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(111 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MT48LC4M32B2B5-7 IT:G High-speed synchronous dynamic random-access memory Micron Technology Inc. 8,592 Add to BOM
MT48LC4M32B2B5-7:G 3V 90-Pin VFBGA Tray DRAM Chip SDRAM 128Mbit 4Mx32 Micron Technology Inc. 5,410 Add to BOM
MT46H64M32LFCM-6 IT:A MT46H64M32LFCM-6 IT:A Micron Technology Inc. 6,479 Add to BOM
MT48H16M32LFB5-6 IT:C MT48H16M32LFB5-6 IT:C Micron Technology Inc. 9,149 Add to BOM
MT46H16M32LFB5-5 IT:C High-performance DRAM component designed for industrial applications Micron Technology Inc. 7,969 Add to BOM
AS4C8M32MSB-6BIN FBGA-90(8x13) SDRAM ROHS, AS4C8M32MSB-6BIN Alliance Memory 5,912 Add to BOM
AS4C64M32MD1-5BCNTR Reliable and efficient 2G-Byte memory solution for modern devices Alliance Memory 5,970 Add to BOM
MT46H16M32LFB5-6 AAT:C Enhance your mobile device's memory capacity with this reliable DDR4 module Micron Technology Inc. 5,684 Add to BOM
MT46H16M32LFCM-5 IT:B Next-Generation Memory for Efficient Data Processin Micron Technology Inc. 5,636 Add to BOM
MT46H16M32LFCX-5:B bit Parallel SDRAM with a clock speed of MHz for efficient data transfe Micron Technology Inc. 5,652 Add to BOM
MT46H32M32LFB5-6 AT:B **Advanced Memory Solution**: A reliable and efficient storage solution for mobile devices Micron Technology Inc. 7,218 Add to BOM
MT48LC2M32B2B5-6A:J Reliable and Fast Storage Device for Modern Applicatio Micron Technology Inc. 9,334 Add to BOM
MT46H8M32LFB5-75:A TR Advanced memory solution for laptops and tablets featuring parallel architecture and ns latenc Micron Technology Inc. 9,784 Add to BOM
MT46H8M32LFB5-6 IT:H Reliable and efficient memory solution for portable device Micron Technology Inc. 5,098 Add to BOM
MT48LC4M32LFF5-8 IT:G TR High-performance memory solution for mobile devices, ideal for smartphones and tablets Micron Technology Inc. 6,749 Add to BOM
MT48LC4M32LFF5-10:G Mobile SDRAM memory chip with advanced features like low standby power, ultra-low voltage operation, and high-speed parallel interface Micron Technology Inc. 9,288 Add to BOM
MT48LC4M32B2B5-6A AIT:L Automotive-grade memory solution for reliable data storag Micron Technology Inc. 6,619 Add to BOM
MT48LC4M32LFF5-8:G This product is a leading-edge memory technology designed to meet the demands of modern computing systems and application Micron Technology Inc. 7,763 Add to BOM
MT48H8M32LFB5-75:H Reliable Storage for Next-Generation Handheld Devic Micron Technology Inc. 8,539 Add to BOM
MT48H8M32LFB5-6:H Advanced memory solution for high-performance mobile devices Micron Technology Inc. 9,441 Add to BOM
MT48H16M32L2F5-8 Ultra-fast and energy-efficient 90-VFBGA SDRAM solution perfect for modern smartphones, tablets, and laptops requiring high-speed processing Micron Technology Inc. 8,603 Add to BOM
MT48H8M32LFF5-10 High-Speed SDRAM Memory Module for Mobile Device Micron Technology Inc. 6,292 Add to BOM
MT48H8M32LFB5-75 AT:H Ultra-reliable 256Mbit DRAM chip for demanding automotive environments Micron Technology Inc. 8,706 Add to BOM
MT48H16M32LFCM-6 L IT:B Advanced LPSDR SDRAM technology enables high-speed data transfer and low power consumption Micron Technology Inc. 6,260 Add to BOM
MT48H16M32L2B5-10 IT Advanced technology for efficient performance and compact size in a single chip Micron Technology Inc. 8,690 Add to BOM
MT48LC4M32B2F5-6:G 3.3V operating voltage for compatibility with a wide range of systems Micron Technology Inc. 6,115 Add to BOM
MT48H8M32LFF5-8 IT TR Memory IC with 125 MHz clock frequency, 7 ns latency, and 90-VFBGA package for advanced mobile computing systems Micron Technology Inc. 7,449 Add to BOM
MT48LC4M32LFB5-10:G High-performance Mobile SDRAM with fast data transfer speeds Micron Technology Inc. 5,305 Add to BOM
MT48H8M32LFF5-8 IT Fast and reliable parallel memory solutio Micron Technology Inc. 8,806 Add to BOM
MT48H8M32LFB5-10 High-performance mobile memory solution for demanding application Micron Technology Inc. 7,116 Add to BOM
MT48H8M32LFF5-8 TR Low power consumption LPSDR (Low Power Single Data Rate) SDRAM IC with fast 7 ns access time Micron Technology Inc. 6,499 Add to BOM
MT48H16M32L2F5-8 IT Cutting-edge CMOS technology ensures reliable performance and durability Micron Technology Inc. 6,802 Add to BOM
MT48H4M32LFB5-6:K Compact -Pin VFBGA package offers reduced PCB footprint and increased design flexibilit Micron Technology Inc. 9,607 Add to BOM
MT46H16M32LFCX-5 IT:B Reliable operation and robust -pin tray design for easy integratio Micron Technology Inc. 5,562 Add to BOM
MT46H8M32LFB5-10 IT:A TR Low power consumption and high bandwidth for efficient data transfe Micron Technology Inc. 9,847 Add to BOM
MT46H32M32LFB5-48 IT:B Compact and energy-efficient memory chip for next-generation products Micron Technology Inc. 9,176 Add to BOM
MT46H8M32LFB5-5 IT:H Ultra-fast 5ns access time and 8Mx32 capacity for intense data processing Micron Technology Inc. 6,335 Add to BOM
MT46H64M32LFCM-5 IT:A Advanced memory technology offering increased storage capacity, faster access times, and reduced power consumption for mobile and embedded systems Micron Technology Inc. 9,839 Add to BOM
MT46H64M32LFCX-5 WT:B Next-generation memory technology for faster data transfer and processing Micron Technology Inc. 5,681 Add to BOM
MT46H16M32LFCM-75 IT LPDDR SDRAM module featuring bit capacity and Mx configuration for reliable performance Micron Technology Inc. 8,494 Add to BOM
MT46H4M32LFB5-6 IT:K Advanced LPDDR SDRAM technology for improved system efficienc Micron Technology Inc. 8,771 Add to BOM
MT46H64M32LFCX-6 WT:B Mobile LPDDR SDRAM 2Gbit DRAM Chip: A compact, high-performance memory solution designed for mobile devices Micron Technology Inc. 5,618 Add to BOM
MT48V8M32LFB5-8 IT TR High-speed memory for mobile devices, featuring a 125 MHz clock speed and low power consumption Micron Technology Inc. 6,921 Add to BOM
MT48LC8M32LFB5-8 IT TR Low-power SDRAM for efficient systems Micron Technology Inc. 9,225 Add to BOM
MT48V8M32LFF5-10 IT Advanced low-power SDRAM solution with fast access time of nanoseconds, ideal for demanding mobile system Micron Technology Inc. 8,166 Add to BOM
MT48V8M32LFB5-10 IT TR Parallel SDRAM IC for fast data transfer and processing Micron Technology Inc. 7,745 Add to BOM
MT48LC8M32LFB5-10 High-capacity mobile memory for seamless multimedia performance Micron Technology Inc. 5,825 Add to BOM
MT48LC8M32B2F5-7 IT Parallel interface enables fast data transfer and processin Micron Technology Inc. 8,009 Add to BOM
MT48LC8M32LFB5-8 TR Advanced parallel SDRAM module offering unparalleled performance, power efficiency, and pin compatibility in a -VFBGA packag Micron Technology Inc. 9,654 Add to BOM
MT48V4M32LFF5-8 IT:G TR Advanced mobile memory technology with high bandwidth and low power consumption Micron Technology Inc. 5,310 Add to BOM