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(18 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
EFM32JG12B500F1024GL125-C The device is ideal for applications requiring high processing power Silicon Laboratories 7,072 Add to BOM
EFM32PG12B500F1024GL125-C 32-bit flash memory SILICON LABORATORIES INC 7,072 Add to BOM
EFR32MG12P433F1024GL125-B A wireless module that enables seamless communicatio Silicon Laboratories 6,699 Add to BOM
EFR32FG12P232F1024GL125-C RF System on a Chip - SoC Flex Gecko SoC BGA125 2.4 G 19 dB proprietary 1024 kB 128 kB (RAM) 65GPIO SoC Silicon Laboratories 9,593 Add to BOM
EFR32BG12P432F1024GL125-CR Bluetooth v5.0 (BLE) SMART SOC IoT 2Mbps 3.3V 125-Pin BGA T/R Silicon Laboratories 6,196 Add to BOM
EFR32MG12P332F1024GL125-B Advanced GHz mesh network capabilitie Silicon Laboratories 8,137 Add to BOM
EFR32BG12P232F1024GL125-C Bluetooth v5.0 (BLE) SMART SOC IoT 2Mbps 3.3V 125-Pin BGA Tray Silicon Laboratories 6,870 Add to BOM
EFR32BG12P232F1024GL125-CR The EFR32BG12P232F10 is a highly integrated BLE System-on-Chip (SoC) with 128 KB RAM Silicon Laboratories 8,695 Add to BOM
EFR32BG12P232F1024GL125-BR High-performance Bluetooth v5.0 solution for IoT applications with 2Mbps data transfer rate and 3.3V power supply Silicon Laboratories 6,170 Add to BOM
EFR32BG12P132F1024GL125-C Low-power wireless power solution for battery-free desig Silicon Laboratories 7,576 Add to BOM
EFR32MG12P433F1024GL125-C Streamline your product development with this innovative BT+ZigBee module featuring high-performance processing and low power consumption Silicon Laboratories 7,926 Add to BOM
EFM32JG12B500F1024IL125-CR Advanced MCU with robust processing capabilities and reliable performanc Silicon Laboratories 7,065 Add to BOM
EFR32MG12P332F1024GL125-C Streamline your IoT applications with this high-performance IC, offering reliable wireless communication over the air Silicon Laboratories 9,318 Add to BOM
EFM32PG12B500F1024GL125-CR 1024 kB ARM Cortex-M4 32-bit MCU running at 40 MHz Silicon Laboratories 7,072 Add to BOM
EFR32BG12P432F1024GL125-C Compact Wireless Solution: EFRBGP- GLC offers a robust and compact wireless solutio Silicon Laboratories Inc 4,207 Add to BOM
EFR32BG12P232F1024GL125-B Bluetooth enabled, IoT ready, and compactly designed for seamless connections Silicon Laboratories Inc 5,548 Add to BOM
EFR32BG12P132F1024GL125-B Compact yet powerful, this SoC delivers exceptional performance and low power consumption Silicon Laboratories Inc 5,197 Add to BOM
EFR32BG12P433F1024GL125-CR Advanced microcontroller featuring dual-mode BLE and proprietary protocol support, along with extensive GPIO capabilitie Silicon Laboratories Inc 4,829 Add to BOM