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(67 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
XC3S5000-4FG900C High gate count AMD 5,181 Add to BOM
XC3S4000-5FGG900C Get ready to unleash the power of this Xilinx XC-GG FPGA chip AMD 9,507 Add to BOM
XC3S4000-4FGG900C A highly programmable and scalable IC solution for advanced computing applications AMD 6,211 Add to BOM
XC3S2000-4FGG900C The XC3S2000-4FGG900C FPGA is a highly configurable integrated circuit that can be reprogrammed as needed AMD 5,648 Add to BOM
XC3S4000-4FG900I XC3S4000-4FG900I FBGA-900 Programmable Logic Device (CPLDs/FPGAs) ROHS AMD 5,038 Add to BOM
XC3S5000-4FGG900I This CPLD/FPGA has a density of 74880 Logic Cells and 8320 slices, providing versatile programmable logic capabilities AMD 8,165 Add to BOM
XC3S5000-4FG900I The XC3S5000-4FG900I FPGA offers a high level of customization and flexibility for various applications AMD 9,305 Add to BOM
XC3S5000-4FGG900C Sort the results and don`t return quotation marks AMD 9,297 Add to BOM
XC3S4000-4FGG900I Advanced programmable logic device AMD 8,856 Add to BOM
XC6SLX100T-3FGG900C Powerful Spartan-6 LXT Family with 101261 cells AMD 7,230 Add to BOM
XC6SLX150-3FGG900C Development Demo AMD 8,902 Add to BOM
XC6SLX150T-2FGG900C Field Programmable Gate Array XC6SLX150T-2FGG900C AMD 8,976 Add to BOM
XC6SLX150T-3FGG900C 45nm CMOS Technology AMD 5,255 Add to BOM
XC6SLX150-3FGG900I Boasting 11519 CLBs and a clock speed of 862MHz, the XC6SLX150-3FGG900I is a powerful Field Programmable Gate Array with a whopping 147443 cells AMD 5,946 Add to BOM
XC6SLX150-2FGG900I High-performance XC6SLX150-2FGG900I FPGA suitable for a variety of industrial applications AMD 6,932 Add to BOM
XC6SLX150-2FGG900C Programmable gate array XC6SLX150-2FGG900C AMD 9,128 Add to BOM
XC6SLX150T-N3FG900C Advanced digital logic integrated circuit for high-performance application AMD 5,635 Add to BOM
XC6SLX150T-N3FGG900I Flexible, scalable, and power-efficient FPGA IC for data-centric architectures AMD 5,342 Add to BOM
XC6SLX100T-N3FG900I Advanced logic for high-performance applications AMD 9,295 Add to BOM
XC6SLX150T-N3FGG900C XC6SLX150T-N3FGG900C is a Spartan®-6 LXT FPGA IC with 540 slices AMD 6,161 Add to BOM
XC6SLX150T-N3FG900I This Spartan-6 LXT FPGA provides unparalleled processing power, density, and flexibility for next-generation designs and systems AMD 8,806 Add to BOM
XC6SLX150-N3FG900C The XC6SLX150-N3FG900C product is a Spartan®-6 LX Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC that includes 576 4939776 147443 900-BBGA AMD 5,173 Add to BOM
XC3S4000L-4FGG900C Advanced logic density and routing optimized AMD 8,609 Add to BOM
LFSC3GA25E-5FN900C Next-generation programmable device for high-speed data processing and storage Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,201 Add to BOM
LFSC3GA25E-7F900C LatticeSC family offers versatile digital implementation Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,281 Add to BOM
LFSC3GA15E-6F900C This high-density FPGA offers a massive logic capacity, making it suitable for complex data processing application Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 8,990 Add to BOM
LFSC3GA15E-5FN900I This FPGA is designed for 90nm technology, featuring 15,000 cells and 1.2V operation for efficient use Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,923 Add to BOM
LFSC3GA25E-5FN900I Leading-edge technology for next-gen applications Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,392 Add to BOM
LFSC3GA15E-5FN900C High-performance programmable logic for advanced application Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,713 Add to BOM
LFSC3GA25E-5F900I With its 19660Pins Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 8,471 Add to BOM
LFSC3GA15E-6FN900I Versatile 90nm technology-based IC for complex designs Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,244 Add to BOM
LFSC3GA25E-6F900C This high-performance FPGA offers exceptional flexibility and reliability for demanding applications Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 9,183 Add to BOM
LFE2M70E-6F900I Reconfigurable and scalable architecture for efficient system desig Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,166 Add to BOM
LFSCM3GA15EP1-7F900C High-performance FPGA for advanced data processing and analysis applications Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 9,937 Add to BOM
LFE2M70E-6F900C 41646428-16-bit, 67,000 LE-based IC for advanced embedded systems Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,799 Add to BOM
LFE2M100E-5F900I Advanced nm technology enables efficient and reliable performance Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,075 Add to BOM
LFE2M100E-7F900C High-performance programmable logic solution for complex desig Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,547 Add to BOM
LFSCM3GA25EP1-5F900I Designed for maximum flexibility and ease of use, this FPGA IC offers unparalleled reliability Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,714 Add to BOM
LFSCM3GA25EP1-7FN900C High-density programmable logic device for demanding applications Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,073 Add to BOM
LFSCM3GA25EP1-5FN900C Advanced nm technology-based FPGA for high-speed processi Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 8,598 Add to BOM
LFSCM3GA15EP1-6FN900I 1.2V 900-Pin FBGA Tray LatticeSCM Family 15000 Cells FPGA Technology 90nm Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,602 Add to BOM
LFSCM3GA15EP1-5F900I Transform your projects with the power of ,look-up tables and system RAM Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 9,463 Add to BOM
LFSCM3GA25EP1-6FN900C High-speed, low-power, flexible FPGA solution for modern electronics Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 8,100 Add to BOM
LFSCM3GA15EP1-5FN900C High-performance FPGA solution for complex logic and digital signal processing application Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,913 Add to BOM
LFSCM3GA25EP1-5F900C This advanced FPGA IC from SCM Field features a high-performance programmable logic device with over 25 Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,923 Add to BOM
LFSCM3GA25EP1-6FN900I High-density programmable logic solution for complex system design requirements Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,427 Add to BOM
LFSC3GA25E-6F900I SC Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 378 1966080 25000 900-BBGA Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,942 Add to BOM
LFX1200B-04F900C ispXPGA® Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 496 423936 15376 900-BBGA Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 8,917 Add to BOM
LFX1200EB-03F900C ispXPGA® Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 496 423936 15376 900-BBGA Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 8,130 Add to BOM
LFX1200C-04F900C ispXPGA® Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 496 423936 15376 900-BBGA Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,565 Add to BOM