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(121 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
R1525S050B-E2-KE Efficient and Reliable Voltage Regulati Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
R1172S321D-E2-FE Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 1 Output 1A 6-HSOP-J NISSHINBO MICRO DEVICES INC. 8,682 Add to BOM
RP132S301B-E2-FE LDO Voltage Regulators Low Voltage 1A Voltage Regulator (LDO Regulator) Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,353 Add to BOM
RP131S121D-E2-FE Tape and reel packaged LDO regulator with a positive output voltage of 1 Nisshinbo Micro Devices 6,869 Add to BOM
R1517S001C-E2-KE V input voltage regulator with A output current capacit Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,226 Add to BOM
R1518S332B-E2-KE Compact and low power, this V LDO is ideal for automotive applications where space and efficiency matter Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,084 Add to BOM
R1513S181B-E2-KE Precise voltage control for automotive and industrial use Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,396 Add to BOM
R1524S090B-E2-YE Power Your Devices with Precision: R-S-EYE LDO Regulato Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,616 Add to BOM
R1524S060B-E2-YE Efficient power management for modern systems, low supply current LDO regulator Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,538 Add to BOM
R1524S033B-E2-YE A high-performance, low-dropout linear voltage regulator in a small, efficient package Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,801 Add to BOM
R1514S080B-E2-JE High-performance voltage regulator for demanding application Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,393 Add to BOM
RP111S281D-E2-JE Compact and reliable 500mA linear voltage regulator for small-scale applications Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,621 Add to BOM
RP111S251D-E2-JE Excellent transient response and low voltage output for reliable automotive power management Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,191 Add to BOM
R1518J851F-T1-FE High-performance linear voltage regulator for reliable power delivery Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,740 Add to BOM
R1518J851E-T1-FE Compact and space-saving design ideal for embedded syste Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,568 Add to BOM
R1518J851B-T1-FE High-performance HSOP-J linear voltage regulator for efficient power management Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,841 Add to BOM
R1518J501E-T1-FE Reliable Pin TO-PT/R Package for Space-Constrained Designs ( character Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,903 Add to BOM
R1518J501B-T1-FE High-performance linear regulation for precision application Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,795 Add to BOM
R1518J341F-T1-FE High-performance LDO regulator offering stable output at current Nisshinbo Micro Devices 6,045 Add to BOM
R1518J331B-T1-FE Compact and efficient linear voltage regulator IC Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,290 Add to BOM
R1518J251E-T1-FE *Expression 4** Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,854 Add to BOM
R1518J251B-T1-FE Ideal for low-power applications where space is limited Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,880 Add to BOM
R1518S851F-E2-FE Robust and compact IC design for stable voltage regulation in harsh environments Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,859 Add to BOM
R1518S851B-E2-FE High-performance, low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulator for demanding applications Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,186 Add to BOM
R1518S331D-E2-FE Compact power management solution for space-constrained application Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,333 Add to BOM
R1518S251F-E2-FE Ultra-low power consumption and high accuracy make these LDO regulators ideal for portable electronics and IoT devices Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,050 Add to BOM
R1518S251B-E2-FE A reliable and efficient voltage stabilizer for sensitive application Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,358 Add to BOM
R1517S501E-E2-FE Stable voltage regulation for modern devices Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,081 Add to BOM
R1517S341F-E2-FE High-reliability linear voltage regulators for robust power management solution Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,090 Add to BOM
R1517S251B-E2-FE High-speed switching LDO with low dropout voltage regulation for industrial control system Nisshinbo Micro Devices 6,420 Add to BOM
R1524S085B-E2-FE Compact and efficient voltage regulation solution for modern applicatio Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,743 Add to BOM
R1524S080B-E2-FE Low dropout linear regulator featuring current capability and high-side enable control Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,702 Add to BOM
R1511S033B-E2-FE Precise control and reliable performance in a small, compact packag Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,007 Add to BOM
R1514S050B-E2-FE Compact and reliable LDO regulator ideal for harsh environments Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,676 Add to BOM
R1190S100B-E2-FE Efficient power conversion, ultra-low current consumption Nisshinbo Micro Devices 6,960 Add to BOM
R1173S181D-E2-FE Precise DC-DC conversion solution for harsh environments with high reliability and long lifespan Nisshinbo Micro Devices 6,044 Add to BOM
R1173S151B-E2-FE Precise and flexible voltage regulation for industrial automation applications Nisshinbo Micro Devices 6,166 Add to BOM
R1173S121D-E2-FE Compact LDO regulator module delivering stable 1.2V output voltage for low power applications Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,905 Add to BOM
R1173S111D-E2-FE High-reliability voltage regulator for industrial and medical applications Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,946 Add to BOM
R1173S101B-E2-FE Advanced ROHS-compliant LDO regulators offering precise voltage contro Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,146 Add to BOM
R1172S501B-E2-FE Efficient regulation for low-voltage devices and system Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,560 Add to BOM
R1172S371B-E2-FE High-Efficiency LDO Regulator for Small-Signal Applicatio Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,954 Add to BOM
R1172S181B-E2-FE Low quiescent current and minimal noise disturbance enable seamless power supply for sensitive devices Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,804 Add to BOM
R1172S131B-E2-FE Robust and high-performance voltage regulation module for demanding designs Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,479 Add to BOM
R1170S161B-E2-FE Reliable operation over wide temperature range and high surge protection Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,640 Add to BOM
R1171S181B-E2-FE Compact Solution with 6V HSOP-6J Package for Space-Constrained Designs Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,037 Add to BOM
RP132S321B-E2-FE Expression : With its tiny footprint and high accuracy, this LDO regulator is perfect for small-scale power management and control system NISSHINBO MICRO DEVICES INC. 5,229 Add to BOM
RP132S151D-E2-FE Positive LDO Regulator for Power Supplies and Logic Circuit Nisshinbo Micro Devices 6,879 Add to BOM
RP131S321B-E2-FE Compact and efficient LDO for precision control NISSHINBO MICRO DEVICES INC. 8,223 Add to BOM
R1511S001C-E2-FE Regulate voltage to V with precision and stabilit Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,741 Add to BOM