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5mm x 20mm

(157 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
GMC-125A With its robust design and time-delay action, this medium-time delay fuse cartridge safeguards your equipment from overloads and short Eaton 3,751 Add to BOM
GDB-250MA ROHS compliant fuse for safe and efficient power management solutions Eaton 2,508 Add to BOM
GMA-1.5-R Offering maximum protection against overcurrents and electrical surges, this 1.5A fuse is an essential component for any system Eaton 3,386 Add to BOM
GMA-2.5-R Advanced ceramic construction provides superior surge protection Eaton 5,304 Add to BOM
S500-100-R High-performance fuse cartridge for reliable circuit protectio Eaton 2,637 Add to BOM
S500-250-R Compact and reliable AC/DC fuse cartridge for your circuit protection needs Eaton 7,970 Add to BOM
S506-3.15-R Compact fuse solution for 3.15A applications Eaton 7,403 Add to BOM
S501-10-R High-quality ceramic fuse for reliable circuit protecti Eaton 5,573 Add to BOM
S500-5-R Advanced circuit protection for reliable operation Eaton 4,422 Add to BOM
S506-500-R Compact and reliable, this fuse cartridge is ideal for AC/DC applications Eaton 4,311 Add to BOM
S500-3.15-R Reliable overload protection for appliances and devices Eaton 2,127 Add to BOM
S500-2.5-R Fast-acting glass tube fuse for reliable circuit protection and shutdown Eaton 5,023 Add to BOM
S506-6.3-R Safeguard your equipment from power surges with the trusty Cartridge Fuses S T Eaton 4,902 Add to BOM
S501-160-R SR: A miniature fuse holder for small spaces Eaton 7,143 Add to BOM
S505-3.15-R Safe and efficient solution for your electrical nee Eaton 3,000 Add to BOM
S501-500-R High-quality materials ensure reliable performance Eaton 3,072 Add to BOM
S505-6.3-R These high-quality fuses offer excellent current limiting and rapid blow characteristics, making them ideal for various industrie Eaton 3,219 Add to BOM
S501-5-R Fast-acting mm ceramic fuse ideal for protecting electronic devices from overloa Eaton 2,114 Add to BOM
S505-8-R Slow blow acting fuses for high voltage applications (63) Eaton 4,589 Add to BOM
S501-1-R High-quality fuse holder for reliable circuit protecti Eaton 6,627 Add to BOM
S506-4-R Designed for rugged use, this mm glass fuse meets international safety standards with eas Eaton 3,684 Add to BOM
S500-2-R Compact and reliable, this fuse is perfect for protecting your devices from overvoltage surge Eaton 4,161 Add to BOM
S501-6.3-R Perfect for demanding industries like automotive or industrial control, these fuses provide optimal performanc Eaton 3,829 Add to BOM
S501-2-R Compact and reliable, this ceramic fuse cartridge is perfect for your electronic projects Eaton 2,805 Add to BOM
S500-6.3-R Compact and reliable, this fuse ensures safe electrical connections for various applications. ( character Eaton 6,746 Add to BOM
GDA-630MA High-Quality Fusion Solution Eaton 2,874 Add to BOM
GMA-200-R Protect your electrical system from overcurrent surges and short-circuits with GMA-200-R's reliable cartridge fuses Eaton 4,561 Add to BOM
GMA-750MA 0.75A 250V glass holder cartridge meets international standards Cooper Industries 7,034 Add to BOM
GMA-10A Compact and reliable glass fuse design for AC/DC applications Cooper Industries 6,495 Add to BOM
GMA-5-R Fast acting and highly responsive Eaton 3,375 Add to BOM
GMA-100MA Compact and reliable, this fuse is perfect for automotive applications. (54 characters) Cooper Industries 6,433 Add to BOM
GMC-500MA Heavy-duty medium time delay fuse cartridge for reliable circuit protection Eaton 7,373 Add to BOM
GMA-4-R High-quality glass cartridge for industrial applications Eaton 7,938 Add to BOM
GMA-500MA Compact and reliable, this miniature fuse is designed for automotive applications Cooper Industries 2,637 Add to BOM
GMC-10A Reliable medium current protection against electrical shock Cooper Industries 5,074 Add to BOM
GMA-1-R Fast-acting holder cartridge for precise circuit contro Eaton 6,440 Add to BOM
GMA-6-R High-quality fuse ensuring safe circuit protection up to 125VAC Eaton 4,314 Add to BOM
GMA-125-R Miniature design for precise control in compact spaces Eaton 5,187 Add to BOM
GMA-15A Fast blow fuse designed for safe overload protection up to Eaton 4,598 Add to BOM
GDA-500MA Ceramic-bodied 500mA fuse protects against overcurrent surges Eaton 7,389 Add to BOM
BK/S500-32-R Small yet powerful cylindrical glass fuse for AC applications Eaton 6,132 Add to BOM
BK/GDB-50MA Efficient miniature fuse solution for safeguarding electrical circuits Eaton 3,858 Add to BOM
BK/GMA-3-R Low-Flyback Time Diode, Reliable Performance Eaton 6,010 Add to BOM
BK/GMA-5-R Compact design for efficient installation Eaton 6,542 Add to BOM
0239002.MXP Offers reliable performance and durabilit Littelfuse 6,183 Add to BOM
0216002.TXP Essential component for ensuring safe electrical operatio Littelfuse 6,312 Add to BOM
02133.15MXP Reliable and durable, designed for heavy-duty u Littelfuse 2,570 Add to BOM
061706.3MXP Compact and durable design for easy installation and maintenan Littelfuse 5,437 Add to BOM
0218010.HXP High-quality fuses for reliable electrical protection Littelfuse 6,428 Add to BOM
021506.3TXP This slow-blow fuse features a ceramic holder and is suitable for general purpose use Littelfuse 4,925 Add to BOM