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(30 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
EP4CE40F29C6N Programmable Logic Device with 532 Input/Output Pins and Advanced Cyclone IV E Technology Intel 5,382 Add to BOM
EP3CLS200F780I7N The EP3CLS200F780I7N FPGA offers a powerful solution for complex designs with its advanced features Intel 5,913 Add to BOM
EP3C80F780C6N Advanced FPGA technology Intel 6,269 Add to BOM
EP3C55F780C8N Product EP3C55F780C8N is an FPGA from the Cyclone® III Family with 55856 cells and operates at a frequency of 402MHz using 65nm technology Intel 9,873 Add to BOM
EP3C40F780C8 39600 CLBs, 472.5MHz Field Programmable Gate Array in CMOS technology with PBGA780 package Intel 5,911 Add to BOM
EP3C40F780C7N Top-tier FPGA product offering from Intel Intel 5,113 Add to BOM
EP3C120F780I7N With 780 pins in a compact FBGA package, this FPGA offers high-density integration for a wide range of applications Intel 6,637 Add to BOM
EP3C120F780I7 This FPGA operates at a frequency of 437.5MHz and is built using 65nm technology with a voltage of 1.2V Intel 7,232 Add to BOM
EP3C120F780C7 EP3C120F780C7 ROHS compliant FBGA-780 Programmable Logic Device Intel 5,234 Add to BOM
10CL080YF780I7G Request for pricing and details on CoC certification and 2-year warranty service Intel 8,433 Add to BOM
10CL080YF780C8G Programmable Gate Array - Field FPGA Intel 6,033 Add to BOM
10CL120YF780C8G 0 LP Family 780-Pin FBGA Tray 119088 Cells Intel 9,667 Add to BOM
EP4CE75F29I7N FPGA device from the Cyclone® IV E family with 75408 cells Intel 9,694 Add to BOM
EP4CE75F29C8N Package in 780-Pin FBGA Intel 9,700 Add to BOM
EP4CE55F29I7N Ball grid array packaging for easy integration into electronic systems Intel 7,467 Add to BOM
EP4CE30F29C6N Digital integrated circuit that can be programmed after manufacturing Intel 5,210 Add to BOM
EP4CE40F29I7N Demo description for development of EP4CE40F29I7N product Intel 6,868 Add to BOM
EP4CE40F29C8 1.2V Voltage and 780-Pin FBGA for EP4CE40F29C8 Product Intel 6,169 Add to BOM
EP4CE30F29I7N Advanced, eco-friendly and highly programmable BGA FPGA ideal for embedded systems, networking equipment and other applications demanding flexibility Intel 7,686 Add to BOM
EP4CE30F29I7 780-Pin FBGA Package Intel 5,882 Add to BOM
EP4CE115F29I7 EP4CE115F29I7 is a ROHS-compliant Programmable Logic Device with 114480 logic elements Intel 8,146 Add to BOM
EP4CE115F29C7 Advanced 528 I/O Cyclone IV E processor Intel 6,626 Add to BOM
EP3C40F780C8N Field Programmable Gate Array, 39600 CLBs, 472.5MHz, 39600-Cell, CMOS, PBGA780 Intel 8,230 Add to BOM
EP4CE55F29C7N IC FPGA 374 I/O 780FBGA Cyclone IV E Intel 9,062 Add to BOM
EP4CE30F29C7N Lead Free OTHER 2003 RoHS Compliant FPGA 85C 74.3kB 200MHz 1.24V Intel 9,210 Add to BOM
EP4CE30F29C8N FPGA 28848 CLBS 472.5 MHz PBGA780 Intel 9,972 Add to BOM
EP4CE115F29C7N IC FPGA 528 I/O 780FBGA Cyclone IV E Intel 9,321 Add to BOM
EP4CE115F29C8N Field Programmable Gate Array, 7155 CLBs, 472.5MHz, 114480-Cell, PBGA780 Intel 8,574 Add to BOM
EP3CLS200F780C8ES High-performance FPGA for advanced logic and memory applications Intel 5,130 Add to BOM
DLPC200ZEWT Digital Controller 780-BGA (29x29) Texas Instruments 6,707 Add to BOM