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(27 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MC33FS6523NAER2 Advanced System Basis Chip for stable and reliable operation NXP Semiconductor 5,028 Add to BOM
MC33FS6522NAER2 System Basis Chip, DCDC 2.2A Vcore LDT, LQFP48EP NXP Semiconductor 7,328 Add to BOM
MC33FS6521NAER2 Precise DCDC control for precise power distribution NXP Semiconductor 5,412 Add to BOM
MC33FS6520NAER2 System Basis Chip, DCDC 2.2A Vcore, LQFP48EP NXP Semiconductor 5,636 Add to BOM
MC33FS6511CAER2 Reliable and efficient system-on-chip for automotive use case NXP Semiconductor 6,434 Add to BOM
MC33FS6510LAER2 System Basis Chip, DCDC 1.5A Vcore CAN LIN, LQFP48EP NXP Semiconductor 6,224 Add to BOM
MC33FS6503NAER2 Powerful System Basis Chip for High-Speed Application NXP Semiconductor 3,629 Add to BOM
MC33FS6502NAER2 Advanced power management solution for demanding system NXP Semiconductor 4,238 Add to BOM
MC33FS4502LAER2 High-performance power management solution for advanced automotive applications NXP Semiconductor 5,171 Add to BOM
MAXQ7667AACM+ Advanced Microcontroller for IoT Applications: This high-performance processor is designed for next-generation IoT devices Maxim Integrated 4,873 Add to BOM
IS66WV51216BLL-55BLI-TR Ultra-fast ns read access time for high-speed data transfe Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 4,378 Add to BOM
IS66WV51216DBLL-70TLI-TR Compact b memory solution for space-constrained design Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 5,737 Add to BOM
IS66WV51216DBLL-70BLI-TR Reliable b RAM module for data storage and retrieval need Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 6,439 Add to BOM
STM8AF62A8TCY STM8AF62A8TCY: 8-bit Automotive Microcontroller with 128KB Flash Memory STMicroelectronics, Inc 7,213 Add to BOM
STM8AL3148TAY Advanced bit microcontroller with KB flash and -pin LQFP package ideal for automotive and industrial control systems STMicroelectronics, Inc 6,750 Add to BOM
STM8AL3148TCY STM8AL3148TCY is a microcontroller unit (MCU) with 16KB Flash memory, operating at voltages ranging from 1 STMicroelectronics, Inc 3,616 Add to BOM
MC33FS6512NAER2 High-Performance DCDC Converter with LQFPEP Packag NXP Semiconductor 3,551 Add to BOM
MC33FS6510NAER2 System Basis Chip, DCDC 1.5A Vcore, LQFP48EP NXP Semiconductor 5,614 Add to BOM
IS66WVE51216TCLL-70BI 8Mb Async/Page PSRAM Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 3,501 Add to BOM
IS66WVE51216TBLL-55BI 8Mb Async/Page PSRAM Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 4,562 Add to BOM
IS66WVE51216TALL-70BI 8Mb Async/Page PSRAM Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 6,138 Add to BOM
IS66WVE51216EALL-70BI 8Mb Async/Page PSRAM Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 7,262 Add to BOM
K2000EH70AP Diac/Sidac Thyristor 190 ~ 215V TO-92 Littelfuse Inc 4,203 Add to BOM
DR-11525DX-565K Digital to Resolver 16bit Parallel 2mA 36-Pin DDIP Data Device Corporation 6,673 Add to BOM
IS66WV51216DBLL-55BLI-TR PSRAM (Pseudo SRAM) Memory IC 8Mbit Parallel 55 ns 48-TFBGA (6x8) Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 4,131 Add to BOM
DR-11525FX-444K Digital to Resolver 16bit Parallel 2mA 36-Pin CFPAK Data Device Corporation 3,518 Add to BOM
PE70A2000 0 TO 60 DB VOLTAGE VARIABLE ATTENUATOR Pasternack Enterprises 5,775 Add to BOM