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(34 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
EP2C70F672C8 EP2C70F672C8 68416 4276 FBGA-672(27x27) CPLDs/FPGAs Programmable Logic Device Intel 5,045 Add to BOM
EP2C70F672C8N High-performance programmable logic device Intel 5,831 Add to BOM
EP2C35F672C6 Reconfigurable processor for rapid prototyping and testing Intel 6,178 Add to BOM
EP2C35F672C7N FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array Intel 6,912 Add to BOM
EP2C35F672I8N Versatile Altera EP2C35F672I8N FPGA operates at 1.15 to 1.25 volts Intel 9,945 Add to BOM
10CX085YF672E6G Cutting-edge FPGA chip offering 212 input/output channels, packaged in a 672-pin fine-pitch BGA package Intel 9,435 Add to BOM
5CEFA9F27C8N Advanced technology with 28nm Intel 9,473 Add to BOM
5CGXFC4C6F27I7N High-performance FPGA solution Intel 5,391 Add to BOM
5CGXFC5C6F27I7N RoHS compliant FPGA made with lead-free CMOS technology, running at 800MHz with a voltage of 1.13V Intel 7,762 Add to BOM
10M50DAF672I7G Family 50000 Cells Intel 6,394 Add to BOM
5CGXFC5C6F27C6N Sort the results and don`t return quotation marks Intel 7,285 Add to BOM
5CGXFC7D7F27C8N The FPGA Cyclone® V GX Family 149500 Cells 28nm Technology 1 Intel 5,898 Add to BOM
5CGXBC4C6F27C7N 1.1V Operating Voltage Intel 7,025 Add to BOM
5CGXFC4C7F27C8N Product Description: IC FPGA with 336 I/O in a 672FBGA package, Cyclone V GX on board Intel 5,860 Add to BOM
5CGXFC7D6F27I7N Elevate your digital design capabilities with this highly flexible and reconfigurable FPGA, perfect for prototyping and deploying complex systems Intel 7,816 Add to BOM
5CEFA7F27C6N The 5CEFA7F27C6N is a high-performance FPGA chip from the Cyclone® V E Family, boasting 149500 logic cells and built using 28nm technology Intel 9,095 Add to BOM
5CGTFD5C5F27I7N This product is an FPGA from the Cyclone® V GT Family, offering 77000 cells and utilizing 28nm technology." Intel 6,929 Add to BOM
5CGTFD5C5F27C7N FPGA with 77000 cells Intel 6,061 Add to BOM
EP4CGX75DF27I7N This Field Programmable Gate Array offers highly customizable functionality for a wide range of digital designs Intel 8,194 Add to BOM
EP4CGX75DF27C6N CPLD/FPGA Programmable Logic Device with FBGA-672 Package Intel 9,860 Add to BOM
EP4CGX110DF27C8N 109424 6839 FBGA-672 Programmable Logic Device (CPLDs/FPGAs) ROHS Intel 8,194 Add to BOM
5CGXFC9D6F27I7N Cyclone® V GX Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 336 14251008 301000 672-BGA Intel 9,695 Add to BOM
5CEFA7F27I7N Cyclone® V E Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 336 7880704 149500 672-BGA Intel 9,408 Add to BOM
5CEBA7F27C7N Cyclone® V E Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 336 7880704 149500 672-BGA Intel 6,131 Add to BOM
EP4CGX50DF27I7N FPGA Cyclone? IV GX Family 49888 Cells 60nm Technology 1.2V 672-Pin FBGA Intel 532 Add to BOM
EP1SGX25CF672C7N FPGA Stratix® GX Family 25660 Cells 4385.97MHz 130nm Technology 1.5V 672-Pin FC-FBGA Altera 5,602 Add to BOM
10M40DAF672I6G Programmable logic device ideal for embedded systems Intel 8,298 Add to BOM
10M50DCF672I6G Streamline your development process with this adaptable, low-power device Intel 5,453 Add to BOM
10M50DAF672C6GES High-performance logic for advanced applications, featuring K cells on a single chi Intel 9,293 Add to BOM
EP1SGX25DF672C5 Advanced m technology enables efficient data processin Altera 5,549 Add to BOM
EP1SGX25DF672C7 Don't Wait! Last chance to get this item at a great price. Contact us ASAP. (67) Altera 8,119 Add to BOM
10M50DAF672C6G MAX® 10 FPGA IC boasting 500K Logic Elements, 1677312 Bits of Embedded Memory, and 50000 Adaptive Logic Modules, in a 672-BGA Package Intel 5,186 Add to BOM
10M40DCF672I6G Single-Chip, Non-Volatile Low-Cost Programmable Logic Device Intel 5,234 Add to BOM
M82170G13 ARM® Cortex®-A9 Microprocessor IC - 2 Core, 32-Bit 1.2GHz 672-TEPBGA (27x27) NXP USA Inc. 7,218 Add to BOM