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(59 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
AX2000-1FG896I High speed Antifuse FPGAs. Microchip Technology 5,420 Add to BOM
AX2000-FG896I High speed Antifuse FPGAs. Microchip Technology 6,653 Add to BOM
AX2000-FG896 High speed Antifuse FPGAs. Microchip Technology 5,076 Add to BOM
EP2C70F896C8N 1.2V supply voltage Intel 9,346 Add to BOM
EP2C70F896C8 Product EP2C70F896C8 is a FPGA from the Cyclone® II Family, featuring 68416 cells and utilizing 90nm technology Intel 8,251 Add to BOM
EP2C70F896C7N EP2C70F896C7N is a FPGA with 68416 cells from the Cyclone II Family, clocked at 402.58MHz and built on 90nm technology Intel 5,007 Add to BOM
EP2C70F896C6N The EP2C70F896C6N is an FPGA from the Cyclone® II Family that features 68,416 cells and operates at a frequency of 500MHz Intel 6,668 Add to BOM
5CSXFC6D6F31C7N 1.1V operating voltage Intel 8,222 Add to BOM
5CSEMA5F31C6N Compact 556.3kB memory capacity Intel 7,776 Add to BOM
5CSEMA6F31I7N 672-pin Ultra Ball Grid Array package variant of Cortex-A9 SoC with 800MHz clock speed Intel 7,450 Add to BOM
5CSXFC5D6F31I7N 5CSXFC5D6F31I7N Intel 5,962 Add to BOM
5CSXFC6D6F31C8N This FPGA Cyclone® V SX Family features 110,000 cells and utilizes advanced 28nm technology Intel 5,271 Add to BOM
5CSEMA5F31C8N Powerful FPGA solution for demanding design requirements, offering efficient performance and flexibility Intel 7,618 Add to BOM
5CGXFC9E6F31C7N Advanced technology for high-performance computing applications Intel 7,098 Add to BOM
5CGXFC9E6F31I7N High-performance semiconductor component used in digital electronics circuits Intel 5,517 Add to BOM
5CSEMA6F31C6N High-performance Cortex-ASoC for efficient processing and power managemen Intel 9,423 Add to BOM
5CSTFD5D5F31I7N CPLDs/FPGAs ROHS Intel 9,109 Add to BOM
5CEBA9F31C8N This FPGA model operates at a voltage of 1.1V and is housed in a 896-pin FBGA package for easy integration into various electronic devices Intel 8,013 Add to BOM
5CGXFC7D6F31I7N Highly flexible and configurable hardware solution Intel 7,353 Add to BOM
5CGXFC7D6F31C7N Perfect for a wide range of applications Intel 8,555 Add to BOM
5CGXFC7D6F31C6N Exceptional lead-free CMOS FPGA model from 2013, offering a remarkable clock speed of 800MHz and a low operating voltage of 1.13V Intel 6,700 Add to BOM
5CEBA7F31C8N High Performance and Low Power Consumption Intel 5,949 Add to BOM
5CEFA7F31C6N Experience high-performance computing with the 149500 56480 FBGA-896 Programmable Logic Device Intel 9,059 Add to BOM
5CEFA9F31C7N FPGA featuring 11356 LABs and 480 IOs Intel 9,429 Add to BOM
5CEBA9F31C7N High-quality FPGA with Cyclone V E technology Intel 6,182 Add to BOM
5CEFA7F31I7N 149500 56480 FBGA-896 Programmable Logic Device Intel 5,494 Add to BOM
5CGTFD9E5F31I7N FPGA Cyclone V GT Family with 301000 cells and 28nm technology Intel 9,676 Add to BOM
5CEFA7F31C7N Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Intel 7,413 Add to BOM
EP4CGX110DF31I7N Advanced semiconductor technology for increased performance and efficiency Intel 6,457 Add to BOM
EP4CGX150DF31I7 FPGA Cyclone IV GX Family 896-Pin FBGA 149760 Cells 60nm Technology 1.2V Intel 5,330 Add to BOM
EP4CGX150DF31C7N 1.2V Voltage and 896-Pin FBGA Package Intel 6,236 Add to BOM
M1A3PE3000L-FGG896M High-performance reconfigurable processor for advanced logic and memory applications Microchip Technology 8,372 Add to BOM
A3PE3000L-FGG896M Compact yet powerful, this FPGA enables efficient processing and reduced power consumptio Microchip Technology 7,547 Add to BOM
AX1000-FGG896I High-performance programmable logic for embedded syste Microsemi Corporation 5,812 Add to BOM
M1AGLE3000V5-FG896I High-performance, low-power programmable logic devic Microsemi Corporation 7,992 Add to BOM
M1A3PE3000L-FG896I Powerful programmable gate array ideal for applications needing up to gates of logic Microchip Technology 8,267 Add to BOM
M1A3PE3000L-FG896 Advanced digital processing device offering gates, m technology, and power supp Microchip Technology 5,245 Add to BOM
A3PE3000L-1FGG896 High-performance FPGA for advanced logic application Microchip Technology 8,293 Add to BOM
A3PE3000L-FGG896I Pin FBGA package houses powerful reconfigurable logic uni Microchip Technology 8,423 Add to BOM
AGLE3000V5-FG896 Take your applications to the next level with this high-speed, low-power processor featuring advanced signal processin Microsemi Corporation 6,801 Add to BOM
A3PE3000L-FGG896 pin FBGA package provides reliable and compact desig Microchip Technology 9,402 Add to BOM
M1AGLE3000V5-FG896 Rapid prototyping and development made easy Microsemi Corporation 8,175 Add to BOM
M1AGLE3000V5-FGG896I Utilizing 130nm Technology Microsemi Corporation 5,827 Add to BOM
A3PE3000L-FG896 High-performance logic solution for demanding application Microchip Technology 6,576 Add to BOM
5CSXFC6D6F31I7NES 28nm technology enables fast execution of complex algorithms Intel 7,446 Add to BOM
AX1000-1FG896I Advanced semiconductor component for high-speed data processin Microsemi Corporation 6,782 Add to BOM
AX1000-FG896I High-performance logic solution for complex digital design Microsemi Corporation 7,922 Add to BOM
APA750-FGG896A High-performance FPGA for demanding applications requiring up to gates and Hz clock spee Microchip Technology 6,488 Add to BOM
AX1000-2FG896 Powerful FPGA device for accelerating data-intensive applications at speeds up to Hz Microsemi Corporation 7,794 Add to BOM
AX1000-2FG896I Industry-leading density and performance for demanding projects Microsemi Corporation 7,577 Add to BOM