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(95 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
R1LV1616HSA-5SI#B1 Available in 2M x 8 or 1M x 16-bit configuration options Renesas 6,825 Add to BOM
NAND512W3A2SNXE High-quality SLC NAND Flash memory for reliable data storage Micron Technology Inc. 5,525 Add to BOM
MT29F32G08AFABAWP:B A high-density M62B NAND flash memory chip with 4GX8 configuration Micron Technology Inc. 6,624 Add to BOM
MT29F32G08AFACAWP-ITZ:C High-performance 32GB NAND Flash with Synchronous Interface and Dual Data Rate support." Micron Technology Inc. 6,017 Add to BOM
MT29F32G08CBACAWP-IT:C MLC NAND Flash with 32G-bit capacity and 3.3V voltage Micron Technology Inc. 7,688 Add to BOM
MT29F64G08AJABAWP:B Integrated circuit with flash memory capacity of 8 gigabits structured in an 8x8 layout Micron Technology Inc. 6,819 Add to BOM
MT29F2G16ABAEAWP-IT:E Small-outline package for easy integration and space-saving solutions Micron Technology Inc. 6,397 Add to BOM
MT29F64G08CBABAWP:B Advanced TSOPI-48 package for reliable performance in a variety of devices Micron Technology Inc. 6,214 Add to BOM
MT29F2G16ABAEAWP:E SLC NAND Flash 3.3V 2G-bit 128M x 16 Micron Technology Inc. 5,187 Add to BOM
MT29F64G08CBAAAWP-IT:A Versatile NOR flash memory device offering both parallel and serial access modes, compatible with 2 Micron Technology Inc. 5,340 Add to BOM
MT29F16G08CBACAWP:C Advanced features for optimized performance: With its impressive specifications Micron Technology Inc. 5,351 Add to BOM
M28W640HCB70N6E SLC NOR Flash Parallel 4MX16 TSOP Micron Technology Inc. 6,163 Add to BOM
MT29F256G08CJABBWP-12IT:B Level Cell NAND Flash Micron Technology Inc. 4,180 Add to BOM
R1LV3216RSA-5SI#B0 2M LPSRAM Monolithic Chip TSOP48 Lead-free RENESAS 6,153 Add to BOM
MT29F2G08AADWP-ET:D TR High-capacity storage for mobile devices and consumer electronics Micron Technology Inc. 9,515 Add to BOM
MT29F256G08CJAABWP-12:A The MT29F256G08CJAABWP-12 chip features a fast access time of 20 nanoseconds, making it suitable for high-speed data transfer applications MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC 5,576 Add to BOM
TH58NVG2S3HTAI0 Cutting-edge EEPROM Technology Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 8,125 Add to BOM
MT29F4G08ABAEAWP-IT:E TR TSOP MT29F4G08ABAEAWP-IT:E TR NAND Flash SLC 4G 512MX8 Micron Technology Inc. 6,593 Add to BOM
TC58BVG2S0HTA00 3.3 Volt NAND Flash Memory with 4 Gigabit Capacity and 24nm SLC NAND Technology Kioxia 7,072 Add to BOM
TH58NVG3S0HTAI0 Operating voltage range of 2.7V~3.6V TOSHIBA 5,215 Add to BOM
S34ML08G101TFI003 S34ML08G101TFI003 is a high-speed NAND flash memory chip CYPRESS SEMICONDUCTOR CORP 9,203 Add to BOM
MT29F1G08ABADAWP:D TR Single-Level Cell NAND Flash Memory Micron Technology Inc. 7,037 Add to BOM
MT29F2G08ABAEAWP:E TR TSOP NAND Flash SLC 2G 256MX8 Micron Technology Inc. 5,552 Add to BOM
MT29F16G08ABABAWP:B 20 nanosecond access time MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC 7,150 Add to BOM
MT29F64G08CBAAAWP:A TSOP-I Packaging Technology MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC 5,726 Add to BOM
MT29F128G08AJAAAWP-IT:A 6 gigabytes per eight, 20 nanoseconds, PDSO48 MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC 7,001 Add to BOM
TH58BVG2S3HTA00 4Gbit NAND FLASH with TFSOP-48-18.4mm interface, operating voltage range of 2.7V to 3.6V Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 8,095 Add to BOM
AS6C1616-55TINL High-density SRAM module for enhanced storage capacity and reliabilit ALLIANCE MEMORY, INC. 8,256 Add to BOM
IS61WV102416DALL-10TLI-TR Ultra-fast access times (10ns) for high-performance embedded systems applications ISSI 9,299 Add to BOM
AS6C6416-55TINTR High-quality SRAM chip for reliable data storag ALLIANCE MEMORY, INC. 6,473 Add to BOM
AS6C3216A-55TINTR Upgrade your system's performance and capacity with this robust and scalable SRAM module ALLIANCE MEMORY, INC. 6,007 Add to BOM
CY62157H30-55ZSXE Compact footprint for seamless integration into mobile device Infineon 8,281 Add to BOM
IS29GL064-70TLET Compact and fast data storage device for industrial control and automation ISSI 6,078 Add to BOM
IS61WV102416EDALL-12TLI High-speed CMOS static RAM ideal for embedded systems and microcontroller ISSI 9,460 Add to BOM
IS61WV102416DALL-12TLI-TR Advanced Memory Component for Reliable Computing and Data Retentio ISSI 8,861 Add to BOM
MT29F8G08ADAFAWP-AAT:F TR Advanced 8G-bit NAND flash memory for efficient data processing and storage Micron Technology 7,202 Add to BOM
AS29CF160T-55TIN Fast and reliable flash memory for data logging needs Alliance Memory 9,606 Add to BOM
IS61WV51216EEBLL-10T2LI Advanced memory solution with IS61WV51216EEBLL-10T2LI TSOPI-48 SRAM for demanding projects ISSI 5,354 Add to BOM
IS61WV51216EEBLL-10T2LI-TR Compact -pin TSOP II package reduces space requirements while providing reliable - operatio ISSI 6,908 Add to BOM
MT29F4G08ABAFAWP-AAT:F TR High-capacity storage for demanding applications with reliable performanc Micron Technology 5,378 Add to BOM
MT29F4G08ABAFAWP-IT:F TR High-capacity storage solution for demanding application MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC. 8,580 Add to BOM
IS29GL032-70TLET High-speed, parallel-access FLASH memory chip for embedded system ISSI 8,996 Add to BOM
AS29CF800B-55TIN Low-power, high-reliability flash storage solution for industrial application Alliance Memory 7,597 Add to BOM
MT29F1G08ABAEAWP-AITX:E TR Reliable 2.7V to 3.6V Operation: Trustworthy Storage Solution for Industrial Use - MT29F1G08ABAEAWP-AITX:E TR Micron Technology 7,072 Add to BOM
MT29F2G08ABAEAWP-AATX:E TR High-capacity memory solution for diverse application Micron Technology 7,072 Add to BOM
MT29F64G08CBABAWP-M:B TR Ultra-reliable and high-speed Gbit MLC NAND Flash IC with channels and TSOP package for Enterprise System MICRON 7,121 Add to BOM
IS62WV102416GBLL-45TLI Advanced memory technology for efficient data storag ISSI 9,271 Add to BOM
CY62167G30-55ZXE AEC-Qcompliant M-bit SRAM IC with ns access tim Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
MT29F2G16ABAGAWP-AAT:G Secure, low-power, and reliable storage device ideal for IoT devices and industrial control system Micron Technology 7,333 Add to BOM
MT29F2G08ABAGAWP-IT:G TR A high-reliability storage solution designed to meet the demands of modern industry Micron Technology 7,072 Add to BOM