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(4045 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
AO4812 Mosfet Array 30V 6A 2W Surface Mount 8-SOIC Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc. 4,011 Add to BOM
SI4948BEY-T1-E3 With a maximum current rating of 2.4A and a voltage rating of 60V, the SI4948BEY-T1-E3 is a reliable choice for various circuit designs VISHAY 4,252 Add to BOM
AO4813 Trans MOSFET P-CH 30V 7.1A 8-Pin SOIC Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc. 5,949 Add to BOM
AO4629 Trans MOSFET N/P-CH 30V 6A/5.5A 8-Pin SOIC Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc. 5,829 Add to BOM
AO4822 High-voltage, high-current transistor ideal for driving LEDs and motor Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc. 5,849 Add to BOM
AO4614B Dual-channel MOSFET for enhancing and depleting modes with 40V voltage and 6A/5A current in a compact 8-Pin SOIC housing Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc. 5,852 Add to BOM
AO9926B The AO9926B is designed for power control applications requiring high efficiency and low RDS(on) Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc. 6,800 Add to BOM
AO4838 Trans MOSFET N-CH 30V 11A 8-Pin SOIC Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc. 4,183 Add to BOM
AO4805 A high-power transistor array for demanding applications that require robust performance Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc. 6,241 Add to BOM
AO4800 Mosfet Array 30V 6.9A 2W Surface Mount 8-SOIC Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc. 5,403 Add to BOM
AO4842 Mosfet Array 30V 2W Surface Mount 8-SOIC Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc. 5,852 Add to BOM
AO4852 Mosfet Array 60V 3A 1.4W Surface Mount 8-SOIC Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc. 7,975 Add to BOM
DS2480B+ 1/0 Driver RS232 8-SOIC ADI 6,449 Add to BOM
M95512-WMN6P 512Kbit SPI SOIC-8 EEPROM ROHS ST 6,085 Add to BOM
MAX471ESA+ Integrated circuit designed for current sensing in a single circuit, presented in an 8SOIC format ADI 5,479 Add to BOM
MAX471CSA+ Current Sense Amplifiers ADI 7,998 Add to BOM
AO4292E ROHS compliant 100V 8A N-channel MOSFET with 3.1W power dissipation Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc. 6,083 Add to BOM
DS2480B Buffers & Line Drivers ADI 5,939 Add to BOM
FDS8935 Dual P-Channel -80V PowerTrench MOSFET onsemi 4,361 Add to BOM
FDS6680AS N-Channel PowerTrench® SyncFET™, 30V, 11.5A, 10.0mΩ Fairchild Semiconductor 4,114 Add to BOM
FDS6574A Unipolar N-MOSFET transistor capable of operating at 20V, with a 16A current rating, and 2.5W power dissipation in SO8 configuration onsemi 5,816 Add to BOM
FDS6699S N-Channel PowerTrench® SyncFET™, 30V, 21A, 3.6mΩ Fairchild Semiconductor 4,353 Add to BOM
FDS6900AS Dual N-Channel PowerTrench® SyncFET™ 30V Fairchild Semiconductor 5,716 Add to BOM
FDS5680 N-Channel PowerTrenchTM MOSFET, 60V, 8A, 20mΩ onsemi 7,940 Add to BOM
FAN8303MX Step-Down DC-DC Regulator, Non-Synchronous, 2 A, 23 V onsemi 7,593 Add to BOM
BUF634U/2K5 250-mA high-speed buffer with enhanced capabilities TI 7,973 Add to BOM
621MILFT Reliable Multiplier of Clock Signals RENESAS 5,742 Add to BOM
MAX13442EASA+ 1/1 Transceiver Half RS422, RS485 8-SOIC ADI 7,673 Add to BOM
DS18S20Z+T&R 1-Wire Parasite-Power Digital Thermometer for Board Mount Temperature Sensing ADI 6,870 Add to BOM
DS18S20Z+ Temperature Sensor Digital, Local -55°C ~ 125°C 9 b 8-SOIC ADI 7,698 Add to BOM
DS18B20Z+T&R Programmable thermostat for heating, cooling, or monitorin ADI 6,690 Add to BOM
DS18B20Z+ Temperature Sensor Digital, Local -55°C ~ 125°C 12 b 8-SOIC ADI 6,914 Add to BOM
DS1722S+ Temperature Sensor Digital, Local -55°C ~ 120°C 11 b 8-SOIC ADI 7,328 Add to BOM
DS1629S+ Thermometer, Thermostat -55°C ~ 125°C Internal Sensor I2C/SMBus Output 8-SOIC ADI 5,930 Add to BOM
DS1624S+ Temperature Sensor Digital, Local -55°C ~ 125°C 11 b 8-SOIC ADI 7,551 Add to BOM
DS1302S+ 31-byte serial real-time clock for precise timekeeping applications ADI 4,531 Add to BOM
AD22105ARZ Low Voltage, Resistor Programmable Thermostatic Switch ADI 6,690 Add to BOM
NCV4269AD133R2G LDO Regulator, 150 mA, Low Dropout onsemi 5,008 Add to BOM
SI4435FDY-T1-GE3 Microscopic Field-Effect Transistor for Small-Scale Signal Processing VISHAY 4,050 Add to BOM
SI4497DY-T1-GE3 High-power P-channel MOSFET housed in a compact SOIC-8 package, capable of handling up to 36A at a voltage of 30V, with an on-resistance as low as 3 VISHAY 7,512 Add to BOM
SI4590DY-T1-GE3 Si4590DY Series 100 V 5.6 A 0.057 Ohm SMT N & P-Channel MOSFET - SO-8 VISHAY 6,840 Add to BOM
TPS2066CD 2-ch, 1A loading, 4.5-5.5V, 70mΩ USB power switch, active-high, output discharge, reverse blocking TI 6,232 Add to BOM
UC2845AD8 30V, 1A, 500KHz current mode PWM controller with 8.4V/7.6V UVLO 50% duty cycle, 40°C to 85°C TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 9,528 Add to BOM
LM3404HVMA/NOPB 75-V 1.0A constant current buck LED driver Texas Instruments, Inc 4,169 Add to BOM
REF5050IDR 5-V, 3-µVpp/V noise, 3-ppm/°C drift precision series voltage reference TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 5,463 Add to BOM
OPA2210IDR Two-channel operational amplifier with wide operating voltage range TI 7,213 Add to BOM
TLE2082ACD Dual, 38-V, 10-MHz, 40-V/μs slew rate, 2-mV offset voltage, JFET-input op amp TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 6,728 Add to BOM
ISO7721DWV Robust EMC, dual-channel, 1/1, reinforced digital isolator Texas Instruments, Inc 6,242 Add to BOM
UCC5320SCDWVR Isolated gate driver for bipolar supply with 2A per channel or split output TI 4,433 Add to BOM
UCC5390ECDWV Designed for high voltage applications TI 6,551 Add to BOM