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(26 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
ATXMEGA32A4U-CU The ATXMEGA32A4U-CU is an 8-bit/16-bit MCU from the AVR family, featuring a 32KB flash memory Microchip Technology 8,851 Add to BOM
ATXMEGA32A4-CU This PBGA49 package provides a compact and robust form factor for the microcontroller Microchip Technology 9,348 Add to BOM
LV5230BG-TLM-H Robust and highly integrated -pin FBGA package reduces complexity and saves space in modern electronic devices Sanyo 6,477 Add to BOM
LM4308GR/NOPB High-Speed Data Transfer for Mobile and IoT Applications National Semiconductor 5,987 Add to BOM
T8F49C2 High-performance field programmable gate array for advanced logic application Efinix, Inc. 6,583 Add to BOM
T8F49I2X This field-programmable gate array offers exceptional configurability, making it perfect for diverse electronics projects Efinix, Inc. 6,705 Add to BOM
T4F49I2X This advanced IC features a unique combination of flexibility and performance for complex systems development Efinix, Inc. 9,285 Add to BOM
T4F49C2 Unlock the potential of reconfigurable computing with this powerful Trion FPGAs IC Efinix, Inc. 8,167 Add to BOM
THC63LVDM83E-B Compact and reliable LVDS transmitter in a 49-pin VFBGA package CEL 5,565 Add to BOM
ICE40LM2K-CM49TR1K Low-cost and highly flexible FPGA suitable for use in a variety of industries, from consumer electronics to aerospace Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,970 Add to BOM
ICE40LM4K-CM49TR1K High-density, low-power FPGA for data processin Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 9,316 Add to BOM
ICE40LM1K-CM49 Ultra-low power consumption and high-speed operation enabl Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,266 Add to BOM
ICE40LP640-CM49 High-speed, low-power iCE LP Family devi Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 9,873 Add to BOM
AN32054B-PB Advanced BGA design for maximum energy efficienc Panasonic Electronic Components 8,799 Add to BOM
ATMEGA324A-CUR Compact, Powerful, and Energy-Efficient MCU for Embedded Systems Developmen Microchip Technology 5,864 Add to BOM
ATMEGA324PA-CUR Robust MCU for various applications with 2.5V/3.3V/5V voltage range Microchip Technology 7,037 Add to BOM
ATXMEGA32A4-CCUR Advanced 8/16-Bit RISC Processor Architecture Provides Efficient Instruction Execution and Improved Code Density Microchip Technology 6,086 Add to BOM
ATXMEGA32A4-CCU Featuring an impressive range of peripherals Microchip Technology 6,401 Add to BOM
ATXMEGA64A4U-CUK Efficient 8/16-bit processing with fast clock speed Microchip Technology 8,688 Add to BOM
ATXMEGA32A4U-CN Advanced MCU with extensive functionality and memory resources, ideal for high-speed processing and data transmissio Microchip Technology 8,491 Add to BOM
ATXMEGA16A4U-CNR High-performance Microchip Technology 5,339 Add to BOM
ATXMEGA16A4U-CN MCU for Embedded Systems, Ideal for IoT Development Microchip Technology 8,509 Add to BOM
ICE40LM2K-CM49 High-speed, low-power FPGA for IoT and industrial application Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 8,560 Add to BOM
AT42QT5480-CU High-performance touch sensors for precision control applicatio Atmel 6,499 Add to BOM
TC9592XBG(EL) Low-Power Chip Solution for Efficient and Reliable Data Communicatio Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 6,363 Add to BOM
AT73C202 Integrated voltage regulator and PMIC for efficient power delive Microchip Technology 7,568 Add to BOM