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(118 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
UPD720115K8-711-BAK-A Compact and powerful IC for reliable USB connectivity solutions RENESAS 7,438 Add to BOM
THCV241A-P Transforming MIPI® CSI-2 video signals into V-by-One® HS video signals is made possible with this transmitter IC, accommodating a maximum of 4 lanes THine Solutions, Inc. 5,659 Add to BOM
TMC4361A-LA Motor driver for brush DC motor Trinamic Motion Control GmbH 5,166 Add to BOM
BC63B239A04-IQD-E4 Single Chip Bluetooth v2.1 EDR System QUALCOMM INC 7,072 Add to BOM
CSR8311A08-AQQD-R This cutting-edge Bluetooth audio chip delivers rich, clear sound and seamless streaming experience Qualcomm 5,341 Add to BOM
CX11802-33Z With its cutting-edge technology and robust architecture, the CX11802-33Z chip sets a new standard for integration and functionality CONEXANT 2,106 Add to BOM
CYW20721B2KUMLG MCU with Bluetooth and BLE functionality Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
CY8C4125LQI-S423 A versatile MCU equipped with 32-bit ARM Cortex M0+ core, 32KB Flash memory, and compatible with 2 Cypress Semiconductor Corp 6,700 Add to BOM
CY8C4124LQI-443 3V/5V operation INFINEON 7,072 Add to BOM
BC63B239A04-AQK-E4 BC6 ROM QFN AEC-Q100 Integrated Circuit Qualcomm 5,062 Add to BOM
8T49N006A-999NLGI8 Advanced frequency synthesizer design for reduced power consumptio Renesas Electronics 7,072 Add to BOM
HV9982K6-G-M935 Transform your lighting design with our advanced LED driver technology Microchip 7,072 Add to BOM
SI53358BD11346-AM Precise timing and synchronization for modern electronic systems SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 6,497 Add to BOM
SI53358BD12749-AM A high-performance clock buffer for automotive applicatio SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 8,576 Add to BOM
SI53354BD11363-AM Designed with reliability in mind SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 9,655 Add to BOM
SI53354BD10980-AM Reliable synchronization for critical system SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 6,060 Add to BOM
SI53354BD10968-AM Compact and efficient clock driver modul SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 6,734 Add to BOM
SI53354BD13610-AM Compact Power Solution for Fast Clock Signals, ROHS Compliant Skyworks 7,072 Add to BOM
SI53358BD12749-AMR High-frequency operation up to Hz for precise timing contr SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 6,714 Add to BOM
SI53358BD10979-AMR Pin-selectable input MUX enables efficient clock manageme SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 8,248 Add to BOM
SI53358BD11346-AMR With a temperature range of - to C, this clock buffer ensures reliable performance in various automotive environment SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 6,774 Add to BOM
SI53354BD12802-AMR Introducing a reliable and efficient clock buffer with dual functionality for your automotive projects SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 5,606 Add to BOM
SI53354BD12803-AMR Hz frequency support for demanding timing requirement SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 7,018 Add to BOM
SI53354BD12817-AMR Automotive-grade clock buffering solution with flexibility Skyworks 7,072 Add to BOM
SI53354BD13021-AMR A high-performance clock buffer designed for automotive applications, featuring 2-input multiplexing and pin-selectable I/O format SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 7,266 Add to BOM
DA9062-52AM1 DDRcapable PMIC optimizes performance and efficiency in high-speed application RENESAS 5,634 Add to BOM
DA9062-53AMC Modular Power Architecture: channel power management solution with adjustable outputs, ideal for complex system RENESAS 6,912 Add to BOM
DA9062-55AMC Advanced power control and monitoring for reliable operation in harsh environments RENESAS 6,543 Add to BOM
TDC-GP30YA-F01 1K Advanced TDC-GPYA-F QFN LF Flow Meter ( char SCIOSENSE 9,297 Add to BOM
SI5332BD11533-GM2 Flexible clock generation for diverse frequency requirement SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 6,540 Add to BOM
SI5332BD11320-GM2 Robust clock generator providing reliable frequency conversion, ideal for use in medical devices, industrial control systems and more SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 9,494 Add to BOM
SI5332BD11748-GM2 Precise timing at your fingertips, anywhere under MH SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 6,128 Add to BOM
SI5332BD10309-GM2R Precise timing for your most critical application SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 9,506 Add to BOM
SI5332BD13151-GM2R Flexible clocking solution for any frequen SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 9,072 Add to BOM
SI5332BD12115-GM2R High-speed frequency synthesizer for demanding application SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 9,638 Add to BOM
SI5332BD12838-GM2R High-reliability, high-frequency QFN PLL device SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 5,604 Add to BOM
SI5332G-D-GM2 Compact high-frequency clock generator for precise timing applications Skyworks Solutions Inc. 9,739 Add to BOM
SI5332DD14077-AM2 Accurate timing solution for system-on-chip integration SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 6,669 Add to BOM
SI5332D-D-AM2R High-Frequency Clock Generator for EP T/R Syste SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 9,165 Add to BOM
SI5332AD10971-AM2 Compact timing solution for automotive applicatio SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 7,683 Add to BOM
SI5332BD12924-AM2 Programmable clock generator for versatile application SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 8,393 Add to BOM
SI5332BD12436-AM2 0MHz to 250MHz Input and 200MHz Output SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 6,166 Add to BOM
SI5332LD11724-GM2R Advanced timekeeping solution for mission-critical syste SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 9,719 Add to BOM
SI5332BD12436-AM2R Sleek and efficient clock synthesizer for modern computing need SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 5,289 Add to BOM
SI5332AD10002-GM2R Compact and efficient, this QFN-based solution optimizes PCB space while minimizing power consumption SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC. 8,163 Add to BOM
EFM32PG23B200F128IM40-C EFM PG is a highly integrated -bit processor that excels in applications requiring low power consumption, high performance, and advanced feature SILICON LABS 5,231 Add to BOM
EFM32PG22C200F256IM40-CR Compact -pin QFN package with extended operating temperature rang SILICON LABS 9,301 Add to BOM
CY8C4025LQI-S413T Compact and versatile processor for smart home and industrial automation Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
CS42L52-CNZR Robust audio processing with precise CODEC and speaker driver control ensures exceptional sound quality Cirrus Logic Inc. 7,006 Add to BOM
C8051F572-IMR ROHS compliant, meets global environmental standard Silicon Labs 9,308 Add to BOM