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(21 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
LM2903FVJ-E2 Instant shipping guaranteed: RoHS compliant for safe deliver ROHM Semiconductor 9,637 Add to BOM
LM393FVJ-E2 A precision amplifier for instrumentation applications ROHM Semiconductor 5,679 Add to BOM
BD82045FVJ-GE2 Compact and versatile TSSOP, MSOP PMIC solutio ROHM Semiconductor 5,911 Add to BOM
BD82039FVJ-GE2 Tape and reel packaging for efficient production ROHM Semiconductor 6,900 Add to BOM
BD82041FVJ-GE2 Protect your digital world with this high-performance switch IC, perfect for applications requiring precise current limiting ROHM Semiconductor 7,608 Add to BOM
TLR342FVJ-GE2 Low-Voltage Op-Amp for Wide Operating Rang ROHM Semiconductor 5,402 Add to BOM
BD82040FVJ-GE2 Immediate dispatch, reliable and efficient servic ROHM Semiconductor 4,041 Add to BOM
BR24G08FVJ-3AGTE2 EEPROM I2C BUS(2-Wre) 8K TSSOP-B8J EEPROM ROHM Semiconductor 5,650 Add to BOM
BR24G04FVJ-3AGTE2 Precision-crafted EEPROM IC for robust data retention and secure storag ROHM Semiconductor 7,713 Add to BOM
BD82061FVJ-LBE2 Power Switch ICs - Power Distribution 1ch High Side Switch IC ROHM Semiconductor 7,006 Add to BOM
BR24G02FVJ-3GTE2 With its small package size and high memory capacity, this I bus EEPROM is ideal for embedded systems development ROHM Semiconductor 7,717 Add to BOM
BR93L76RFVJ-WE2 Description: A reliable and compact bit EEPROM memory for various application ROHM Semiconductor 8,277 Add to BOM
BR24L01AFVJ-WE2 Effortless Order Processing: Place your order now and enjoy seamless processing, with our dedicated team handling every detai ROHM Semiconductor 6,709 Add to BOM
BR24L04FVJ-WE2 Low-power, high-reliability memory solution for industrial control" ROHM Semiconductor 7,072 Add to BOM
BD82038FVJ-GE2 This product, BD82038FVJ-GE2, serves as a high side switch integrated circuit, capable of limiting current to 1.0A ROHM Semiconductor 6,249 Add to BOM
LMR932FVJ-GE2 Product LMR932FVJ-GE2 ROHM Semiconductor 5,207 Add to BOM
LM4565FVJ-GE2 Effortless Sourcing Solution: Our prompt shipping and RoHS compliance make sourcing the LMFVJ-GEa seamless process for your busines ROHM Semiconductor 9,300 Add to BOM
BR24G64FVJ-3GTE2 Reliable data storage and management for IoT device ROHM Semiconductor 5,751 Add to BOM
BR24G16FVJ-3GTE2 Durable Construction, Environmentally Friendly & Quick Deliver ROHM Semiconductor 8,592 Add to BOM
BR24G01FVJ-3GTE2 Compact and efficient non-volatile memory device for embedded system ROHM Semiconductor 6,010 Add to BOM
BR93G86FVJ-3AGTE2 EEPROM McrWre BUS 3-Wre 16K TSSOP-B8J EEPROM ROHM Semiconductor 5,905 Add to BOM