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(47 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
BQ29209DRBR Automatic cell balance feature for safeguarding 2-series cell lithium-ion batteries TI 4,919 Add to BOM
A7101CHTK2/T0BC2VJ State-of-the-art secure element NXP Semiconductor 3,368 Add to BOM
TJA1028TK/5V0/20:1 LIN Transceivers LIN XCVR INTEGRATED VOLT REG NXP Semiconductor 7,363 Add to BOM
AT45DB642D-CNU-SL954 High-performance 64M NOR Flash suitable for data storage applications Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,587 Add to BOM
AT45DB321C-CNC Small data storage Microchip Technology 7,873 Add to BOM
AT45DB642D-CNU-SL955 Reliable, fast access M-bit data storage solution for various application Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,567 Add to BOM
TJA1027TK/20,118 LIN Transceivers LIN 2.2/SAE J2602 transceiver NXP Semiconductor 5,139 Add to BOM
MCP2021PT-500E/MD Reliable data transfer for process control and monitori Microchip Technology, Inc 6,095 Add to BOM
TJA1028TK/5V0/20/X LIN Transceiver with 1 transmitter and 1 receiver, operating at 20kBd, in an 8-pin HVSON package for tape and reel packaging NXP Semiconductor 7,781 Add to BOM
NCV59151MN50TYG Compact automotive LDO regulator for efficient power managemen ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,637 Add to BOM
NCV8164AML150TCG Optimize power management with low dropout voltag ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,484 Add to BOM
NCV8164AML120TCG 300mA LDO Regulator, Ultra-Low Noise, High PSRR with Power Good ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,587 Add to BOM
25LC256T-E/MF 256Kb 2.5V SPI Serial EEPROM. Microchip Technology, Inc 6,900 Add to BOM
25LC256T-I/MF EEPROM Memory IC 256Kbit SPI 10 MHz 8-DFN-S (6x5) Microchip Technology, Inc 6,698 Add to BOM
25LC128T-E/MF Compact and efficient non-volatile semiconductor compone Microchip Technology, Inc 6,292 Add to BOM
25AA128T-I/MF 128Kb 1.8V SPI Serial EEPROM. Microchip Technology, Inc 7,045 Add to BOM
MCP2021T-500E/MD LIN System Basis Chip Including Voltage Regulator. Microchip Technology, Inc 5,980 Add to BOM
MCP2004-E/MD Compliant driver for LIN-based systems, ideal for automotive applications Microchip Technology, Inc 4,421 Add to BOM
MCP2004T-E/MD LIN Transceiver with nFault/TXE I/O. Microchip Technology, Inc 5,479 Add to BOM
MCP2003AT-E/MD 1/1 Transceiver Half LINbus 8-DFN (4x4) Microchip Technology, Inc 4,105 Add to BOM
PIC12C508A-04I/MF The PIC12C508A-04I/ML's EPROM technology enables non-volatile data storage, making it ideal for projects that require memory persistence Microchip Technology, Inc 3,744 Add to BOM
PIC12F675T-E/MF PICF-E/MI is an excellent choice for designers seeking a robust MCU solution with extended temperature range and low power consumption Microchip Technology, Inc 6,632 Add to BOM
PIC12F629-E/MF Introducing a more advanced PICFseries featuring improved performance and enhanced peripherals Microchip Technology, Inc 4,667 Add to BOM
AT45DB041B-CNU Boasting high storage capacity and quick read-write cycles, this ATDB-CNU device is ideal for embedded applications requiring reliability Microchip Technology 8,117 Add to BOM
AT45DB081B-CNC High-density flash memory for reliable storag Microchip Technology 7,479 Add to BOM
AT45DB081B-CNU Compact pin package ideal for space-constrained design Microchip Technology 6,035 Add to BOM
AT45DB081B-CNI Industry-leading density in a small package, perfect for IoT device Microchip Technology 8,313 Add to BOM
AT45DB041B-CNI Low-power consumption and robust performance for consumer electronics devic Microchip Technology 6,830 Add to BOM
EL1510CL-T7 Enjoy seamless internet experience with this advanced ADSL Driver, featuring a robust pin DFN EP T/R desig Renesas Technology Corp 5,471 Add to BOM
EL1509CL Dual-pin design for robust connection Renesas Technology Corp 7,418 Add to BOM
A7102CHTK2/T0BC2AJ Robust and reliable pin HVSON packa NXP Semiconductor 4,298 Add to BOM
EL1509CL-T13 High-speed ADSL transmission enable Renesas Technology Corp 5,114 Add to BOM
A7101CHTK2/T0BC2BJ Advanced security chip for robust authentication and data protection in industrial control systems NXP Semiconductor 3,990 Add to BOM
EL1509CL-T7 Empower your system performance with this efficient buffer and line driver component Renesas Technology Corp 5,227 Add to BOM
A7102CHTK2/T0BC2CJ Rely on the reliability of our Plug and Trust Secure Element, a trusted solution for secure transactions and sensitive data management NXP Semiconductor 7,576 Add to BOM
EL1510CL-T13 Boost signal strength and accuracy with this line driver's high impedance input Renesas Technology Corp 4,368 Add to BOM
MCP4562T-502E/MF Digital potentiometer with adjustable resistance from to ohms, suitable for various application Microchip Technology, Inc 3,818 Add to BOM
MCP4532T-502E/MF Reliable and repeatable resistance setting for a wide range of control application Microchip Technology, Inc 4,989 Add to BOM
MCP2003T-E/MD LIN Transceiver. Microchip Technology, Inc 4,389 Add to BOM
UCC27201DRMR Driver 3A 2-OUT High and Low Side Full Brdg/Half Brdg Non-Inv 8-Pin VSON EP T/R TI 752,700 Add to BOM
AT45DB081B-CNU-2.5 8Mbit FLASH Memory IC with SPI Interface Microchip Technology 8,709 Add to BOM
TJA1028TK/5V0/10,1 1/1 Transceiver Half LINbus 8-HVSON (3x3) NXP Semiconductor 3,965 Add to BOM
TJA1028TK/3V3/20/X LIN Mini System Basis Chip with integrated voltage regulator NXP Semiconductor 6,760 Add to BOM
DMC6070LFDH-7 Trans MOSFET N/P-CH 60V 3.1A/2.4A 8-Pin VDFN EP T/R Diodes Incorporated 6,422 Add to BOM
RJP4009ANS-01#Q5 IGBT 400 V 1.8 W Surface Mount 8-VSON (3x4.4) Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,987 Add to BOM
TJA1028TK/3V3/20,1 1/1 Transceiver Half LINbus 8-HVSON (3x3) NXP Semiconductor 6,196 Add to BOM
TJA1028TK/3V3/10,1 LIN Transceivers LIN XCVR INTEGRATED VOLT REG NXP Semiconductor 6,977 Add to BOM