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(22 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
K4P2G324ED-AGC1 2G Bit LPDDR2 Mobile DRAM SAMSUNG 7,072 Add to BOM
IS71LD16320WP128-25BPLI_ Reliable LPDDR Serial NOR module for demanding syste ISSI 9,910 Add to BOM
MT44K16M36RB-107E:B Reliable and efficient ROHS-compliant memory solution for various application Micron Technology 9,481 Add to BOM
IS43LD32128B-18BPLI-TR High-performance mobile memory solution for demanding application ISSI 6,837 Add to BOM
IS43LD32128B-25BPLI-TR DRAM 4G, 1.2/1.8V, LPDDR2, 128Mx32, 400MHz, 168 ball PoP (12mmx12mm) RoHS, IT, T&R ISSI 8,050 Add to BOM
MT44K32M18RB-107E:B High-capacity DRAM chip for memory-intensive applicatio Micron Technology 5,627 Add to BOM
MT44K16M36RB-093F:B Reliable storage solution for industrial systems Micron Technology 5,683 Add to BOM
MT44K64M18RB-107E:A RLDRAM 3 Memory IC 1.125Gbit Parallel 933 MHz 8 ns 168-BGA (13.5x13.5) Micron Technology 8,943 Add to BOM
MT44K16M36RB-093E IT:B DRAM Memory IC 576Mbit Parallel 1.066 GHz 8 ns 168-BGA (13.5x13.5) Micron Technology 8,167 Add to BOM
IS49RL36160-093BLI Reliable and efficient memory component for robust syste ISSI 7,958 Add to BOM
IS49RL36160-107EBL This product is a reliable choice for applications requiring large-scale memory suppor ISSI 7,566 Add to BOM
IS49RL18320-125BL DRAM Memory IC 576Mbit Parallel 800 MHz 12 ns 168-FBGA (13.5x13.5) ISSI 7,613 Add to BOM
IS49RL18320-125EBL Advanced DDR RLDRAMchip design ensures reliable data transfer and reduced power consumptio ISSI 6,430 Add to BOM
IS49RL36160-093BL Fast, efficient, and reliable memory solution for enterprise storage system ISSI 5,954 Add to BOM
IS49RL36160-125BL High-performance RAM chip for demanding application ISSI 6,779 Add to BOM
MT44K64M18RB-107E:A TR Industrial-Grade Memory Chip for Reliability: "Built to withstand harsh industrial environments Micron Technology 5,786 Add to BOM
MT44K32M36RB-107E:A TR RLDRAM 3 Memory IC 1.125Gbit Parallel 933 MHz 8 ns 168-BGA (13.5x13.5) Micron Technology 8,087 Add to BOM
MT44K32M36RB-093E:A TR RLDRAM 3 Memory IC 1.125Gbit Parallel 1.066 GHz 8 ns 168-BGA (13.5x13.5) Micron Technology 6,956 Add to BOM
MT44K16M36RB-107E:B TR Leading-edge DRAM technology for data-intensive industries: Compact ..m BGA package with ROHS complianc Micron Technology 5,363 Add to BOM
ADSP-BF514KBCZ-3 Advanced bit/bit processor with Hz frequency and compact CSP-BGA package Analog Devices, Inc 7,535 Add to BOM
ADSP-BF514BBCZ-4 Powerful image and audio processing in a small package Analog Devices, Inc 3,719 Add to BOM
IS43LD32128B-25BPLI Mobile memory solution with bit capacity, Pin TFBGA package, and compatible with / voltage level ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM