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(22 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
DEA142450BT-3028A1 DEA142450BT-3028A1: SMD1411-5P RF Filters with Bandpass of 1.05dB, compliant with ROHS regulations Tdk 7,219 Add to BOM
DEA142450BT-3024A1 SMD,1.1x1.4mm RF Filters ROHS Tdk 6,590 Add to BOM
SF14-1575F5UU19 3MHz 1.575GHz 1.2dB SMD1411-5P SAW Filters ROHS Kyocera Avx 7,072 Add to BOM
LM3671TL-1.8/NOPB Buck Switching Regulator IC Positive Fixed 1.8V 1 Output 600mA 5-WFBGA, DSBGA Texas Instruments, Inc 3,609 Add to BOM
SF14-2446M5UUA3 High-frequency filter for precision RF signal processing applications ( character Kyocera Avx 3,854 Add to BOM
B39242B8873P810 Compact and Accurate Filtering Solution for IoT Device Qualcomm Rf360 7,655 Add to BOM
B39162B2618P810 Ultra-stable SAW filter ensures accurate signal processin Qualcomm Rf360 3,145 Add to BOM
B39162B2611P810 Ultra-high frequency GPS component with exceptional stabili Qualcomm Rf360 6,554 Add to BOM
B39242B8852P810 Precision Engineering Meets Smart Design Qualcomm Rf360 6,543 Add to BOM
B39162B8839P810 Optimize signal quality and amplify weak signals for precise measurement and analysis Qualcomm Rf360 2,105 Add to BOM
B39242B8840P810 Accurately selects frequencies for reliable connectivity Qualcomm Rf360 6,121 Add to BOM
TA1423A High-Q RF filter with Hz frequency and MHz bandwidt Tst 2,671 Add to BOM
TA1343A SMD component measuring m, meets RoHS standards, legacy stoc Tst 2,270 Add to BOM
TA1175A ROHS compliant surface mount device perfect for high-speed electronics applications Tst 2,967 Add to BOM
TA1267A Superior quality and reliability guaranteed with RoHS complianc Tst 5,785 Add to BOM
SF14-1575F5UUA1 Advanced frequency filtering technology for reliable data transmissi Kyocera Avx 4,508 Add to BOM
SF14-1575F5UUC1 Precise saw filter design ensures optimal frequency response and rejection Kyocera Avx 6,311 Add to BOM
3022-010-N ROHS Attitude Sensor/Gyroscope Z MEASUREMENT 5,683 Add to BOM
ACFF-1024-TR1 Precision-engineered ACFF--TRfor accurate signal processin Broadcom Limited 6,623 Add to BOM
SF14-0915M5UUA1 1.8dB 26MHz 915MHz SMD1411-5P SAW Filters ROHS Kyocera Avx 6,218 Add to BOM
SF14-1582M5UUD2 1.582GHz 1.4dB SMD1411-5P SAW Filters ROHS Kyocera Avx 5,499 Add to BOM
3022-002-N Accelerometers DC Resp Accel Bd-mt Hi-Res 2g FS MEASUREMENT 7,926 Add to BOM