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(20 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MPC8308VMAGDA Advanced architecture for real-time processing needs NXP USA Inc. 6,391 Add to BOM
MPC8308CVMAGDA Advanced microprocessors NXP USA Inc. 7,160 Add to BOM
MCIMX27MOP4A Processors - Application Specialized BONO 19X19 FG NXP USA Inc. 5,544 Add to BOM
MCIMX31VMN5C i.MX31 SOC ARM1136JF-S 0.09um 473-Pin MAP-BGA NXP USA Inc. 8,647 Add to BOM
MCIMX27MJP4A Processors - Application Specialized Multimedia App Processor Freescale Semiconductor 8,195 Add to BOM
SPC5674KFF0VMS2R Advanced Qorivva core technology enables efficient processing and reduced power consumption in demanding industrial environment NXP USA Inc. 9,215 Add to BOM
SPC5673KFF0MMS1 State-of-the-art MCU for automotive applications with robust RISC architecture and advanced memory management NXP USA Inc. 9,978 Add to BOM
SPC5673KFF0MMS1R Powerful microcontroller for demanding applications NXP USA Inc. 8,601 Add to BOM
MPC8308VMAFF Dual-issue, dual-clock-rate processor for efficient executi NXP USA Inc. 6,814 Add to BOM
MPC8308ZQAFD High-performance microprocessor ideal for embedded systems development NXP USA Inc. 6,614 Add to BOM
MPC8308ZQADD High-speed, low-power MPC83xx processor suitable for a wide range of applications including industrial control, automotive, and more NXP USA Inc. 9,609 Add to BOM
MCIMX31VMN5CR2 High-performance microcontroller for IoT applications" NXP USA Inc. 9,211 Add to BOM
MCIMX31LVMN5CR2 Advanced microprocessor suitable for various embedded applications NXP USA Inc. 6,872 Add to BOM
MPXS3020VMS180 Compact and powerful, this Hz MCU excels at processing complex tasks Freescale Semiconductor 7,555 Add to BOM
MPXS3015VMS180 Advanced MCU solution for industrial and automotive application Freescale Semiconductor 6,068 Add to BOM
MCIMX31CJMN4CR2 Powerful ARM core-based system-on-chip for demanding automotive and industrial applications NXP Semiconductor 4,985 Add to BOM
MPC8308VMADD High-performance CPU for demanding applications featuring a powerful RISC architecture and advanced power management capabilities NXP USA Inc. 5,769 Add to BOM
MPC8308CZQAGD Scalable and reliable computing for harsh environments NXP USA Inc. 5,951 Add to BOM
MPC8308CVMAFD PowerPC e300c3 Microprocessor IC MPC83xx 1 Core, 32-Bit 333MHz 473-MAPBGA (19x19) NXP USA Inc. 6,280 Add to BOM