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(27 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TMS320DM648ZUT9 32-bit processing power Texas Instruments 7,355 Add to BOM
TMS320DM6467GUTA6 Advanced SOC for high-speed image and audio processin Texas Instruments 8,680 Add to BOM
TMS320DM647ZUT1 High-performance processor for demanding audio, video, and control tasks Texas Instruments 9,585 Add to BOM
TMS320DM6467ZUTV Advanced computing solution for demanding applications Texas Instruments 6,186 Add to BOM
TMS320DM6467ZUTAV Advanced SOC solution for multimedia, communication, and computing applications Texas Instruments 6,211 Add to BOM
TMS320DM648CUTD1 Ideal for use in embedded systems, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, and other devices requiring real-time data processing Texas Instruments 9,170 Add to BOM
TMS320DM6467ZUT7 Embedded system-on-chip solution for ruggedized industrial environments Texas Instruments 6,679 Add to BOM
TMS320DM648CUT1 Advanced fixed-point DSP for precision processing and control Texas Instruments 9,763 Add to BOM
TMS320DM6467CZUTAV Next-generation digital media SOC for efficient processing of multimedia data in real-time environments Texas Instruments, Inc 4,756 Add to BOM
TMS320DM6467CGUTA6 Scalable and flexible architecture for various embedded system application Texas Instruments, Inc 3,522 Add to BOM
VCE6467TZUTL1 State-of-the-art PBGA529 component for optimized data processing Texas Instruments 6,018 Add to BOM
TMS320DM6467CZUTD7 With a clock speed of Hz and ,MIPS, this chip delivers exceptional performance Texas Instruments 9,775 Add to BOM
TMS320DM6467CZUTVH Power-efficient microcontroller with advanced power management features Texas Instruments 7,610 Add to BOM
TNETV2685VIDZUTA5 Advanced digital signal processing for audio, video, and image processing applications Texas Instruments 6,725 Add to BOM
TNETV2685FIDZUTA9 Boosting multimedia experiences with cutting-edge processing power Texas Instruments 7,530 Add to BOM
TNETV2685ZUT5 State-of-the-art digital signal processing technology for fast and accurate results Texas Instruments 5,781 Add to BOM
TNETV2685FIBZUTA5 Compact, high-performance processor for demanding applications Texas Instruments 5,623 Add to BOM
TNETV2685FIDZUTA5 High-Speed Performance: With its -bit architecture, this device delivers exceptional performance for demanding application Texas Instruments 5,453 Add to BOM
TNETV2685VIDZUTA7 Power-packed for digital media processi Texas Instruments 8,215 Add to BOM
TNETV2685VIDZUT5 Powerful -bit processing for complex signal processin Texas Instruments 5,100 Add to BOM
TNETV2685ZUTA5 Streamline your multimedia experience with this cutting-edge digital media processor Texas Instruments 9,322 Add to BOM
TNETV2685FIBZUT5 With its advanced architecture and precision design, this -bit fixed-point DSP excels at handling demanding computational load Texas Instruments 7,100 Add to BOM
TNETV2685FIDZUT5 State-of-the-art digital signal processing for high-performance applications Texas Instruments 8,663 Add to BOM
TNETV2685FIBZUTA7 Innovative DSP solution for high-speed, low-power computing Texas Instruments 8,947 Add to BOM
TNETV2685ZUTA7 Powerful digital signal processing core with -bit architectu Texas Instruments 5,246 Add to BOM
TNETV2685VIDZUTA9 Advanced signal processing capabilities in a tiny footprint, thanks to this Hz, MIPS DSP processor in the pin FCBGA packag Texas Instruments 6,805 Add to BOM