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(28 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
NLX2G00CMX1TCG Ultra-low power, high-speed CMOS logic element for improved system reliabili onsemi 6,241 Add to BOM
NLX2G00AMX1TCG Streamline your circuitry with this compact and powerful xm channel NAND gate IC for data processing applications onsemi 6,301 Add to BOM
NLX3G14CMX1TCG Ideal for modern digital systems requiring precise switching onsemi 5,019 Add to BOM
NLU3G16BMX1TCG 1-Input, CMOS-based Buffer for efficient computing onsemi 6,785 Add to BOM
NLX3G17BMX1TCG Boost signal integrity with this low-power devi onsemi 9,653 Add to BOM
NLX3G17AMX1TCG Non-inverting CMOS buffer with three channels onsemi 6,272 Add to BOM
NLX3G16BMX1TCG A versatile and efficient buffer solution onsemi 5,020 Add to BOM
NLX3G14BMX1TCG Advanced CMOS technology for low power consumption onsemi 7,971 Add to BOM
NLU3G17AMX1TCG Streamline your design process with this high-performance onsemi 6,300 Add to BOM
NLU3G17BMX1TCG Low-power consumption ensures efficient performance in critical systems onsemi 8,273 Add to BOM
NLX2G02BMX1TCG A logic gate for connecting signals from two input sources onsemi 8,819 Add to BOM
NLU3G14CMX1TCG This inverter IC provides precise voltage regulation with low noise and minimal distortion, making it suitable for various industrial applications onsemi 8,200 Add to BOM
NLU3G14BMX1TCG High-performance three-function logic gate for modern electronics application onsemi 6,596 Add to BOM
NLX2G02CMX1TCG NOR Gate IC with low power consumption and high speed performance, suitable for a wide range of electronic systems onsemi 6,574 Add to BOM
NLU3G17CMX1TCG Three-channel non-inverting Schmitt trigger buffer in CMOS technology, perfect for buffering and shaping signals onsemi 8,137 Add to BOM
LMV981MU3TBG Advanced BICMOS technology ensures low offset voltage and high gai onsemi 7,665 Add to BOM
7WB3126AMX1TCG Robust and Reliable Switching Device for Electronics Applications onsemi 9,509 Add to BOM
7WBD3126CMX1TCG Effortlessly navigate complex routes with this advanced bus driver onsemi 8,781 Add to BOM
7WBD3126AMX1TCG Compact switching solution for element bus applicatio onsemi 5,121 Add to BOM
7WBD3125BMX1TCG Compact bus driver for QSPM-based design onsemi 7,316 Add to BOM
7WB3125CMX1TCG Experience seamless connectivity and processing power with this cutting-edge digital bus driver onsemi 7,125 Add to BOM
7WB3306BMX1TCG Advanced Bus Switching Device for Next-Gen Applicatio onsemi 6,466 Add to BOM
7WB3125BMX1TCG Advanced bus driver for high-performance computing applications onsemi 6,874 Add to BOM
7WB3305CMX1TCG Microcontroller unit for advanced bus applications with two functions and one-bit output onsemi 9,834 Add to BOM
7WBD3125AMX1TCG Compact and reliable switching soluti onsemi 6,901 Add to BOM
7WBD3306AMX1TCG High-quality bus switch for secure signal routin onsemi 5,138 Add to BOM
7WB3126BMX1TCG Compact design ensures reduced board space usage onsemi 6,264 Add to BOM
7WBD3305BMX1TCG Robust and reliable switching performance for 8-pin ULLGA T/R applications onsemi 9,460 Add to BOM