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(23 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
NAND01GW3B2AZA6E NAND Flash Drive STMicroelectronics 9,359 Add to BOM
NAND01GR3B2BZA6E VFBGA-63 NAND Flash Micron Technology Inc. 8,764 Add to BOM
NAND01GW3B2BZA6E NAND FLASH ROHS VFBGA-63(9x11) Micron Technology Inc. 9,984 Add to BOM
MT47H512M8WTR-25E:C This DDRSDRAM module offers a generous B of storage space for large-scale data processing and analysi Micron Technology Inc. 7,781 Add to BOM
NAND512W3A2SZAXE Ideal for space-constrained applications Micron Technology Inc. 5,470 Add to BOM
MT47H256M8THN-25E IT:H High-performance DDR2 SDRAM memory solution for demanding applications Micron Technology Inc. 8,620 Add to BOM
MT47H256M8THN-25E:M Ultra-low power consumption design for reduced heat generation and increased reliabilit Micron Technology Inc. 9,558 Add to BOM
NAND512W3A2CZA6E High-performance SLC NAND flash for demanding applications Micron Technology Inc. 8,539 Add to BOM
NAND512R3A2CZA6E bit parallel NAND memory IC with fast ns access time and robust V operation Micron Technology Inc. 9,269 Add to BOM
MT47H256M8THN-3 IT:H Compact and efficient memory module for reduced power consumptio Micron Technology Inc. 9,650 Add to BOM
MT47H512M4THN-25E:H Enhanced memory capacity for improved system performance and multitasking capabilitie Micron Technology Inc. 6,078 Add to BOM
MT47H512M4THN-37E:E TR Low-power consumption design ideal for portable electronics device Micron Technology Inc. 6,854 Add to BOM
MT47H256M8THN-3:H Advanced memory solution for enterprise and data center infrastructure Micron Technology Inc. 9,025 Add to BOM
M29W320DB70ZA6 High-density flash memory device for data storage and retriev Micron Technology Inc. 8,963 Add to BOM
BD6889GU-E2 Compact and efficient VBGA T/R driver for demanding applications Rohm Semiconductor 7,264 Add to BOM
MT47H256M8THN-3:H TR Reliable and speedy DDRmemory chip, featuring bit capacity, MHz speed, and low latency of p Micron Technology Inc. 6,405 Add to BOM
MT47H256M8THN-25E:H TR Advanced SDRAM architecture with MHz and ps clock speed Micron Technology Inc. 7,787 Add to BOM
M29W320DB7AZA6F TR Compact and reliable NOR flash storage for embedded systems" Micron Technology Inc. 6,746 Add to BOM
MT47H512M8WTR-25E:C TR This product features a low power consumption of and high read speed up to MT/s, making it suitable for various industrial application Micron Technology Inc. 5,956 Add to BOM
MT47H512M4THN-25E:M TR Innovative memory module ideal for high-speed computing, data processing, and advanced gaming requirement Micron Technology Inc. 5,258 Add to BOM
MT47H256M8THN-25E:M TR Designed for high-capacity storage and fast data retrieval application Micron Technology Inc. 7,747 Add to BOM
M29W320DB80ZA3E Compact and efficient NOR Flash Memory IC desi Micron Technology Inc. 6,244 Add to BOM
BU9972GU-E2 Compact and reliable design makes it ideal for various industrial uses Rohm Semiconductor 9,064 Add to BOM