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(246 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MT40A512M8RH-083E IT:B 4Gbit Memory Module Micron Technology 7,072 Add to BOM
MT40A1G8SA-062E IT:R Reliable and efficient memory solution for computing device Micron Technology Inc. 6,530 Add to BOM
MT40A1G8SA-075:H Parallel IC DRAM module running at 1.33GHz Micron Technology Inc. 6,656 Add to BOM
MT40A512M8RH-075E:B High-speed DDRmemory chip for demanding applicatio Micron Technology Inc. 8,965 Add to BOM
MT40A2G8NRE-083E:B A 2 gigabit x 8 DDR DRAM chip built with CMOS technology, encapsulated in a PBGA78 or FBGA-78 packaging Micron Technology Inc. 9,582 Add to BOM
MT40A1G8WE-075E:B Ideal for high-performance computing and data storage Micron Technology Inc. 7,908 Add to BOM
MT40A2G8SA-062E:F DRAM Chip 16Gbit 2Gx8 DDR4 SDRAM Micron Technology Inc. 7,461 Add to BOM
MT40A2G4SA-075:E The chip operates at a low voltage of 1.2V and features a 78-pin FBGA packaging Micron Technology Inc. 6,894 Add to BOM
MT41K1G8SN-107:A 1Gx8 Configuration Micron Technology Inc. 6,753 Add to BOM
MT40A1G8SA-062E:J MT40A1G8SA-062E:J Micron Technology Inc. 8,048 Add to BOM
MT40A2G8VA-062E:B MT40A2G8VA-062E:B is a high-performance DDR4 Z22A 16Gb DRAM module." Micron Technology Inc. 5,974 Add to BOM
MT41K128M8DA-107 IT:J Low voltage FBGA Tray Micron Technology Inc. 8,385 Add to BOM
MT41K512M8DA-107 AIT:P MT41K512M8DA-107 AIT:P Micron Technology Inc. 8,186 Add to BOM
MT41K1G8TRF-125:E Low-Voltage 1.35V DDR3L SDRAM Chip with 78-Pin FBGA Package Micron Technology Inc. 8,839 Add to BOM
MT41K256M8DA-125:M Experience fast and reliable performance with the MT41K256M8DA-125:M DDR DRAM" Micron Technology Inc. 5,996 Add to BOM
AS4C1G8MD3L-12BCN High performance DRAM module Alliance Memory, Inc. 8,835 Add to BOM
IS43TR85120AL-125KBLI TW-BGA Package Design ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 8,257 Add to BOM
MT41K1G8SN-107 IT:A 78-Pin FBGA Tray Memory Module Micron Technology Inc. 6,316 Add to BOM
MT40A512M8HX-093E:A Low Voltage FBGA Package Micron Technology Inc. 5,118 Add to BOM
H5TC4G83EFR-RDA 4Gbit Parallel SDRAM - DDR3L Memory IC with 933 MHz speed and 20 ns latency Netlist Inc. 6,518 Add to BOM
AS4C1G8D4-75BINTR Robust 1.2V power management for efficient energy consumption Alliance Memory 9,994 Add to BOM
MT40A2G8JE-062E AUT:E SDRAM - DDR4 Memory IC 16Gbit POD 1.6 GHz 19 ns 78-FBGA (9x11) Micron Technology 6,584 Add to BOM
MT40A1G8AG-062E AAT:R Reliable and fast DDRRAM for computing syste Micron Technology Inc. 7,077 Add to BOM
MT40A1G8AG-062E AIT:R High-quality, low-power consumption DDRSDRAM for memory-intensive applications Micron Technology Inc. 9,577 Add to BOM
MT40A2G8VA-062E IT:B TR State-of-the-art DDR4 SDRAM design for improved computing performance Micron Technology Inc. 5,925 Add to BOM
MT40A2G4SA-062E PS:R A high-speed memory IC optimized for low-latency access and fast data retrieval at GH Micron Technology Inc. 5,312 Add to BOM
MT40A2G4SA-062EPS:J High-capacity and high-speed DDRSDRAM module ideal for use in servers, workstations, and other computing systems requiring fast memory acces Micron Technology Inc. 6,857 Add to BOM
MT40A2G8NEA-062E:J TR Advanced technology for fast and efficient data transfer Micron Technology Inc. 9,310 Add to BOM
MT40A4G4SA-062E PS:F Compact -FBGA package with dimensions mm for space-saving design Micron Technology Inc. 8,398 Add to BOM
MT40A4G4VA-062EPS:B High-speed memory module for enhanced processing power Micron Technology Inc. 8,078 Add to BOM
MT40A4G4DVN-068H:E TR High-Speed Memory Soluti Micron Technology Inc. 9,344 Add to BOM
IS46TR81280B-15GBLA2 Advanced DRAM chip for industrial and commercial use case ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 8,470 Add to BOM
IS43TR82560B-125KBL-TR Reliable and efficient data transfer: ISTR-BL-TR features low-power consumption ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 6,279 Add to BOM
IS46TR85120AL-107MBLA2 High-performance memory for demanding automotive applications ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 7,013 Add to BOM
IS43TR85120BL-107MBL-TR Reliable and energy-efficient DDR3L SDRAM module for demanding tasks ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 6,314 Add to BOM
IS46TR85120BL-107MBLA2 Industrial-grade DDR SDRAM module with advanced reliability features ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 6,133 Add to BOM
IS43TR85120AL-107MBLI-TR Advanced memory solution for improved system performan ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 5,251 Add to BOM
IS43TR85120BL-107MBL Fast and efficient data transfer capabilities for multitasking ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 5,045 Add to BOM
IS46TR81280C-125JBLA25-TR High-density memory module for enhanced computing capabilities ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 9,037 Add to BOM
IS46TR81280B-125JBLA25-TR Low-latency memory interface for fast access to stored information ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 7,256 Add to BOM
IS46TR85120BL-125KBLA1 Advanced memory technology for high-performance computing and data-intensive system ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 7,331 Add to BOM
IS43TR82560BL-125KBL-TR Low-voltage, high-speed DRAM solution offering improved power efficiency and increased bandwidth ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 8,807 Add to BOM
IS46TR81280B-125JBLA25 Cutting-edge SDRAM technology with high bandwidth, low power consumption, and compact BGA package for versatile usage ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 5,146 Add to BOM
IS46TR81280C-125JBLA25 Advanced SDRAM solution for improved system performance and reliabilit ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 6,746 Add to BOM
IS46TR82560DL-125KBLA2-TR Ideal for use in servers, workstations, and other high-performance computing platforms requiring low latency and high bandwidt ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 5,395 Add to BOM
IS46TR85120AL-125KBLA1-TR Low-latency, high-bandwidth memory chip for computing nee ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 8,479 Add to BOM
IS43TR85120A-107MBL-TR Reliable, high-performance memory solution for modern computing system ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 6,461 Add to BOM
IS43TR85120A-107MBL Advanced DRAM technology for enhanced system performance and reliability ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 5,770 Add to BOM
IS46TR85120BL-125KBLA1-TR Fast and reliable SDRAM solution for embedded systems, featuring bit capacity and low-latency performanc ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 9,218 Add to BOM
IS43TR81280B-125KBL-TR Advanced bit DRAM chip for data-intensive applicatio ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 7,390 Add to BOM