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(120 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MC68160AFB MC68160AFB from NXP Semiconductors Nxp 8,411 Add to BOM
71321LA55PPGI This product is a 2K x 8 Dual-Port RAM with integrated features." Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,115 Add to BOM
AD5391BSTZ-3 16-Channel 3V/5V Serial Input Single-Supply 12-Bit Voltage-Output Analog Devices Inc. 6,157 Add to BOM
AD5362BSTZ 8-Channel, 16-Bit, Serial Input, Voltage-Output DAC Analog Devices Inc. 8,030 Add to BOM
UPSD3354D-40T6 8-bit microcontroller with 288KB flash memory and 5V operating voltage in a 52-pin LQFP package STMicroelectronics 6,649 Add to BOM
UPSD3312D-40T6 Plastic TQFP-52 PQFP52 Flash 8-BIT Microcontroller 40MHz STMicroelectronics 9,631 Add to BOM
UPSD3253B-40T6 8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU with 5.0V and 1M memory at 40MHz STMicroelectronics 8,747 Add to BOM
S1V3S344A00A800 Audio Interface ICs Epson Electronics America Inc-Semiconductor Div 9,455 Add to BOM
S1V3G340F00A900 Voice Guidance IC with no ROM Epson Electronics America Inc-Semiconductor Div 7,402 Add to BOM
UPSD3234A-40T6 MCU model UPSD3234A-40T6 with 288KB of Flash memory, 8-bit processing capability, 5V power input, and a compact 52-pin LQFP package STMicroelectronics 7,542 Add to BOM
UPSD3212C-40T6 5V 52-Pin LQFP Tray MCU 8-bit 8032 CISC 80KB Flash STMicroelectronics 8,183 Add to BOM
UPD78F0421GB-GAG-AX High-performance microcontrollers ideal for display applications Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,911 Add to BOM
R5F21357CNFP#V0 R5F21357CNFP#V0 model with 16-bit microcontrollers and R8C CPU core Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,271 Add to BOM
R5F21256SNFP#V2 Integrated flash memory Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,374 Add to BOM
R5F21258SNFP#V2 52-Pin LQFP Tray Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,408 Add to BOM
UPD78F1225GB-GAG-AX MCU 16-Bit 78K0R/Ix 78K0R CISC 64KB Flash 3.3V/5V 52-Pin LQFP Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,999 Add to BOM
MC11E1CPBE2 8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 8B MCU 512 BYTES RAM NXP USA Inc. 5,898 Add to BOM
UPSD3454EVB40T6 Cutting-edge technology in a compact and efficient package Stmicroelectronics 7,072 Add to BOM
MPC9773AE Offering a compact design with high-speed performance Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,496 Add to BOM
MPC9772AE High-speed clock generation for digital designs Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,298 Add to BOM
87322BYILF 52-pin Thin Quad Flat Package (TQFP) device delivering reliable timing signals with minimal power usage Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,921 Add to BOM
8732AY-01LF 3.3V LVPECL Clock Generator with Low Voltage and Skew Reduction Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,661 Add to BOM
87972DYI-147LF Precision timing solution for demanding industrial and automotive systems Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,538 Add to BOM
87322BYILFT Versatile clock generation for data converters, transceivers, and more Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,525 Add to BOM
8732AYI-01LF Compact timing solution for high-speed application IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc 7,790 Add to BOM
R5F2L357ANFP#U1 High-speed microcontroller unit with KB memory, operating frequency of MHz and wide voltage rang Renesas Electronics America Inc 8,919 Add to BOM
R5F21355ANFP#U1 Advanced processor core for reliable data processing in harsh environment Renesas 6,219 Add to BOM
UPD78F0523GB(T)-UET-A '78K/0 78K0/Kx2 Microcontroller with 32K x 8 FLASH memory and 20MHz operating frequency Renesas Electronics America Inc 9,183 Add to BOM
SY100E222LTI-TR High-frequency clock generator IC for precise timing applications, available in a compact 52-LQFP package Microchip Technology 7,502 Add to BOM
UPSD3233BV-24T6T Powerful yet energy-efficient C microcontroller featuring a clock speed of MHz and B of flash memory for reliable embedded system desig STMicroelectronics 9,048 Add to BOM
UPSD3422EVB40T6 Compact and powerful, this microcontroller IC processes data swiftly STMicroelectronics 5,928 Add to BOM
MPC9772FA Reliable and efficient PQFP package desig Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,927 Add to BOM
MC9S12GC128VPBER A compact -bit microcontroller IC for various applications, featuring a MHz clock speed and B of FLASH memory NXP USA Inc. 9,397 Add to BOM
MC9S12GC16MPBE High-performance HCS microcontroller featuring KB of flash memory and a -pin TQFP package NXP USA Inc. 9,551 Add to BOM
MC9S12C128MPBER The -TQFP package provides reliable connections for HCS-based systems NXP USA Inc. 8,293 Add to BOM
MC9S12C96MPBE A reliable and efficient microcontroller that simplifies design complexity and enhances system performanc NXP USA Inc. 6,942 Add to BOM
MB95F118NSPMC-GE1 MB95F118NSPMC-GE1 is a microcontroller IC with 8-bit processing capabilities and a clock speed of 16MHz Infineon Technologies 6,695 Add to BOM
MB95F118JWPMC-GE1 High-performance IC with MHz clock speed and KB FLASH storage Infineon Technologies 9,906 Add to BOM
MB95F876KPMC1-G-SNE2 High-performance microcontroller for embedded systems applications featuring bit architecture and up to MHz processing speed Infineon Technologies 9,422 Add to BOM
MC9S12C128VPBER Compact, low-power device ideal for embedded systems requiring precise control and efficient data storage NXP USA Inc. 7,231 Add to BOM
MC68HC908LV8CPBE 8-Bit Microcontroller IC for Embedded Systems Development NXP USA Inc. 5,765 Add to BOM
MC11E1CPBE2R With its bit processing power and Hz operating frequency, this IC is ideal for developing complex embedded system NXP USA Inc. 8,573 Add to BOM
CY7B9945V-2AXIT Efficient signal replication device for clock signa Infineon Technologies 7,141 Add to BOM
CY7B9945V-2AXCT Fast Clock Signal Replication for System Architectur Infineon Technologies 6,662 Add to BOM
BU94501AKS2-E2 Efficient interface for audio data transmission and reception Rohm Semiconductor 5,558 Add to BOM
BH7623KS2 Compact LQFP- package for space-saving installatio Rohm Semiconductor 7,907 Add to BOM
AD5392BSTZ-3 Accurate and reliable voltage output for precise control of analog signals in a range of industries Analog Devices Inc. 6,635 Add to BOM
AD5391BST-3 Advanced ADC technology for precise analog conversio Analog Devices Inc. 7,114 Add to BOM
AD5392BST-3 Precise LQFP- packaged DAC solution for demanding industrial, medical, and automotive applications Analog Devices Inc. 5,811 Add to BOM
87949AYILF High-frequency clock generator for precise timing contr Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,331 Add to BOM