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(138 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
S-1172B33-E6T1G High-Speed Operational Package (HSOP-6) ABLIC Inc. 5,377 Add to BOM
S-1142B50I-E6T1U High-quality linear regulators for stable voltage output ABLIC Inc. 5,800 Add to BOM
S-1142B50H-E6T2U Regulators for stable voltage output ABLIC INC 7,111 Add to BOM
S-1142B39I-E6T1U LDO Voltage Regulators VOLTAGE REGULATOR ABLIC 6,842 Add to BOM
S-19212D33A-E6T1U Efficient voltage regulation for automotive system ABLIC 8,486 Add to BOM
S-1142D90I-E6T1U Simplify your design process with this versatile linear voltage regulator featuring low noise and high accuracy ABLIC 5,014 Add to BOM
S-1142D30I-E6T1U Compact power management for small design ABLIC 9,982 Add to BOM
S-13A1D12-E6T1U3 Ultra low power consumption for efficient energy usage ABLIC 8,483 Add to BOM
S-13A1B00-E6T1U3 High-performance LDO regulator for reliability and efficienc ABLIC 7,290 Add to BOM
S-13A1A31-E6T1U3 Compact design ideal for small form factor devices and space-constrained systems ABLIC 5,490 Add to BOM
S-13A1D31-E6T1U3 Low-power, high-performance regulator suitable for modern electronic ABLIC 9,784 Add to BOM
S-13A1D26-E6T1U3 HSOP-6 regulators boast high efficiency, low noise operation, and compact packaging for space-constrained designs ABLIC 7,897 Add to BOM
S-13A1D22-E6T1U3 High-performance voltage regulator for precise contro ABLIC 6,509 Add to BOM
S-13A1D20-E6T1U3 With its compact size and ease of use, this pin HSOP-package provides a reliable power solution for your next project or desig ABLIC 6,666 Add to BOM
S-13A1D18-E6T1U3 High-performance voltage regulation for reliable designs ABLIC 5,550 Add to BOM
S-13A1D15-E6T1U3 Reliable and compact pin HSOP-package for surface-mount technolog ABLIC 5,356 Add to BOM
S-13A1A35-E6T1U3 Tiny footprint and high operating frequency for space-saving design ABLIC 6,037 Add to BOM
S-13A1A30-E6T1U3 Robust and reliable operation under various operating conditions ABLIC 7,094 Add to BOM
S-13A1A2J-E6T1U3 Compact single-out LDO (Low-Dropout) regulator suitable for portable devices ABLIC 7,781 Add to BOM
S-13A1A26-E6T1U3 Compact and efficient solution for powering microcontrollers, sensors, and other small circuit ABLIC 5,271 Add to BOM
S-13A1A20-E6T1U3 Discover the reliability and efficiency of HSOP-LDO regulators in a compact RoHS-compliant package ideal for modern electronics ABLIC 8,172 Add to BOM
S-13A1A1J-E6T1U3 Stable power output for precise design ABLIC 5,091 Add to BOM
S-13A1A14-E6T1U3 Single-output LDO regulator for precise power control ABLIC INC. 8,676 Add to BOM
S-1172B49-E6T1U High Efficiency LDO Regulator for UA Output Curre ABLIC 7,460 Add to BOM
S-1172B48-E6T1U This pin HSOP-T/R LDO regulator provides a stable output up to mA ABLIC 6,430 Add to BOM
S-1172B34-E6T1U Compact pin HSOP-package for easy integration into small design ABLIC 6,188 Add to BOM
S-1172B30-E6T1U High-quality voltage regulator for demanding application ABLIC 8,759 Add to BOM
S-1172B29-E6T1U High-reliability LDO regulators for precision voltage control ABLIC 7,021 Add to BOM
S-1172B27-E6T1U Compact Linear Regulator with A Output for Efficient Power Manageme ABLIC 5,944 Add to BOM
S-1172B26-E6T1U Compact and reliable power management solution for low-dropout regulators ABLIC 6,515 Add to BOM
S-1172B23-E6T1U Compact LDO Regulator for efficient power management ABLIC 8,059 Add to BOM
S-1172B17-E6T1U Compact LDO regulator for reliable power supply solution ABLIC 7,948 Add to BOM
S-1172B16-E6T1U Regulate voltage with precision and control using these highly accurate LDO device ABLIC 8,480 Add to BOM
S-1172B14-E6T1U A highly integrated solution for efficient power management application ABLIC 8,897 Add to BOM
S-1222B50-E6T1U Efficient and compact solution for regulating DC voltage in a range of product ABLIC 6,317 Add to BOM
S-1212BC0-E6T1U Wide input voltage range ensures stable output over varying conditions ABLIC 7,655 Add to BOM
S-1142DF0I-E6T1U Reliable DC/DC converter for demanding applicatio ABLIC 7,072 Add to BOM
S-13A1D10-E6T1U3 Fast shipping, guaranteed satisfactio ABLIC 9,573 Add to BOM
S-13A1B33-E6T1U3 LDO Voltage Regulators 1A Ultra Low Iq ABLIC 7,143 Add to BOM
S-13A1B10-E6T1U3 Robust and efficient design provides reliable power conversion with minimal heat generation ABLIC 7,479 Add to BOM
S-13A1C15-E6T1U3 Ultra-low IQ design reduces power consumption ABLIC 8,200 Add to BOM
S-13A1A12-E6T1U3 ROHS HSOP-6 Linear Voltage Regulators (LDO) ABLIC 8,384 Add to BOM
S-1142B40I-E6T1U Low dropout (LDO) voltage regulator for stable power deliver ABLIC 9,026 Add to BOM
S-1172B1N-E6T1U Low-dropout linear regulator with high current output up t ABLIC 6,153 Add to BOM
S-1142D60I-E6T1U Robust and accurate voltage regulation for demanding application ABLIC 6,283 Add to BOM
S-1142D50I-E6T1U Linear Voltage Regulators ABLIC 6,039 Add to BOM
S-1142B53I-E6T1U Low noise, low dropout regulation for sensitive electronic devic ABLIC 6,317 Add to BOM
S-13A1H35-E6T1U3 LDO Voltage Regulators VOLTAGE REGULATOR ABLIC 9,387 Add to BOM
S-13A1H34-E6T1U3 LDO Voltage Regulators VOLTAGE REGULATOR ABLIC 5,422 Add to BOM
S-13A1H24-E6T1U3 LDO Voltage Regulators VOLTAGE REGULATOR ABLIC 6,006 Add to BOM