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(40 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MT28EW01GABA1LJS-0SIT 3V/3.3V Compatibility Micron Technology Inc. 6,871 Add to BOM
MT28EW512ABA1LJS-0SIT High-capacity Flash Storage Solution for Modern Device Micron Technology Inc. 6,629 Add to BOM
MT28EW256ABA1LJS-0SIT 56M-bit 3.3V TSOP Tray Micron Technology Inc. 4,548 Add to BOM
MX29GL128FLT2I-70G Halogen-free and RoHS compliant TSOP1-56 memory chip Macronix 7,266 Add to BOM
MX29GL640EHT2I-70G Operating voltage of 3V for low power consumption Macronix 4,152 Add to BOM
MX29GL128FHT2I-90G Low power consumption and high reliability for diverse industries ( character Macronix 6,382 Add to BOM
M29W256GL70N6E 2M x 8/16M x 16 Micron Technology Inc. 6,964 Add to BOM
JS28F00AP30EFA Multi-level cell technology Micron Technology Inc. 4,552 Add to BOM
JS28F512P33TFA High-density multi-level cell technology Micron Technology Inc. 6,424 Add to BOM
JS28F128P30TF75A Compact and efficient TSOP-56 package design Micron Technology Inc. 5,394 Add to BOM
JS28F256M29EWHA The JS28F256M29EWHA NOR flash memory device is housed in a TSOP-56 package and meets RoHS environmental standards Micron Technology Inc. 5,204 Add to BOM
JS28F128P30BF75A NOR Flash Memory with 128M-bit capacity Micron Technology Inc. 6,375 Add to BOM
JS28F00AP30BFA RoHS TSOP-56 NOR Flash Micron Technology Inc. 6,851 Add to BOM
JS28F640P33BF70A JS28F640P33BF70A TSOP-56 NOR FLASH ROHS Micron Technology Inc. 4,883 Add to BOM
S29GL512N10TFI010 Large storage capacity of bits meets demanding requirements in industrial control systems Cypress Semiconductor Corp 4,180 Add to BOM
S29GL128N11TFI020 This 128M-bit memory chip can be configured as either 16M x 8 or 8M x 16, offering flexibility for various applications Spansion 4,633 Add to BOM
S29GL128N10TFI010 The S29GL128N10TFI010 is a versatile solution for a wide range of applications requiring high-density memory storage and low-power operation Cypress Semiconductor Corp 7,698 Add to BOM
S29GL128P90TFCR10 0ns Flash memory, 128Mx1, TSOP-56, Plastic Dual Small Outline 56 INFINEON 7,671 Add to BOM
MT28EW128ABA1LJS-0SIT FLASH - NOR Memory IC 128Mbit Parallel 95 ns 56-TSOP Micron Technology Inc. 6,404 Add to BOM
S29GL512S11TFI010 NOR Flash Parallel 3V/3.3V 512Mbit 32M x 16bit 110ns 56-Pin TSOP Tray Nexperia USA Inc. 6,045 Add to BOM
S29GL256S10TFI010 NOR Flash Parallel 3V/3.3V 256Mbit 16M x 16bit 100ns 56-Pin TSOP Tray INFINEON 4,270 Add to BOM
S29GL064N90TFI020 GL-N Series 64 M (8 M x 8/4 M x 16) 3.6 V SMT Page Mode Flash Memory -TSOP-56 Spansion 7,847 Add to BOM
S29GL128S10TFI020 Parallel NOR Flash with 128Mb capacity, 3V operation, and 100ns speed Infineon 5,518 Add to BOM
S29GL512P10TFCR10 Product Available - Ships Toda Cypress Semiconductor 7,266 Add to BOM
M58LW064D110N6 64M-bit NOR Flash Memory STMICROELECTRONICS 6,791 Add to BOM
JS28F512P33EFA JS28F512P33EFA is a flash memory device with a capacity of 32 megabits and a speed of 105 nanoseconds Micron Technology 7,072 Add to BOM
JS28F256P30TFA Ideal for use in a variety of consumer electronics and industrial applications Micron Technology Inc. 5,739 Add to BOM
JS28F064M29EWLA High Speed 4 Megabyte x 16 SLC NOR Flash Memory Micron Technology Inc. 7,792 Add to BOM
JS28F128P30T85A High-performance EEPROM with 128Mb capacity Micron Technology Inc. 6,907 Add to BOM
JS28F256P30T95A Flash memory chip with a capacity of 16 megabytes organized in a 16x16 configuration MICRON 9,596 Add to BOM
S29GL128S10TFB010 Reliable and efficient flash memory for code storage, execution and data storage in various electronic device Infineon 9,605 Add to BOM
MT28EW01GABA1HJS-0SIT TR Featuring a parallel interface, the MT28EW01GABA1HJS-0SIT TR NOR Flash memory device supports operation at either 3V or 3 Micron Technology 7,029 Add to BOM
MT28EW256ABA1LJS-0SIT TR speed access with 70ns speed Micron Technology 7,849 Add to BOM
S29GL512S11TFV023 A high-performance, parallel NOR Flash memory solution offering reliable data storage and fast data transfer rate Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
S29GL512T13TFNV23 bit NOR FLASH with TFSOP- package and RoHS complianc Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
S29GL512T10TFI023 High-density flash memory for storage and transfer of large data file Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
S29GL512T11TFIV33 FLASH - NOR Memory IC 512Mbit Parallel 110 ns 56-TSOP Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
S29GL512S12TFIV20 FLASH - NOR Memory IC 512Mbit Parallel 120 ns 56-TSOP Infineon 6,014 Add to BOM
S29GL01GS12TFVV20 NOR Flash Parallel 3V/3.3V 1G-bit 64M x 16 120ns 56-Pin TSOP Tray Infineon 8,684 Add to BOM