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(28 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MT28EW128ABA1HPN-0SIT Advanced manufacturing process enables robust performance and reliable operatio Micron Technology Inc. 7,235 Add to BOM
MT28EW128ABA1LPN-0SIT 70ns access speed Micron Technology Inc. 7,609 Add to BOM
CY7C68053-56BAXI USB High-Speed Peripherals, 8/16-bit Databus, DMA, GPIO, I2C, UART, BGA-56, RoHS Infineon Technologies 5,750 Add to BOM
S71VS128RB0AHK4L3 In Stock, Ready to Ship Today! Infineon Technologies 6,975 Add to BOM
MT28EW256ABA1HPN-0SIT Operating at 3V/3.3V with 75ns access time Micron Technology Inc. 8,863 Add to BOM
SN75LVDS83CZQLR Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) IC for robust data transfe Texas Instruments 9,459 Add to BOM
MT28EW128ABA1HPN-0SIT TR Low-power, high-performance NOR Flash for embedded systems Micron Technology Inc. 6,524 Add to BOM
M58WR064KB7AZB6F TR Robust and secure flash memory for industrial control system Micron Technology Inc. 9,374 Add to BOM
M58WR064KB70ZB6F TR Advanced VFBGA package provides reliable and efficient data storage Micron Technology Inc. 7,232 Add to BOM
M58WR032KB70ZB6F TR Compact Nor Flash Chip for High-Speed Data Storag Micron Technology Inc. 8,435 Add to BOM
M58LR128KT85ZB6E Robust and secure NOR flash for industrial application Micron Technology Inc. 6,029 Add to BOM
MT38M4041A3034EZZI.XK6 TR Advanced flash technology for increased efficien Micron Technology Inc. 9,742 Add to BOM
M58WR064KT70ZB6F TR Reliable Mbit parallel port storage for automotive applicatio Micron Technology Inc. 5,025 Add to BOM
M58WR032KB70ZB6Z High-performance storage solution for parallel interfaces Micron Technology Inc. 8,621 Add to BOM
M58WR032KB70ZB6W TR Advanced NOR flash technology for low-power and high-performance designs Micron Technology Inc. 7,832 Add to BOM
M58WR032KT70ZB6F TR Compact VFBGA package ideal for space-constrained design Micron Technology Inc. 7,255 Add to BOM
PH28F320W30TD70 Advanced flash technology for improved system performance Intel 8,900 Add to BOM
M58WR064KB70ZB6E High-capacity flash memory for reliable data storage and retrieva Micron Technology Inc. 9,407 Add to BOM
M58LR128KT85ZB5E High-speed NOR Flash memory solution for demanding applications Micron Technology Inc. 9,812 Add to BOM
M58LR128KB85ZB5E High-Density Non-Volatile Memory Soluti Micron Technology Inc. 9,359 Add to BOM
M58LR128KB70ZB5E High-capacity flash memory for reliable data storage and retrieval Micron Technology Inc. 7,796 Add to BOM
M58LR128KB85ZB6F TR FLASH - NOR Memory IC 128Mbit Parallel 66 MHz 85 ns 56-VFBGA (7.7x9) Micron Technology Inc. 5,954 Add to BOM
M58LR128KB85ZB5F TR FLASH - NOR Memory IC 128Mbit Parallel 66 MHz 85 ns 56-VFBGA (7.7x9) Micron Technology Inc. 7,427 Add to BOM
CLVTH16244AIZQLREP Buffer, Non-Inverting 4 Element 4 Bit per Element 3-State Output 56-BGA Microstar Junior (7x4.5) Texas Instruments 5,084 Add to BOM
M58LR128KT85ZB5F TR FLASH - NOR Memory IC 128Mbit Parallel 66 MHz 85 ns 56-VFBGA (7.7x9) Micron Technology Inc. 6,619 Add to BOM
CALVC164245IGQLREP Voltage Level Translator Bidirectional 2 Circuit 8 Channel 56-VFBGA Texas Instruments 9,299 Add to BOM
MT28EW512ABA1LPN-0SIT TR FLASH - NOR Memory IC 512Mbit Parallel 95 ns 56-VFBGA (7x9) Micron Technology Inc. 9,326 Add to BOM
MT28EW128ABA1LPN-0SIT TR NOR Flash Parallel 3V/3.3V 128M-bit 16M x 8/8M x 16 75ns 56-Pin VFBGA Tray Micron Technology Inc. 9,014 Add to BOM