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(227 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MT47H64M8SH-25E IT:H IC DRAM with 512MBIT capacity MICRON 7,645 Add to BOM
W948D6FBHX5I Operating at 200MHz frequency Winbond Electronics 6,187 Add to BOM
W948D6FBHX5E The product is compact, efficient, and ideal for use in smartphones and tablets Winbond Electronics 6,640 Add to BOM
MT46V16M16CY-5B IT:M DRAM Chip DDR SDRAM 256Mbit 16Mx16 2.6V 60-Pin FBGA Micron Technology Inc. 9,387 Add to BOM
MT47H64M8CF-25E:G The chip operates at 1.8V and comes in a compact 60-pin FBGA package." Micron Technology Inc. 6,725 Add to BOM
MT46V32M16CY-5B:J Ball Grid Array Dynamic Random Access Memory Micron Technology Inc. 6,046 Add to BOM
IS43LR16800F-6BLI 8MX16 memory module suitable for various applications ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 7,097 Add to BOM
CY7C1061AV33-10BAXI 1M X 16 Standard SRAM with 10 ns Access Time in a PBGA60 Package Infineon Technologies 8,766 Add to BOM
MT46V32M16BN-6:F High-Speed Memory for Demanding Task Micron Technology Inc. 5,850 Add to BOM
MT46V32M16BN-6 IT:F TR 2.5V Voltage Requirement Micron Technology Inc. 5,911 Add to BOM
AS4C64M8D2-25BANTR DRAM DDR2, 512Mb, 64M x 8, 1.8V, 60-ball BGA 400 MHz Automotive Temp - Tape & Reel Alliance Memory 5,925 Add to BOM
AS4C64M8D1-5BINTR DRAM DDR1, 512Mb, 64M x 8, 2.5v, 60ball TFBGA, 200MHz, Industrial Temp - Tape & Reel Alliance Memory 7,344 Add to BOM
AS4C128M8D2A-25BINTR Advanced memory technology for efficient processing Alliance Memory 9,583 Add to BOM
AS4C128M8D2A-25BCNTR DRAM 1G, 1.8V, 128M x 16 DDR2 C Temp Alliance Memory 6,918 Add to BOM
IS43R86400E-5BI DDR SDRAM chip with parallel architecture, suitable for high-performance computing system ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 8,472 Add to BOM
W948D6KBHX6I Reliable and scalable memory solution for advanced mobile applications Winbond Electronics 7,097 Add to BOM
MT47H64M8SH-25E AAT:H High-performance DDR2 SDRAM chip for automotive applications, offering reliable data storage and transfer Micron Technology Inc. 5,538 Add to BOM
MT47H128M8CF-25E:M High-capacity memory solution for modern computing needs, featuring 1Gbit parallel interface and 400 MHz speed Micron Technology Inc. 9,915 Add to BOM
MT47H128M8SH-187E:M High-performance DDRSDRAM chip for demanding applicatio Micron Technology Inc. 8,741 Add to BOM
MT47H128M8CF-25E AIT:H High-speed data transmission enabled for smooth system performance Micron Technology Inc. 7,494 Add to BOM
MT48LC16M8A2BB-6A AIT:L Low-power consumption ensures long battery life and reduced heat generation Micron Technology Inc. 6,582 Add to BOM
MT47H128M8CF-3 AAT:H Cutting-edge semiconductor technology for mission-critical environment Micron Technology Inc. 9,609 Add to BOM
MT47H128M8SH-25E AIT:M xDRAM chip with bit capacity for demanding system Micron Technology Inc. 7,248 Add to BOM
W947D6HBHX5I Advanced LPDDR SDRAM chip ideal for systems and beyon Winbond Electronics 8,568 Add to BOM
MT46V32M16CY-5B L IT:J Advanced memory technology for fast data transfer and storage Micron Technology Inc. 5,274 Add to BOM
MT46V32M8CY-5B:M High-performance memory solution for demanding applications Micron Technology Inc. 8,737 Add to BOM
MT47H64M8SH-25E AIT:H Robust and efficient DDR2 SDRAM module ideal for in-vehicle infotainment systems Micron Technology Inc. 6,382 Add to BOM
MT47H256M4CF-3 IT:H Next-generation RAM solution featuring fast access times, high speeds, and compact packagin Micron Technology Inc. 6,076 Add to BOM
MT46V16M16CY-5B AIT:M Advanced DDR SDRAM Technology for Reliability and Performan Micron Technology Inc. 8,880 Add to BOM
MT47H256M4SH-25E:M High-capacity DDR2 memory solution for efficient computing Micron Technology Inc. 5,793 Add to BOM
IS43R16320D-6BI-TR bit SDRAM with Fast Access Times (H ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 7,633 Add to BOM
MT46V16M16CY-5B XIT:M Advanced memory technology for improved data transfer rates and reduced power consumptio Micron Technology Inc. 6,493 Add to BOM
MT46V32M16CY-5B AIT:J Reliable DDR SDRAM solution for in-vehicle infotainmen Micron Technology Inc. 7,935 Add to BOM
W9751G8KB25I Enhanced performance with bit capacity and Mxbus wid Winbond Electronics 7,246 Add to BOM
W971GG8KB-25 8x12.5 mm 60-WBGA memory IC designed for fast and efficient data processing Winbond Electronics 5,048 Add to BOM
AS4C32M16MD1-5BCN High-quality DDR SDRAM memory module for reliable performance Alliance Memory, Inc. 7,927 Add to BOM
W9816G6IB-6 Fast parallel access at MHz frequen Winbond Electronics 6,663 Add to BOM
W971GG8JB25I Advanced memory solution offering fast data transfer and reliable operatio Winbond Electronics 8,684 Add to BOM
W947D6HBHX5E High-performance mobile memory solution for data-intensive applications Winbond Electronics 8,391 Add to BOM
W948D6FBHX6E Experience faster app loading times and seamless multitasking on your mobile device with this 166 MHz SDRAM memory IC featuring 256Mbit capacity Winbond Electronics 5,333 Add to BOM
MT47R256M4CF-25E:H High-speed, low-power DDRmemory solution for reliable data storag Micron Technology Inc. 7,258 Add to BOM
MT47H128M8CF-187E:H High-performance memory for demanding applications, featuring a capacity of 1Gbit and 128Mx8 configuration Micron Technology Inc. 7,983 Add to BOM
MT47H64M8JN-25E:G High-performance DDRSDRAM for demanding application Micron Technology Inc. 8,522 Add to BOM
MT47H64M8CF-25E L:G Leading-edge MxFBGA package for efficient PCB desig Micron Technology Inc. 5,977 Add to BOM
MT47R512M4EB-25E:C Reliable and high-performance memory chip ideal for modern computer system Micron Technology Inc. 5,745 Add to BOM
MT46V64M8FN-5B:D TR High-performance SDRAM IC boosts system memory up to 512Mbit Micron Technology Inc. 8,670 Add to BOM
MT46V32M16CY-5B:J TR Reliable DDR SDRAM chip suitable for a wide range of devices, including servers, workstations, and storage system Micron Technology Inc. 5,325 Add to BOM
MT47H64M8CF-25E AIT:G 512Mbit 64Mx8 memory module Micron Technology Inc. 6,936 Add to BOM
MT47R128M8CF-3:H Low-Voltage, High-Speed Data Transfer: Efficiently process and store large dat Micron Technology Inc. 7,863 Add to BOM
MT47H128M8JN-3 IT:H Compact and flexible packaging for modern device Micron Technology Inc. 9,070 Add to BOM