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(27 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
HCTL-1101-PLC Reliable temperature range (-°C to °C) ensures consistent performanc Broadcom Limited 4,864 Add to BOM
Z84C0010VEG The Z84C0010VEG is a reliable choice for demanding computing tasks that require speed and efficiency ZILOG INC 8,898 Add to BOM
L6451 Gate Drivers 28-Channel Ink Jet STMicroelectronics 7,072 Add to BOM
Z8523L16VEG Serial Communication Controller Serial Interface 3.3V 44-Pin PLCC Zilog, Inc 7,990 Add to BOM
MAX6922AQH+D Serial-interfaced VFD tube drivers for precise control and reliability Maxim Integrated 7,828 Add to BOM
TL16C2552FNR Dual-channel serial interface for robust data transfer Texas Instruments, Inc 3,909 Add to BOM
Z84C0006VEG Hz Z CMOS CPU for reliable performanc ZiLOG 9,780 Add to BOM
Z84C3006VEC Six MHz CMOS CTC XT - precision timing at your fingertips Zilog 9,762 Add to BOM
Z80C3010VSG With its low-power design and advanced architecture, the ZC is an excellent choice for developers seeking to create fast and energy-efficient systems ZiLOG 5,651 Add to BOM
Z80C3008VSG Advanced features and pin-compatible with industry standards ensure seamless integratio ZiLOG 5,433 Add to BOM
Z0220112VSCR4078 Single-chip modem with advanced wireless connectivity features Zilog, Inc 6,119 Add to BOM
Z16C0210VEC00TR Compact LCC- package MCU solution ideal for space-constrained designs requiring low power consumption and high speed processin Zilog, Inc 3,375 Add to BOM
AD2S83IP-REEL High-resolution digital converter for precise angle measurement Analog Devices, Inc 6,370 Add to BOM
MT8985APR1 Enhanced digital switch for digital bus systems Microchip Technology, Inc 4,773 Add to BOM
ICM7211IQH ICM-IQH is a reliable and efficient solution for driving large displays with up to operating voltage Maxim Integrated 6,555 Add to BOM
XC17V02PC44I This IC features a large-scale parallel/serial storage device with 3.3V operating voltage AMD Xilinx, Inc 5,877 Add to BOM
XC17V02PC44C Elevate your FPGA applications with this reliable configuration memory storage solution AMD Xilinx, Inc 7,517 Add to BOM
XC17V08PC44I Reconfigurable and updatable memory module for flexible programmin AMD Xilinx, Inc 3,453 Add to BOM
MM145453V/NOPB Liquid Crystal Display Driver (LCD Driver) Texas Instruments, Inc 6,898 Add to BOM
Z0220112VEGR4078 2.4k Modem V.21, V.22, V.23, Bell 103, Bell 212A 44-PLCC ZiLOG 6,081 Add to BOM
Z8023010VSG Network Controller & Processor ICs 10MHz CMOS ESCC ZiLOG 5,746 Add to BOM
Z84C4410VEG I/O Controller Interface 44-PLCC ZiLOG 6,054 Add to BOM
MT8815APR1 Analog & Digital Crosspoint ICs Microchip Technology, Inc 3,383 Add to BOM
MT8814APR1 Analog & Digital Crosspoint ICs Microchip Technology, Inc 5,701 Add to BOM
MT8814APR Analog Audio/Video Crosspoint 45MHz 12 x 8 44-Pin PLCC T/R Microchip Technology, Inc 6,421 Add to BOM
MT8814AP1 Analog & Digital Crosspoint ICs Pb Free 8X12 ANALOG CROSSPOINT WITH VE Microchip Technology, Inc 7,004 Add to BOM
MT89L86APR1 Digital Bus Switch ICs Pb Free LOW VOLTAGE MULTIRATE DIGITL SW Microchip Technology, Inc 5,403 Add to BOM