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(165 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
DSC612RE2A-01ATT Specialty oscillators with dual output Microchip Technology 7,611 Add to BOM
DSA612RA2A-01T8VAO High-performance timing solution for automotive application Microchip Technology 7,567 Add to BOM
DSA612PL1A-01UHTVAO Reliable clock generator for high-reliability system Microchip Technology 6,808 Add to BOM
DSA612RI2A-01T3VAO Precision timing for modern automotive applications Microchip Technology 8,392 Add to BOM
DSA612NA2A-01TRTVAO Reliable and stable clock output for embedded systems Microchip Technology 7,502 Add to BOM
DSA612PA2A-01U9VAO Compact and reliable clock generator for IoT devic Microchip Technology 9,893 Add to BOM
DSA612NA2A-01V4TVAO *MEMS Magic**: High-accuracy, low-power clock generation for diverse automotive applications Microchip Technology 6,861 Add to BOM
DSA612NA2A-01V5VAO Advanced Timing Solution for Automotive Applications: High-precision clock generation for critical system Microchip Technology 8,147 Add to BOM
DSA612RA2A-01TAVAO DSAA-TAVAO offers high-quality clock generation for automotive grade output requirements Microchip Technology 6,889 Add to BOM
DSA612PA3A-01UDVAO This cutting-edge MEMS clock generator ensures accurate timing in demanding automotive environment Microchip Technology 5,296 Add to BOM
DSA612RI2A-01KMVAO Compact and reliable clock generator for IoT device Microchip Technology 5,381 Add to BOM
DSA612RA1A-01U6VAO Experience superior reliability and stability with this 2-output clock generator designed specifically for automotive use cases Microchip Technology 8,031 Add to BOM
DSA612NA1A-01U6TVAO Accurate and reliable timing solution for autonomous vehicle Microchip Technology 5,800 Add to BOM
DSA612PA3A-01U3VAO Reliable MEMS-based timekeeping for harsh environments Microchip Technology 6,320 Add to BOM
DSA612PA2A-01U6TVAO Advanced MEMS-based clock generator for robust performan Microchip Technology 7,959 Add to BOM
DSA612PA2A-01TRVAO Automotive grade 2-output MEMS Clock Gen. Microchip Technology 5,239 Add to BOM
DSA612RA3A-01U9TVAO Reliable and accurate timing for automotive applications Microchip Technology 6,079 Add to BOM
DSA612PL1A-01UCTVAO Ultra-reliable clock generator ideal for use in harsh automotive environments and high-speed network Microchip Technology 9,923 Add to BOM
DSA612PL1A-01S4TVAO Dual-output MEMS clock generator optimized for demanding automotive environments and high-speed interface Microchip Technology 8,053 Add to BOM
DSA612PL1A-01UCVAO Precision timing for automotive applications" Microchip Technology 5,690 Add to BOM
DSA612NA1A-01UYTVAO High-precision clock generator for automotive applications, offering reliable frequency synthesi Microchip Technology 9,692 Add to BOM
DSA612RA2A-01TRTVAO *Advanced Timing Solution**: Experience reliable and efficient clock management with this high-performance Microchip Technology 9,577 Add to BOM
DSA612RA3A-01TBVAO Automotive grade 2-output MEMS Clock Gen. Microchip Technology 5,989 Add to BOM
DSA612RI1A-01V0VAO Ultra-reliable clock generator for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle Microchip Technology 5,696 Add to BOM
DSA612RA2A-01T9TVAO Two-phase clock generator ideal for powering multiple automotive system Microchip Technology 7,810 Add to BOM
DSA612RA3A-01T7VAO Precise Frequency Generation for Advanced Driver Assistance Microchip Technology 6,568 Add to BOM
DSA612NA1A-01UYVAO High-quality timekeeping solution for the modern automotive landscape, with a robust and adaptable desig Microchip Technology 9,340 Add to BOM
DSA612NA1A-01U6VAO Precise timing solution for modern automotive electronics Microchip Technology 7,076 Add to BOM
DSA612RA2A-01TTVAO Automotive grade 2-output MEMS Clock Gen. Microchip Technology 8,530 Add to BOM
DSA612PA2A-01U9TVAO Reliable and Accurate Timekeeping for Vehicle Microchip Technology 7,017 Add to BOM
DSA612RA2A-01T9VAO Precise Timekeeping for Vehicles: Automotive Grade Clock Generator Microchip Technology 7,912 Add to BOM
DSA612RA3A-01T7TVAO Reliable frequency generation for advanced driver assistance system Microchip Technology 7,203 Add to BOM
DSA613PL1A-01T2TVAO Accurate and robust timing reference for critical automotive functions Microchip Technology 9,661 Add to BOM
DSA613NA2A-01V2VAO MEMS-based Clock Generator for High-Speed Connectivit Microchip Technology 9,282 Add to BOM
DSA613PA3A-01UQVAO Reliable Clock Generation for Automotive Grade System Microchip Technology 7,910 Add to BOM
DSA613PI2A-01UVTVAO MEMS-based clock generator providing high accuracy and stability for demanding automotive environments Microchip Technology 9,807 Add to BOM
DSA613NA3A-01UQVAO MEMS-enabled clock generator for automotive applications, offering three output options with superior accuracy Microchip Technology 7,101 Add to BOM
DSA613PA3A-01UQTVAO Precise timekeeping for automotive systems Microchip Technology 8,833 Add to BOM
DSA613RI2A-01TDTVAO Precise timing control for automotive-grade applications, boasting high accuracy and low jitte Microchip Technology 7,441 Add to BOM
DSA613RI3A-01T0TVAO Accurate, compact, and rugged clock solution for next-generation automotive electronics and infotainment systems Microchip Technology 8,445 Add to BOM
DSC612RI2A-01JR High-Frequency Crystal Oscillator for Sensitive Circuits Microchip Technology 9,992 Add to BOM
DSA612RL2A-013CTVAO This device generates a reliable Hz clock signal for various electronic system Microchip Technology 6,533 Add to BOM
DSA612RL2A-013CVAO Fast and reliable timing solution for your project need Microchip Technology 9,236 Add to BOM
DSC612PI2A-0166T This integrated circuit generates a precise clock signal at Hz for synchronizing digital device Microchip Technology 8,280 Add to BOM
DSC613RE1A-01BV Accurate and reliable clock signal management solutio Microchip Technology 6,415 Add to BOM
DSC613RE1A-017QT High-speed clock signal generator for reliable syste Microchip Technology 7,572 Add to BOM
DSC612PA3A-011AT Precise clock generation for volt FLGA package Microchip Technology 8,783 Add to BOM
DSC612PA1A-01H5 High-frequency clock generator for modern electronic Microchip Technology 7,364 Add to BOM
DSC612RA3A-0138T Precise timekeeping for reliable system timing and synchronization Microchip Technology 8,145 Add to BOM
DSC613PA2A-018WT High-frequency timing solution for modern designs, featuring a reliable clock signal Microchip Technology 8,753 Add to BOM