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(612 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MAX488CPA Compact line transceiver ADI 5,393 Add to BOM
MAX813LCPA+ Leading electronic distributor in France since 1988 ADI 5,421 Add to BOM
OP37GP Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps ADI 7,232 Add to BOM
OP37EZ Low-Noise, Precision Op Amps ADI 5,759 Add to BOM
MAX705CPA+ Supervisor Push-Pull, Totem Pole 1 Channel 8-PDIP ADI 5,558 Add to BOM
DS1218 Memory Controllers Nonvolatile Controller ADI 4,988 Add to BOM
LM360N Analog Comparators TI 6,271 Add to BOM
AD737JN The AD737JN is a ROHS compliant device, making it environmentally friendly ADI 5,189 Add to BOM
MAX488EPA+ 1/1 Transceiver Full RS422, RS485 8-PDIP ADI 5,383 Add to BOM
MAX487ECPA+ High-speed, bidirectional data transfer up to kbps supports reliable communicatio ADI 6,956 Add to BOM
MAX483CPA+ 1/1 Transceiver Half RS422, RS485 8-PDIP ADI 4,296 Add to BOM
MAX3082EEPA+ The transceiver operates in full-duplex mode, enabling bidirectional communication Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
AD587KN DIP-8 Package Style ADI 7,449 Add to BOM
MAX187BCPA+ 12 Bit Analog to Digital Converter 1 Input 1 SAR 8-PDIP ADI 5,552 Add to BOM
MAX487EPA+ Energy-efficient RS-485/RS-422 transceivers with limited slew rate ADI 6,321 Add to BOM
DS1232+ Supervisor Open Drain, Push-Pull 1 Channel 8-PDIP ADI 7,225 Add to BOM
AD623AN SP Amp INSTR Amp Single R-R O/P ¡À6V/12V 8-Pin PDIP Tube ADI 6,111 Add to BOM
MAX3082CPA+ Slew-Rate-Limited RS-485/RS-422 ADI 4,355 Add to BOM
MAX1232CPA+ Supervisor Open Drain or Open Collector 1 Channel 8-PDIP ADI 6,205 Add to BOM
AD826AN Operational Amplifier, 2 Func, 3000uV Offset-Max, BIPolar, PDIP8 ADI 7,017 Add to BOM
AD797AN Single operational amplifier with low input bias current, high speed, and RoHS compliance in a convenient PDIP-8 form factor ADI 6,203 Add to BOM
OPA227P High Precision, Low Noise Operational Amplifiers TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 8,616 Add to BOM
LM358AN/NOPB Dual, 32-V, 1-MHz op amp TI 5,832 Add to BOM
OPA277PA Dual, 36-V, 10µV offset, 0.1µV/˚C drift, bipolar, operational amplifier TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 7,333 Add to BOM
XC17S40PD8I 321.6K-bit Serial 5V PDIP 8-Pin PROM AMD Xilinx, Inc 3,687 Add to BOM
XC1701PD8I XC1701PD8I is a form of FPGA Configuration PROMs AMD Xilinx, Inc 6,332 Add to BOM
MC33201PG Operational Amplifier, Rail to Rail I/O, High Output Drive onsemi 7,622 Add to BOM
LM258NG General Purpose Amplifier 2 Circuit 8-PDIP onsemi 4,714 Add to BOM
XC17S20PD8I 8-Pin PDIP 5V 174K-bit Serial PROM AMD Xilinx, Inc 7,260 Add to BOM
CA3130EZ Tube Packaging for CA3130EZ Op Amp with Single General Purpose Configuration and ±8V/16V Supply Voltage Range RENESAS 5,783 Add to BOM
ISL81487EIPZ ISL81487EIPZ RS-422/RS-485 Transmitter/Receiver Single 8-Pin PDIP Tube RENESAS 6,144 Add to BOM
24LC128-I/P 128Kb I2C compatible 2-wire Serial EEPROM. MICROCHIP 6,077 Add to BOM
TC4429EPA Tube TC4429 Low-Side Gate Driver MICROCHIP 5,296 Add to BOM
TC4427EPA Dual 1.5 A MOSFET Gate Driver. MICROCHIP 5,102 Add to BOM
TC427CPA With its dual-channel design and robust construction, the TC427CPA ensures reliable operation in demanding environments MICROCHIP 7,783 Add to BOM
PIC12F1822-I/P Eight-bit Flash microcontroller with 3.5 kB memory MICROCHIP 5,859 Add to BOM
ADG419BNZ LC<sup>2</sup>MOS Precision Mini-DIP Analog Switch ADI 6,303 Add to BOM
LTC485CN8#PBF Low Power RS485 Interface Transceiver ADI 7,771 Add to BOM
ADM1485ANZ The ADM1485ANZ is a versatile solution for industrial automation ADI 6,573 Add to BOM
OP297GPZ Low Bias Current Precision (Dual) Operational Amplifier ADI 7,805 Add to BOM
OP297FPZ Precision Operational Amplifier in 8-Pin PDIP N Tube Package ADI 7,677 Add to BOM
OP290GPZ Low Voltage Dual Precision, Micropower Op Amp ADI 4,873 Add to BOM
OP249GPZ Product OP249GPZ is a BIPolar Operational Amplifier with 2 functions and a maximum offset of 3600uV ADI 5,703 Add to BOM
OP213FPZ Low Noise, Low Drift Single-Supply Operational Amplifiers (Dual) ADI 4,850 Add to BOM
LTC1151CN8#PBF High precision amplifier ADI 6,731 Add to BOM
LTC1051CN8#PBF Dual/Quad Precision Zero-Drift Operational Amplifiers With Internal Capacitors ADI 6,651 Add to BOM
AD629ANZ High Common-Mode Voltage, Difference Amplifier ADI 6,689 Add to BOM
LT1012CN8#PBF Picoamp Input Current, Microvolt Offset, Low Noise Op Amp ADI 6,417 Add to BOM
LT1013CN8#PBF Dual Precision Op Amp ADI 7,805 Add to BOM
AD780BNZ 2.5 V/3.0 V High Precision Reference ADI 6,717 Add to BOM