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(66 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
NLAS3257CMX2TCG NLAS3257CMX2TCG: High-speed multiplexer switch with low capacitance onsemi 9,204 Add to BOM
NTND31015NZTAG 200M MOSFET NFET XLLGA6 20V onsemi 8,755 Add to BOM
NLX2G14AMX1TCG Inverters with Schmitt trigger onsemi 5,651 Add to BOM
NLSV1T34AMX1TCG In stock, ready to ship onsemi 8,295 Add to BOM
NTND3184NZTAG N-channel enhancement mode MOSFET onsemi 5,291 Add to BOM
UPA2375T1P-E1-A <p>A reliable and efficient solution for your electronic needs, the UPAHT is a great choice.</ Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,127 Add to BOM
NLU1G86AMX1TCG A fundamental component for digital logic applications, this XOR gate enables precise logical operations and decision-making processes onsemi 5,594 Add to BOM
NLX1G10CMX1TCG Compact and efficient logical component onsemi 5,722 Add to BOM
NLX2G17BMX1TCG Compact and reliable buffer for data transmission onsemi 7,419 Add to BOM
NLX2GU04AMX1TCG High-performance Series inverter with input and dual function onsemi 5,472 Add to BOM
NLX2G16CMX1TCG Reliable, fast and secure buffer module for data transmission requirement onsemi 6,282 Add to BOM
NLX2G14BMX1TCG Compact and versatile inverter for CMOS applications, offering precise control and high reliabilit onsemi 7,959 Add to BOM
NLX2G04AMX1TCG Versatile power management component with adjustable parameter onsemi 6,582 Add to BOM
NLU1G86CMX1TCG This CMOS XOR Gate is a fundamental building block for digital logic systems requiring precise input-output relationship onsemi 8,054 Add to BOM
NLU2G16BMX1TCG 2G series buffer module with two functions: inverting and non-inverting amplification, suitable for a wide range of industrial control systems onsemi 9,835 Add to BOM
NLX2G07AMX1TCG Suitable for use in non-inverting configurations, this NLXAMXCG chip ensures stable and efficient data transfer processes. ( character onsemi 5,563 Add to BOM
NLX2G04CMX1TCG Perfect solution for space-constrained projects requiring precise control onsemi 8,377 Add to BOM
NLU1G04AMX1TCG Innovative interface solution for seamless integration and precise data transmission onsemi 5,736 Add to BOM
NLX1G332AMX1TCG Scalable and Reliable Solution for Complex Systems Architectu onsemi 6,259 Add to BOM
NLU1G04BMX1TCG Compact CMOS inverter for reliable data processin onsemi 9,493 Add to BOM
NLX1G11CMX1TCG Reliable and efficient digital solution for various industries and market onsemi 6,131 Add to BOM
NLU2G06BMX1TCG Compact and reliable CMOS-based inverter for various application onsemi 7,681 Add to BOM
NLU2G06AMX1TCG Advanced Series inverter offers enhanced signal integrity and noise immunit onsemi 7,595 Add to BOM
NLU1G00BMX1TCG Simple and reliable G Series NAND gate with minimal power consumptio onsemi 7,433 Add to BOM
NLU2G16AMX1TCG Advanced buffer functionality for data integrity and signal qualit onsemi 5,404 Add to BOM
NLU2G04BMX1TCG Reliable Func functionality for robust system desig onsemi 9,220 Add to BOM
NLU2G17BMX1TCG Enhanced input/output interface component for data transfer (56 chars) onsemi 9,509 Add to BOM
NLU1GT14BMX1TCG High-performance inverter for digital circuits, offering precision and reliabilit onsemi 5,554 Add to BOM
NLU1G08BMX1TCG Advanced input, single-function CMOS AND Gate with enhanced performance onsemi 6,481 Add to BOM
NLX1G11BMX1TCG Single-channel ULLGA ( AND Gate IC with low power consumption and high reliabilit onsemi 7,753 Add to BOM
NLU1GT86BMX1TCG A high-performance, low-power XOR gate for digital logic application onsemi 5,251 Add to BOM
NLU1GT32BMX1TCG A fundamental building block in digital circuits, this OR gate IC simplifies complex operation onsemi 9,672 Add to BOM
NLU1G32BMX1TCG Low-power, high-speed OR Gate suitable for modern electronic designs onsemi 6,523 Add to BOM
NLU1GT14CMX1TCG A powerful series inverter featuring CMOS technology, suitable for a wide range of applications including control circuit onsemi 6,464 Add to BOM
NLU1G07CMX1TCG High-performance buffer for precision data transfe onsemi 6,687 Add to BOM
NLU1GU04BMX1TCG Robust signal processing and noise immunity for reliable performan onsemi 7,911 Add to BOM
NLU2G07BMX1TCG A high-performance buffer module for various applications featuring two functions and one input, ensuring reliable signal transmissio onsemi 5,570 Add to BOM
NLX2G17CMX1TCG This CMOS-based buffer boasts robust immunity to electromagnetic interference and temperature variations for consistent performanc onsemi 5,181 Add to BOM
NLU1G14BMX1TCG Innovative 1G series microcircuit providing reliable single-function operation with one input and six-pin SOIC package onsemi 7,089 Add to BOM
NLU2G07CMX1TCG PDSOpackage offers small footprint solution for space-constrained design onsemi 5,463 Add to BOM
NLU1G32AMX1TCG Low voltage, high current density device onsemi 5,327 Add to BOM
NLU1G08AMX1TCG High-performance logic element for advanced computing systems onsemi 6,697 Add to BOM
NLU2G07AMX1TCG High-speed, low-power Buffer/Driver IC for 2-Channel Open Drain CMOS Circuits with Non-Inverting Output (67 characters) onsemi 7,210 Add to BOM
NLU1G07AMX1TCG This ULLGA-packaged chip is designed for use in a wide range of industries, including automotive, medical equipment, and telecommunication onsemi 9,634 Add to BOM
NLU1GT32AMX1TCG Implement logical control flows using this single-channel ULLGA OR gate IC in your circuit designs onsemi 5,433 Add to BOM
NLU1GT04BMX1TCG Compact and efficient 1G Series Inverter with 1 function, suitable for various applications onsemi 5,132 Add to BOM
NLU1G07BMX1TCG High-capacity buffer for signal processing and amplification applications, featuring low power consumption and high noise immunit onsemi 6,196 Add to BOM
NLU1G08CMX1TCG Six-pin ULLGA T/R package for reliable and efficient signal processing application onsemi 8,432 Add to BOM
NLX2G07BMX1TCG Compact dual-channel buffer/driver for open drain application onsemi 6,742 Add to BOM
NLU1GT04CMX1TCG Low-power consumption and high-speed performance make this inverter ideal for mobile devices onsemi 7,809 Add to BOM