5BL High-performance memory module for efficient data processing and storage ISSI 7,218 Add to BOM
IS43R86400D-5BLI-TR SDRAM - DDR Memory IC 512Mbit Parallel 200 MHz 700 ps 60-TFBGA (8x13) ISSI 6,974 Add to BOM
IS42S16100E-7BI Industrial-strength memory solution for Hz processing at extreme temperature ISSI 5,459 Add to BOM
IS43DR82560C-3DBLI-TR Ultra-dense, low-power memory for high-reliability applications, fully compliant with RoHS regulations ISSI 8,742 Add to BOM
IS43DR82560C-25DBLI-TR Ultra-fast DDRRAM with low power consumption and high reliabilit ISSI 9,568 Add to BOM
IS43R16320F-6BL-TR Advanced TFBGA- package offers improved performance and power efficiency in a compact footprin ISSI 8,812 Add to BOM
IS43DR86400E-25DBLI-TR DRAM 512M, 1.8V, DDR2, 64Mx8, 400Mhz a. CL5, 60 ball BGA (8mmx10.5mm) RoHS, IT, T&R ISSI 9,434 Add to BOM
IS43DR81280C-3DBLI-TR Next-Generation DDR SDRAM Solution for Data Center Demand ISSI 7,250 Add to BOM
IS43DR81280C-25DBLI-TR SDRAM - DDR2 Memory IC 1Gbit Parallel 400 MHz 400 ps 60-TWBGA (8x10.5) ISSI 5,424 Add to BOM
IS43R86400F-6BL Robust B DRAM module for reliable computing and multitaskin ISSI 9,632 Add to BOM
IS43R86400F-5BLI-TR Low-Power Consumption and High-Performance RAM Component ISSI 8,517 Add to BOM
IS43R16320F-5BLI DRAM 512M 2.5V DDR 32Mx16 200MHz ISSI 7,863 Add to BOM
IS43LR16160H-6BLI DRAM 256M, 1.8V, Mobile DDR, 16Mx16, 166Mhz, 90 ball BGA (8mmx10mm) RoHS, IT ISSI 5,281 Add to BOM
IS46R16160F-6BLA2 Low voltage, high capacity memory module for industrial us ISSI 7,711 Add to BOM
IS46R16160F-5BLA1 SDRAM - DDR Memory IC 256Mbit Parallel 200 MHz 700 ps 60-TFBGA (8x13) ISSI 5,152 Add to BOM
IS42S16100H-7BL High-speed SDRAM solution for improved system performanc ISSI 5,512 Add to BOM
IS43R16160F-5BL SDRAM - DDR Memory IC 256Mbit Parallel 200 MHz 700 ps 60-TFBGA (8x13) ISSI 8,245 Add to BOM
IS43LR16640A-6BLI Upgrade your mobile computing experience with this Hz DRAM ISSI 7,995 Add to BOM
IS43LR16640A-6BL SDRAM - Mobile LPDDR Memory IC 1Gbit Parallel 166 MHz 5 ns 60-TWBGA (8x10) ISSI 9,534 Add to BOM
IS43LR16160G-6BLI Low-Power DDR SDRAM for Efficient Computing ISSI 5,500 Add to BOM
IS46R16160D-6BLA1-TR This RoHS-compliant SDRAM memory chip offers high-speed performance and reliability in compact mm TFBGA- package ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM
IS46R16160D-6BLA1 A compact yet powerful memory solution, the IS46R16-160D-6BLA1 SDRAM is ideal for dense PCB designs ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM
IS46R16160D-6BLA2 Compact and energy-efficient 256M DRAM module for vehicles ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM
IS46R16160D-6BLA2-TR High-performance DDR1 memory for automotive applications ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM
IS43LR16320B-6BLI Advanced bit DRAM chip with low power consumption and high speed data transfer capabilities ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM
IS43DR86400E-25DBLI Ultra-fast and power-efficient DRAM chip for demanding computing tasks, boasting 512Mbit storage and 64Mx8 bandwidth capabilities ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM
IS43DR82560C-3DBLI Fast and reliable RAM for data centers and servers ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM
IS43R16160F-6BLI Efficient memory module for modern computing needs Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 4,781 Add to BOM
IS42S16100H-7BLI-TR Active Volatile ROHS3Compliant Parallel ic memory -40C~85C TA 3V~3.6V 16Mb 1M x 16 5.5ns Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 6,216 Add to BOM