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(48 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
IS43R83200D-5TL DRAM 256M, 2.5V, DDR, 32Mx8, 200MHz, 66 pin TSOP II (400 mil) RoHS ISSI 5,614 Add to BOM
AS4C32M8D1-5TIN High-performance DDR SDRAM for demanding applications Alliance Memory 7,397 Add to BOM
AS4C4M16D1A-5TAN Advanced memory solution for demanding industrial us Alliance Memory 7,372 Add to BOM
IS43R86400F-6TLI-TR High-speed memory solution for modern computing systems, featuring low voltage and high performance ISSI 5,792 Add to BOM
IS43R16320F-6TLI-TR Uncompromising RAM performance for high-intensity usage scenarios ISSI 7,642 Add to BOM
AS4C32M16D1A-5TAN Unmatched data transfer speeds of up to 200 MHz in a compact TSOP II package Alliance Memory 7,301 Add to BOM
AS4C32M16D1A-5TINTR Compact memory solution for industrial applications: TSSOP-- Alliance Memory 7,072 Add to BOM
AS4C64M8D1-5TINTR High-speed DDRRAM with B capacity and pin TSOPII connector Alliance Memory 8,230 Add to BOM
AS4C32M16D1A-5TCNTR High-quality memory module designed for industrial and commercial applications Alliance Memory 7,072 Add to BOM
IS43R86400F-6TL-TR -Pin TSOP-II package with T/R support for flexible integration ISSI 6,198 Add to BOM
IS43R16320F-6TL-TR Ideal for use in servers, workstations, and PCs, this high-speed DRAM chip ensures smooth system performanc ISSI 9,037 Add to BOM
AS4C4M16D1A-5TINTR This compact and efficient memory solution is designed for use in various electronic devices Alliance Memory 9,347 Add to BOM
AS4C8M16D1A-5TCNTR Advanced D-CNTR chip enables fast data transfer rates for demanding system Alliance Memory 6,360 Add to BOM
IS43R16160F-5TL-TR Industrial-grade memory component with low power consumptio ISSI 9,558 Add to BOM
IS43R16160F-6TL-TR Critical module in the construction of advanced electronic device ISSI 7,061 Add to BOM
W9425G6KH-5 TR High-speed DDR SDRAM module designed for demanding computing environments, ensuring seamless system integration and reliabilit Winbond 9,360 Add to BOM
W9412G6KH-5I TR Industrial-grade memory solution for demanding environment Winbond 7,072 Add to BOM
IS43R16320F-5TLI Optimized for high-speed computing and data-intensive processe ISSI 6,087 Add to BOM
IS46R16160F-6TLA1 Robust and reliable DDRRAM for automotive use cases, functioning smoothly from -°C to +° ISSI 9,482 Add to BOM
IS43R83200F-6TL Innovative TSOP-II package for improved thermal management ISSI 5,875 Add to BOM
IS43R16160F-6TLI High-performance memory for fast data transfer and processin ISSI 5,921 Add to BOM
IS43R16800E-5TL Advanced DRAM technology for enhanced system performance ISSI 8,079 Add to BOM
IS43R16160D-5TLI High-performance DRAM chip with massive capacity" ISSI 6,464 Add to BOM
IS46R16160D-6TLA2 Doble Data Rate 1 (DDR1) ISSI 8,399 Add to BOM
IS43R16160D-5TL-TR Reliable memory solution for embedded systems, servers, and workstations that require operating voltage and -pin TSOP-II package compatibilit ISSI 6,849 Add to BOM
IS43R83200D-6TLI High-capacity memory solution for demanding application ISSI 6,668 Add to BOM
IS43R86400D-5TL Reliable and scalable B DRAM solution for data-intensive system ISSI 7,515 Add to BOM
IS43R83200D-5TL-TR Ideal for embedded systems and IoT applications, this 10.2mm tall SDRAM chip provides reliable and efficient memory storage ISSI 7,813 Add to BOM
IS43R16320D-6TLI-TR Tiny but mighty, featuring advanced memory technolog ISSI 5,058 Add to BOM
IS46R16320D-6TLA2 Advanced , hz DDR SDRAM module soluti ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM
IS46R16160D-6TLA2-TR High-speed memory solution for automotive applicatio ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM
IS46R16160D-6TLA1 Advanced bit DDR SDRAM chip designed for rugged automotive environment ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM
IS46R16160D-5TLA1-TR Ideal for high-speed computing applications requiring large memory capacities ISSI 7,351 Add to BOM
IS43R16160D-5TL Reliable and durable M-bit DDR RAM module for industrial us ISSI 8,936 Add to BOM
IS46R16160D-6TLA1-TR Expression Advanced -Pin TSOP-II T/R package for secure and efficient storage in harsh environment ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM
IS43R16160D-6TLI-TR With its tiny footprint and high-speed performance ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM
IS43R86400D-6TLI-TR Compact TSSOP package with a footprint of only 10.2mm ISSI 5,475 Add to BOM
IS43R16320E-5TL Fast data transfer rates up to Hz supporte ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM
AS4C8M16D1A-5TIN DDR SDRAM ROHS TSOP-66-10.2mm AS4C8M16D1A-5TIN Alliance Memory 3,740 Add to BOM
AS4C4M16D1A-5TCN 700ps access time for fast processing Alliance Memory 4,255 Add to BOM
AS4C8M16D1A-5TCN Reliable Memory Component for Industrial Automation Alliance Memory 5,769 Add to BOM
AS4C64M8D1-5TIN Robust and high-speed RAM module with b capacity and power supply, ideal for industrial-grade system Alliance Memory 5,123 Add to BOM
IS46R16160F-6TLA2-TR DRAM Automotive (-40 to +105C), 256M, 2.5V, DDR1, 64Mx8, 166MHz, 66 pin TSOP-II RoHS, T&R ISSI 5,195 Add to BOM
IS46R16160F-5TLA1-TR DRAM Automotive (-40 to +85C), 256M, 2.5V, DDR1, 64Mx8, 200MHz, 66 pin TSOP-II RoHS, T&R ISSI 6,910 Add to BOM
IS46R16160F-5TLA1 DRAM Automotive (-40 to +85C), 256M, 2.5V, DDR1, 64Mx8, 200MHz, 66 pin TSOP-II RoHS ISSI 5,250 Add to BOM
AS4C4M16D1A-5TIN DRAM DDR1, 64Mb, 4M x 16, 2.5V, 66pin TSOP II, 200 MHz, Industrial Temp(A) Alliance Memory 8,259 Add to BOM
IS43R16320F-5TL-TR SDRAM - DDR Memory IC 512Mbit SSTL_2 200 MHz 700 ps 66-TSOP II ISSI 7,166 Add to BOM
IS43R86400D-5TL-TR DRAM 512M, 2.5V, DDR, 64Mx8, 200MHz, 66 pin TSOP II (400 mil) RoHS, T&R ISSI 7,239 Add to BOM