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(72 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
AS4C256M8D3LC-12BANTR Compact Ball Grid Array (FBGA) package SDRAM solution for high-speed data transfer Alliance Memory 6,626 Add to BOM
AS4C64M8D3L-12BCN Compact FBGA package for reduced PCB real esta Alliance Memory 7,575 Add to BOM
AS4C64M8D3-12BIN High-capacity memory solution for demanding applications Alliance Memory 8,296 Add to BOM
AS4C64M8D3L-12BINTR Advanced DRAM chip design for improved computing efficiency Alliance Memory 5,767 Add to BOM
W631GG8NB11J High-performance memory module for fast data transfe Winbond Electronics 7,378 Add to BOM
W631GG8MB09J TR Advanced GHz SDRAM chip with ns access time for improved performance Winbond Electronics 5,681 Add to BOM
W631GG8NB12J TR High-performance SDRAM module with 1Gbit capacity Winbond Electronics 8,454 Add to BOM
W631GG8MB09I TR High-performance memory solution for industrial application Winbond Electronics 6,868 Add to BOM
W631GG8MB11J TR Low-power, high-speed memory IC ideal for laptops and desktop Winbond Electronics 8,038 Add to BOM
W631GG8NB15J TR Unlock faster performance and improved responsiveness with DDRmemory IC Winbond Electronics 9,802 Add to BOM
W631GG8MB15J TR High-speed memory module for fast data transfer and processing Winbond Electronics 9,833 Add to BOM
W631GG8NB09J TR Low-power, high-density memory IC for modern systems Winbond Electronics 8,123 Add to BOM
NDL28PFH-8KIT TR Fast and reliable DDR SDRAM soluti Insignis Technology Corporation 7,439 Add to BOM
EM6HD08EWAHH-12IH Compact and reliable memory component for embedded systems Etron Technology, Inc. 8,183 Add to BOM
EM6HD08EWAHH-12H Compact FBGA- Package Ideal for Space-Constrained Desig Etron Technology, Inc. 9,895 Add to BOM
W634GU8QB09I .m compact design ideal for space-constrained application Winbond Electronics 5,312 Add to BOM
W634GU8QB11I Advanced Memory Solution with Efficient Power Consumption and Small Form Fact Winbond Electronics 7,058 Add to BOM
W634GU8QB09I TR SDRAM module with advanced features for reliable and efficient data storage and processin Winbond Electronics 9,061 Add to BOM
W634GU8QB11I TR RoHS compliant for eco-friendly solutions, WUBI TR SDRAM is reliabl Winbond Electronics 8,377 Add to BOM
W634GU8QB-09 TR High-density SDRAM module suitable for various computing platform Winbond Electronics 9,506 Add to BOM
W634GU8QB-11 TR High-speed, low-power SDRAM module for demanding systems Winbond Electronics 7,531 Add to BOM
W632GG8MB-12 Compact and efficient DDR3 SDRAM module design Winbond Electronics 9,468 Add to BOM
AS4C128M8D3A-12BCN Cutting-edge SDRAM module with high bandwidth, low latency, and power efficiency, ideal for high-performance computing Alliance Memory, Inc. 6,731 Add to BOM
W632GU8MB15I Fast and reliable data transfer at speeds up to M Winbond Electronics 6,583 Add to BOM
EM6HE08EW8D-10H Advanced memory solution for high-density applications Etron Technology, Inc. 6,910 Add to BOM
EM6GE08EW8D-10H Powerful memory component for high-reliability embedded system Etron Technology, Inc. 9,927 Add to BOM
AS4C512M8D3A-12BCN Elevate your system performance with this bit DDRSDRAM IC, offering high-speed data transfer and low latency Alliance Memory, Inc. 7,121 Add to BOM
W631GU8MB-15 High-density module for efficient memory usage featuring VFBGA- packaging with a compact footprin Winbond Electronics 7,386 Add to BOM
W631GU8MB12I Compact and efficient memory solution for system optimizatio Winbond Electronics 5,559 Add to BOM
W631GU8MB-12 Low-power consumption for efficient system operatio Winbond Electronics 7,798 Add to BOM
W631GU8MB11I TR Fast and efficient Hz module ideal for data-intensive tasks Winbond Electronics 9,913 Add to BOM
W631GU8MB11I Reliable and fast SDRAM memory for data-intensive applicatio Winbond Electronics 8,205 Add to BOM
W631GG8MB15I Compact yet powerful, this DDR SDRAM module is designed for reliability and performance Winbond Electronics 5,629 Add to BOM
EM6HD08EWUF-10IH ROHS compliant SDRAM module in a small FBGA-78 package ideal for space-constrained designs Etron Technology, Inc. 5,649 Add to BOM
EM6GE08EW8D-10IH High-performance memory solution designed for demanding embedded systems Etron Technology, Inc. 6,238 Add to BOM
AS4C256M8D3LB-12BINTR A reliable and energy-efficient DDRmodule suitable for servers, workstations, and data center Alliance Memory, Inc. 6,558 Add to BOM
AS4C256M8D3LB-12BCNTR Data Dynamo: Powerful RAM for fast processing and efficienc Alliance Memory, Inc. 8,607 Add to BOM
AS4C256M8D3LB-12BCN High-performance memory solution for demanding applications with fast data transfer rates and low latency Alliance Memory, Inc. 9,859 Add to BOM
W632GU8MB12I A high-density RAM chip with a capacity of bit and xarchitecture for efficient data storag Winbond Electronics 6,447 Add to BOM
W632GU8MB11I High-quality DRAM chip for reliable data processing and storage Winbond Electronics 6,863 Add to BOM
W632GU8MB-11 High-capacity memory solution for demanding applications: bit DDR SDRAM with fast data transfer rates and low power consumptio Winbond Electronics 7,746 Add to BOM
W632GU8MB09I This SDRAM module offers a fast and efficient way to increase system RAM capacity while minimizing thermal output and power draw Winbond Electronics 7,722 Add to BOM
W632GU8MB-09 Low-power consumption ensures prolonged usage in devices Winbond Electronics 5,314 Add to BOM
W632GG8MB15I Reliable and efficient DDR3 SDRAM for data-intensive systems Winbond Electronics 5,904 Add to BOM
W632GG8MB12I High-capacity memory solution for modern computing needs Winbond Electronics 6,309 Add to BOM
W632GG8MB11J Reliable parallel memory solution for reduced latency and increased efficiency Winbond Electronics 6,407 Add to BOM
W632GG8MB09I Low latency ns SDRAM memory solution for high-speed computing systems Winbond Electronics 5,710 Add to BOM
AS4C512M8D3LA-12BIN Next-generation memory solution for demanding applications and environment Alliance Memory, Inc. 5,967 Add to BOM
AS4C512M8D3B-12BANTR Advanced memory solution offering reliable and efficient data access at high speeds up to bit Alliance Memory, Inc. 5,115 Add to BOM
AS4C512M8D3B-12BAN High-speed data processing for demanding application Alliance Memory, Inc. 5,102 Add to BOM