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(183 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MT29F4G16ABBDAHC-IT:D Cutting-edge parallel data storage solution Micron Technology Inc. 9,614 Add to BOM
TC58BVG0S3HBAI4 ROHS 1Gbit TFBGA-63(9x11) NAND FLASH 2.7V~3.6V Kioxia America, Inc. 9,720 Add to BOM
TC58BVG2S0HBAI4 EEPROM CMOS NAND 4 Gbit at 3.3V Kioxia America, Inc. 6,821 Add to BOM
TH58NYG3S0HBAI4 NAND Flash Memory Chip Kioxia America, Inc. 8,102 Add to BOM
S34ML01G100BHI000 Meet the S34ML01G100BHI000, a reliable 1Gbit NAND flash memory chip with a voltage compatibility range of 2 Spansion 7,376 Add to BOM
S34ML04G100BHI003 Ready for Immediate Dispatch Cypress Semiconductor Corp 5,714 Add to BOM
S34MS02G104BHI010 BGA-63(9x11) NAND FLASH ROHS Cypress Semiconductor Corp 7,840 Add to BOM
MT29F4G08ABBDAHC:D SLC NAND Flash Parallel 1.8V Micron Technology Inc. 7,923 Add to BOM
MT29F1G01AAADDH4:D FBGA NAND Flash SLC 1G 1GX1 Micron Technology 7,913 Add to BOM
MT29F2G16ABBEAHC:E VFBGA-63 packaged Micron Technology Inc. 7,301 Add to BOM
NAND512W3A2BZA6E 512M-bit memory STMicroelectronics 8,498 Add to BOM
MX30UF4G18AB-XKI Optimize Your Performance Macronix 8,008 Add to BOM
MX30UF1G18AC-XKI Compact and efficient flash storage for industrial control and automation needs Macronix 5,000 Add to BOM
TC58NYG2S0HBAI4 NAND Flash Parallel 1.8V 4G-bit 512M x 8 63-Pin TFBGA Kioxia America, Inc. 6,104 Add to BOM
TC58BVG1S3HBAI4 High Capacity 2G-bit Storage Kioxia America, Inc. 5,374 Add to BOM
MX30LF2G18AC-XKI VFBGA-63 Package Macronix 7,653 Add to BOM
S34MS04G100BHI000 High-performance flash memory for reliable data storage Cypress Semiconductor Corp 6,047 Add to BOM
MT29F4G16ABBDAH4:D Single-Level Cell NAND Flash Memory Micron Technology Inc. 8,268 Add to BOM
MT29F2G08ABAEAH4-IT:E TR Compact and powerful, this bit NAND flash memory is a great addition to any project requiring reliable storag Micron Technology Inc. 6,834 Add to BOM
MX60LF8G18AC-XKI Compact VFBGA-63 package for space-saving integration in various devices Macronix 7,496 Add to BOM
W29N02GVBIAA FLASH - NAND (SLC) Memory IC 2Gbit Parallel 25 ns 63-FBGA (11x9) Winbond Electronics 7,756 Add to BOM
S34ML04G100BHI000 S34ML04G1 Series 4 Gb (512M x 8) 3 V SMT Embedded NAND Flash Memory - VFBGA-63 Cypress Semiconductor Corp 7,213 Add to BOM
MT29F4G08ABBDAHC-IT:D SLC NAND Flash Parallel 1.8V 4G-bit 512M x 8 63-Pin VFBGA Micron Technology Inc. 6,112 Add to BOM
S34MS08G201BHI003 Ultra-low latency data storage with high endurance and reliabilit SkyHigh Memory 5,878 Add to BOM
S34MS08G201BHB003 Reliable and high-capacity memory solution for a wide range of industrie SkyHigh Memory 9,352 Add to BOM
S34MS02G200BHI000 Robust and efficient data storage for ruggedized and harsh environment SkyHigh Memory 7,588 Add to BOM
BU7962GUW-E2 Priority shipping available: Get your order faster with our expedited service ROHM Semiconductor 9,752 Add to BOM
MX60LF8G28AD-XKI High-capacity flash memory solution for a wide range of applications, featuring 8Gbit of storage and a compact VFBGA-63 package Macronix 7,991 Add to BOM
W25Q128BVBAP Industry-leading 7 ns access time and low power consumption make it an ideal choice for various embedded systems Winbond Electronics 8,333 Add to BOM
MT29F1G16ABBFAH4-IT:F TR (53 characters) Micron Technology Inc. 9,791 Add to BOM
MX30LF2G18SC-XKI A reliable and efficient way to store and manage large amounts of data in a variety of industrial and commercial setting Macronix 9,274 Add to BOM
W29N08GWBIBA Compact and energy-efficient, this NAND flash is ideal for portable devic Winbond Electronics 7,678 Add to BOM
W29N08GZBIBF Enhanced storage capacity and reliability through advanced VFBGA packaging technology Winbond Electronics 9,612 Add to BOM
W29N08GWBIBF High-capacity storage for digital device Winbond Electronics 5,795 Add to BOM
W29N08GVBIAA TR Advanced flash memory technology with up to 8GB capacity Winbond Electronics 6,211 Add to BOM
W29N04KZBIBF High-density storage solution for data-intensive application Winbond Electronics 8,100 Add to BOM
W29N04GVBIAA TR Compact and efficient storage device with robust design Winbond Electronics 6,315 Add to BOM
MX30UF4G18AC-XKJ Robust and scalable memory solution for diverse industrie Macronix 7,502 Add to BOM
MX30LF4G28SB-XKI With a voltage range of to , this NAND flash memory module offers flexibility in system desig Macronix 6,592 Add to BOM
MT29F2G16ABBGAH4-AATES:G TR This 2Gbit parallel flash memory chip offers a robust combination of performance Micron Technology Inc. 8,732 Add to BOM
MX30LF4G18SC-XKI High-capacity, low-voltage NAND flash memory for efficient data storag Macronix 7,188 Add to BOM
MT29F4G08ABBFAH4-AITES:F TR High-capacity flash memory IC for data storage and processing applications, featuring 4Gbit parallel architecture and 63V voltage tolerance Micron Technology Inc. 7,013 Add to BOM
MX30UF1G28AD-XKI Robust and efficient memory solution for IoT and automotive application Macronix 5,268 Add to BOM
MX30UF1G28AD-TI Compact and reliable memory solution for high-speed storage application Macronix 6,027 Add to BOM
MT29F4G16ABBFAH4-AATES:F Reliable and Durable Storage for Automotive Applications: Designed to meet the AEC-Q100 qualification Micron Technology Inc. 8,021 Add to BOM
MT29F4G08ABBFAH4-AATES:F Ultra-high-speed storage solution for demanding industrial and consumer application Micron Technology Inc. 5,446 Add to BOM
MT29F4G08ABAFAH4-AITES:F Robust and reliable 2.7V to 3.6V operating voltage range ensures optimal performance Micron Technology Inc. 8,095 Add to BOM
MX30LF4G28AB-XKI Advanced storage solution for high-performance application Macronix 5,699 Add to BOM
MT29F2G01AAAEDH4:E Flash Memory Chip 2Gbit Micron Technology Inc. 6,302 Add to BOM
MT29F1G16ABBDAHC:D Low-power consumption and high-performance processing: ideal for mobile devices Micron Technology Inc. 8,258 Add to BOM