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(563 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
SMDA05C 4 LINE TVSarray. SMC Diode Solutions 5,795 Add to BOM
HCPL-0701-500E Optocouplers for high speed applications at 100kBd speed with 1 channel and 0.5mA output BROADCOM INC 6,179 Add to BOM
ACPL-227-50CE Optocouplers with DC Phototransistor Output BROADCOM INC 7,449 Add to BOM
NE5532APSR Dual, 30-V, 10-MHz, low-noise (6 nV/√Hz) operational amplifier for audio applications TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 5,775 Add to BOM
TEA1733T/N1,118 Low Voltage Start-Up Flyback Controllers Suitable for Fixed Frequency/CCM NXP 7,643 Add to BOM
TJA1050T/CM,118 AEC-Q100 Compliant 8-Pin SO Transceiver for Automotive Applications NXP 6,247 Add to BOM
TJA1057GTJ High-speed CAN transceiver NXP 4,321 Add to BOM
IRF9317TRPBF Ideal for RoHS compliant applications with P-Channel MOSFET technology INFINEON 6,783 Add to BOM
IRF9328TRPBF MOSFET MOSFT P-Ch -30V -12A 11.9mOhm INFINEON 4,124 Add to BOM
IRF7815TRPBF Power MOSFET, 5.1A Drain Current, 150V Voltage Rating, 0.043ohm RDS(on), Single N-Channel, MS-012AA Package, SOP-8 INFINEON 6,851 Add to BOM
IRF7309TRPBF Mosfet Array 30V 4A, 3A 1.4W Surface Mount 8-SO INFINEON 7,840 Add to BOM
IRF7821TRPBF SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit) 8-pin Package Infineon Technologies 5,473 Add to BOM
IRF7105TRPBF SOIC Packaged N-Channel and P-Channel MOSFET, 25V, 3.5A/2.3A, Tape and Reel INFINEON 6,412 Add to BOM
IRF7329TRPBF SOIC-8 package with ROHS compliance INFINEON 4,342 Add to BOM
IRF7316TRPBF Mosfet Array 30V 4.9A 2W Surface Mount 8-SO INFINEON 4,547 Add to BOM
IRF7306TRPBF 8-pin SOIC packaged P-Channel Silicon MOSFET with a 30V voltage threshold and 3.6A maximum current INFINEON 7,173 Add to BOM
IRF7342TRPBF Dual P-Channel 55 V 0.17 Ohm 38 nC HEXFET® Power Mosfet - SOIC-8 INFINEON 7,277 Add to BOM
LT1963AMPS8#PBF Reliable LDO regulator solution featuring a compact SOIC N Tube package suitable for high-reliability automotive system ADI 7,784 Add to BOM
LT1461AIS8-5#PBF Micropower Precision Low Dropout Series Voltage Reference Family ADI 4,562 Add to BOM
LT1016CS8#PBF UltraFast Precision 10ns Comparator ADI 4,250 Add to BOM
DMP6023LSS-13 High-voltage power MOSFET with enhanced mode operation for efficient energy transfer Diodes Incorporated 5,330 Add to BOM
TLP2160(TP,F) Provides 20kV/us DC isolation voltage protection Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 4,242 Add to BOM
AO4262E The MOSFET AO4262E has a low ON resistance of 6.5mΩ at 10V and 16.5A, along with a threshold voltage of 2.2V at 250uA Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc. 4,476 Add to BOM
AO4264E AO4264E is a N Channel SOIC-8 MOSFET featuring a 60V voltage capacity, 13 Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc. 7,246 Add to BOM
U2538B-MFPG3Y Infrared preamplifier for transmitting and receiving signals in the 20-60kHz range MICROCHIP 7,639 Add to BOM
SRDA05-4.TBT High-voltage diode array for reliable signal integri Semtech Corporation 7,068 Add to BOM
SRDA3.3-4.TBT The SRDA3.3-4.TBT product is an 8-pin SOIC TVS array, functioning as both ESD suppressors and TVS diodes Semtech Corporation 4,428 Add to BOM
SLVU2.8-8.TBT Unidirectional silicon diode Semtech Corporation 4,684 Add to BOM
QT113-ISG IC for Capacitive Touch Sensors MICROCHIP 6,741 Add to BOM
LC03-6.TBT V 20Vc 8-Pin SOIC N T/R Diode Array ESD Suppressor Uni-Dir Semtech Corporation 7,531 Add to BOM
M24512-WMW6G 512 Kbit EEPROM with 3 Chip Enable lines ST 4,346 Add to BOM
IRF9317PBF P-Channel Silicon FET INFINEON 6,171 Add to BOM
DMP4015SSSQ-13 Power Field-Effect Transistor with P-Channel, Silicon Technology Diodes Incorporated 7,112 Add to BOM
ACPL-224-500E Provides 3750V isolation between input and output Broadcom Limited 6,669 Add to BOM
TSH72CDT Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps Dual Wideband Lo-Pwr TSH72CDT ST 6,881 Add to BOM
TJA1042AT/3/0Z TJA1042AT/3/0Z 1/1 Transceiver CANbus 8-SO NXP 5,297 Add to BOM
QT110-ISG Touch Sensor Integrated Circuit MICROCHIP 4,407 Add to BOM
STM8L001J3M3 Integrated EEPROM for enhanced functionality ST 7,261 Add to BOM
IRF8788TRPBF SOIC-8 MOSFET - Single N-Channel HEXFET, 30V, 2.8mOhm, 66nC charge INFINEON 4,537 Add to BOM
IRF9333TRPBF Efficiently switch high currents and voltage INFINEON 5,256 Add to BOM
IRF7904TRPBF N-channel power MOSFET with a 30V rating and current capacity of 7.6A/11A in an 8-pin SOIC package on tape and reel INFINEON 7,088 Add to BOM
IRF7831TRPBF 20A continuous current handling capacity in a compact 8-pin package INFINEON 6,442 Add to BOM
IRF7317PBF Infineon's IRF7317PBF is a dual N/P-channel MOSFET transistor delivering a current rating of 5 INFINEON 9,067 Add to BOM
IRF7317TRPBF MOSFET for applications requiring VDS <= 40V INFINEON 4,822 Add to BOM
SI4435DYTRPBF High-Performance P-Channel MOSFET with Low On-Resistance INFINEON 4,579 Add to BOM
ATA6025-TAQY Reliable Monitor for System Integrit Microchip 7,072 Add to BOM
DMNH6042SSDQ-13 Mosfet Array 60V 16.7A (Tc) 2.1W Surface Mount 8-SO Diodes Incorporated 7,072 Add to BOM
CHY103D Efficient management of dual battery channels for reliable power suppl POWER INTEGRATIONS 8,318 Add to BOM
M95P16-IXMNT/E Wide Voltage Range STMicroelectronics 7,072 Add to BOM